Zesa in discussion with BCC over $65m outstanding royalties

Bulawayo City Council (BCC)

ZESA is currently in discussion with the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) over $65 million in outstanding royalties, council minutes have shown.


According to the latest council minutes, Zesa owed council about $65m royalties and discussions were underway over the issue.
In return, BCC owed Zesa $57,8m.

“Revenue collections were not sufficient to pay LAPF (Local Authority Pension Fund) and Zesa. However, council had an agreement or understanding with LAPF on monthly payments. Zesa owed council approximately $65m royalties and discussions were in progress on this issue,” read part of the minutes.

As at October 31, the council’s debt ballooned to $113m from $109m the prior month, as council continues to acquire goods and services on credit, while there is a backlog in payments for services received.


Council also owed statutory bodies such as the National Social Security Authority, Municipal Provident Fund and the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund about $42,9m as at October 31, as well as $58m to TelOne and Zesa.

The council also owed workers $5m in outstanding salaries, while unpaid taxes had increased to $1,8m. Financial institutions are owed $2,7m.

The council owed trade creditors an amount of $2m. In addition to the $113m municipal debt, the council is also owed $3,99m by government, $46,9m by industrial and commercial, as well as $74m by domestic debtors.

The minutes showed that council was making efforts to pay its creditors, who include medical aid providers and insurance companies.

“Stop orders were deducted from members’ salaries, but were not remitted timeously due to cash inflow constraints. Most doctors in the city accepted and attend to Bulawayo City Council medical aid subscribers,” the minutes added.


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