Zanu PF recruits 80 000 Green Bombers

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and the ruling Zanu PF party are set to re-activate over 80 000 graduates of the National Youth Service programme “to help in making the economy move” ahead of the 2018 elections.


Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment minister Patrick Zhuwao yesterday said he was looking for alternative sources of funding to train more National Youth Service members, also known as Green Bombers.


“The National Youth Service will be restored and the $2,5 million we received from Treasury is only enough to train 200 youths, but we are working in conjunction with the National Youth Service Association to find alternative sources to fund the programme,” Zhuwao told a meeting with graduate representatives.

Asked if the re-establishment of the “Green Bombers” was Zanu PF’s way of activating its apparatchiks ahead of elections in 2018, Zhuwao retorted: “Everything that I do as a minister is on the back of a mandate given to Zanu PF by the electorate.”

Graduates of the National Youth Service have, since inception of the programme in 2001, been accused of unleashing orgies of violence, including murder, abuse and rape, on suspected opposition supporters in the run-up to different elections over the past 10 years.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu slammed Zhuwao’s plans and accused Mugabe of “preparing for a new terror campaign”.

“Green Bombers are the Zanu PF regime’s stormtroopers in any election period. They are a grouping of brainwashed young political thugs who are fed on a regular diet of Zanu PF propaganda,” Gutu said.

“The Zanu PF regime knows that it has not got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning a free and fair election against the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai. Hence, the regime is already preparing for a terror campaign against opposition political parties in the watershed 2018 harmonised elections.”

His views were echoed by People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume, who said Zhuwao wanted to take up “his uncle’s checkered violent legacy”.

“It would appear that Zhuwao wants to take up the legacy of rape, murder, torture, violence and general mayhem created by his uncle [Mugabe]. It is such a retrogressive institution that churns out tools of violence with no conscience. It is, to all intents and purposes, a criminal programme given the fact that this government is failing to pay civil servants and pensioners and can ill-afford such extra expenses,” Mafume said.

The country’s opposition parties, as well as human rights lobby groups, accused Zanu PF of indoctrinating youths who go through the programme with the ruling party dogma and ideology, but Zhuwao said opposition youths “would be foolish” not to take up the programme.

The youthful minister, however, said the programme would not be compulsory.

“There is no need to put strategies to make it appealing to the opposition. It is only a fool that would choose not to be part of a programme that will enable you to participate more effectively in your country. I am Minister of Youth and Indigenisation, but I do not have an antidote to foolishness,” Zhuwao said.

Academic Ibbo Mandaza said it could be a double-edged plot by Mugabe.

“The first could be to deal with the massive unemployment issue and also take advantage of this to get a captive vote in 2018. They would want to release the pressure of unemployment because they cannot go into an election in the current situation with hordes of unemployed youths, hence the re-establishment of the camps,” Mandaza said.

After losing the first round of voting in 2008 to Tsvangirai, Mugabe turned on the style, using the country’s security services as well as the Green Bombers, in a reign of terror that reportedly claimed the lives of over 300 opposition activists in the run-up to the blood-splattered run-off election.

Zhuwao said government would also turn to what he described as a “ground force” to consolidate “the people’s power”.

“We are also working to establish a Youth Secure, Youth Feed and Youth Build Zimbabwe programme for the country. The year 2016 is of consolidating the people’s power and the 80 000-strong force will help us to move the economy. The National Youth Service will become the ground force with which we will be able to move this economy,” Zhuwao said.

He added graduates were already working in wards across the country and had contributed to the peace that the country was enjoying.

With government considering a white paper that seeks to reduce State expenditure on salaries, Zhuwao has already clashed with Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa over the latter’s intention to lay off over 10 000 youth officers.

Mugabe has been accused of electoral theft as well as using foul means to cling to power by rigging polls.

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  1. Alternative sources?? Isn’t it illegal for gvt to fund its own programs & “problems” thru other means?

    1. Kwangwari Gwaindepi

      Zhuwao ndebvu kuchena asi brain ndedze mwana weCreche!

      1. The answer is YES!

  2. Nah,ths just G40 targetting Crocodile in the succession battles!

  3. The Minister is so young such that he does not even know that 1981 was declarted by his uncle as ” the year of consolidating people’s power.” So what is he trying to tell us? That all these years the Dear Uncle has failed to consolidate people’s power?

