Zinara sued for breach of contract


A LOCAL firm, Allied Cleaning Services, has taken the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) to the High Court seeking to recover $21 000 for services rendered at the country’s tollgates and at the parastatal headquarters in Harare.


According to Allied Cleaning, in October last year it signed a written contract with Zinara to supply cleaning services at tollgates and office premises.

The company said the agreement was designed such that if any party breached the agreement, the other party would be entitled to terminate the contract after giving 14 days’ notice, and that either party was entitled to terminate the contract on three months’ notice and the effective dates of the contract being October last year to October this year.


“Defendant [Zinara] is in breach of the contract as it did not comply with the termination clause; specifically that it did not give three months’ notice as it terminated the contract on July 31 2015 on a 10-day notice from July 21 2015,” the cleaning firm said.

“At the time the defendant terminated the contract, the services that plaintiff [Allied Cleaning] was offering amounted to $7 000 a month and as a result of the unlawful termination, plaintiff suffered loss of income of $21 000, being three months’ service fees.”

The cleaning firm said it had made several demands for Zinara to pay the outstanding amount, but the latter had refused, neglected and/or failed to respond to the demand, prompting the litigation against it.

However, Zinara has since entered an appearance to defend notice, while the cleaning firm is yet to file its heads of argument on the matter.