  4. Good idea Mr Zhuwawo

  5. At $12 500 per person, can’t this money be put to better use? Zhuwao show us you are not foolish by applying yourself.

    You guys promised your fools 2m jobs mapinda pa tight manje, there’s still gonna be a huge deficit as we have more school leavers every year. You might have you ministerial grandstanding but if the tax payer base is gone where does the money come from? You attended University haven’t you figured this out yet?

  6. the program would cost more than a total for a university student to finish a degree program .my minister tell us the cost structure pliz pliz ,its a good program but do not steal from us pliz .a 3 year university degree program would cost around $ 6000 inclusive of everything need by the student .

  7. Zhuwao is trying his best to keep the Mugabe political ideology & legacy alive but little does he realise it will all be in vain as nothing can ever bring back to life something that is way past its era

  8. ummm musadaro vakomana u are trying to give birth to a synonym of ISIS if the inevitable happens in 2016

  9. US$2500000 #what would magufulo do

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  11. Minister this economy does npt need youth programmes green bombers or whatever you want to call it for once get things right this country needs money

  12. Patric Mtshaulana

    More ghost workers for deadbeat Chinamasa to pay.

  13. Misplaced priorities,some where in this publication there is an indication that there is less than 10 weeks’ maize supply left in the country, but our policy markers have the audacity to allocate that chunk of money towards a programme designed to political indoctrinate and pollute the minds of innocent youngsters.Particular attention should be given to the drought that is ravaging some parts of the country which is exposing people as well as livestock to hunger.Already,the drought has claimed lives of heads of cattle particularly in Matabeleland South and other provinces, very soon people would be the next victims.Priority should be given to sourcing food for humankind and sock feed for livestock in the affected areas.

    1. Nobody cares, not the dreadlocked minister!

  14. Only EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Philippe Van Damme thinks that Patrick Zhuwawo is intelligent and is destined to succeed RGM the pseudo deity.
    Philippe Van Damme is said to have offered to pay for the new thug brigade.

  15. There nothing to get from this but only to confuse youth in such a way they will remain occupied and Zanu pf will use them to boost votes.
    Youth must stop being used like condoms. These people have done everything to make sure zimbabweans suffer so its time to say no

  16. Patric Mtshaulana

    Only EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Philippe Van Damme thinks that Patrick Zhuwawo is intelligent and is destined to succeed RGM.the pseudo deity.
    Philippe Van Damme is said to heve offrtrd to pay for the new thug brigade.

  17. Patric Mtshaulana

    Only EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe thinks that Patrick Zhuwawo is intelligent and is destined to succeed RGM. the pseudo deity.
    EU Ambassador is said to have offered to pay for the new thug brigade.

  18. madness That money should be enough use it wisely.

  19. The government has done well to give you all that money considering we are under suctions from the british and the americans

  20. “The National Youth Service will be restored and the $2,5 million we received from Treasury is only enough to train 200 youths

    simple calculations $2500000000/200=$12500 per person ini Pa university ndichi spender $6000 pa 4yrs… Ndoma1 ka ayaa

    1. You think they do that analysis or even understand it? Unless people wake up, including the youth, the circus goes on?

  21. The problem is that we are too linient with this hostile regime.

    Strikes would have made these people know their priorities.

  22. Fu­cking monkey politics

  23. Zimbabwe is a failed state, Mugabe is a sell out!

  24. Your president is a blight, he has killed your babies!

  25. Mugabe is near death, his candle is fading, the cold dark earth beckons his bones

  26. strange for a state which is failing to pay its employees on time, how do these the recruits make the economy prosper? are they opening business opportunities?

  27. Zhuwawo, how will this militia move the economy forward? One does not require rocket science to see how stupit you are

    1. If he knew he would have told us. Remember 2.2 million jobs? All wishes and dreams? Ask what he smokes?

  28. Zhuwao is an IDIOT

  29. this is a plan by the ever scheming G40 to dump its erstwhile storm troopers namely war veterans whose usefulness in winning elections for the criminal mafia masquerading as a political party has expired. if you look around you will notice that there is looming revolutionary change in all sectors in favour of youth leaders who will bear allegiance to Fake PHD and her gang. War vets are now a thing of the past ask, Ngwena, Amai Mujuru, Gumbo, Didymas, Mutsvangwas and the like.

  30. Cde Mtshayazafe

    asazi shuwa tyt

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