Zanu PF full of liars: Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday warned that persistent and acrimonious factional fights, characterised by “shameful” lies, were threatening to tear Zanu PF apart.

By Everson Mushava

Mugabe gave the warning while addressing central committee members at the ruling party’s headquarters ahead of the Zanu PF conference, which begins in earnest today in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

This is the first time Mugabe has publicly admitted his party could succumb to the torrents of persistent infighting.

Previously, Mugabe chose to describe factionalism as a fantasy of the private media.

But the President said his party’s central committee — which is supposed to meet four times a year to deal with issues regarding elections, administration and recruitment of new supporters — should now convene regularly.

to deal with personality clashes emanating from continuous factional power fights in the party.

“We have a problem at the moment that threatens to split the party,” he said.

“The central committee should meet to deal with problems that have to do with organisation, administration, elections and recruitment of new members, but alas, the problem is now to do with personalities, people wanting to advance themselves within the party, wanting this position and that position.”

Zanu PF members are currently locked in bitter factional power struggles, pitting a faction reportedly loyal to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and another one comprising Young Turks, known as G40.

Mugabe’s wife, First Lady Grace Mugabe, his nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, party commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere and secretary for technology, Jonathan Moyo are reportedly linked to the G40 faction, which rose to prominence after the annihilation late last year of another faction reportedly led by ousted former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

The 91-year-old leader yesterday said jostling for power by factions was affecting the smooth running of the ruling party, as members were too engrossed in backbiting and framing each other.

Zanu PF members, Mugabe said, had become shameful liars, feeding private media with information aimed at blackmailing each other, as factions attempt to strategically position themselves to take over power.

“All these things published in opposition papers come from us. What a shame! We are now sustaining these opposition papers. We are manufacturing lies, talking about purported actions of people that have never happened,” he said.

“We are now shameful liars. We go about day and night trying to get information about this and that group. If we fail, we manufacture damaging information about that group. That is shameful. When party members differ in opinion on certain issues, there is no need to resort to backbiting or character assassination.”

Mugabe’s remarks come at a time divisions among party members, including his Cabinet ministers and politburo members, have risen to new heights, with the recent verbal showdown between Kasukuwere and War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa.

Grace has also blasted unnamed moles within the party for feeding information to the private media. Greed for power, Mugabe said, had crippled the party, with some members appointed to the central committee last year wanting to take over the party, while others who were elected as MPs in 2013 were demanding ministerial positions.

He said the power struggles had resulted in the ongoing wave of votes of no-confidence against party members.

“Infighting is not ending with the votes of no-confidence that have become fashionable. Are people unable to settle issues amicably? Yes, to those who are unrepentant, they can be booted out, but should be disciplined first. They should be warned before taking such action,” the Zanu PF leader said.

On Tuesday, the women’s league executive, headed by the First Lady, booted out its spokesperson, Monica Mutsvangwa, and administration secretary, Asphinah Nhari, on allegations of fanning factionalism in Manicaland. Mutsvangwa attended yesterday’s central committee meeting, looking unmoved by her suspension and happily greeting all Women’s League members present.

Mugabe also blasted provincial chairpersons for allegedly considering themselves powerful to the extent of trying to overturn some appointments he would have made. “You chairmen, do you have the powers to say you don’t like someone appointed by the President? To hell with you!” shouted Mugabe, adding such members should learn to keep their mouths shut and follow procedures of airing their views.


  1. That is a great admission of guilty by the living ancestor. Good thing is hove inotanga kuora musoro… So by saying ZanuPF is full of liars, the greatest Liar is none other than u Mr President. And the only cause of all this is ur unEnding clinging to power… Inga Sekuru vako Msipa vakakuudza wani kuti gadzirisa paSuccession issue apo… iwe ndokusateerera uchiteerera hure rako iroo…. Dr Amai dis(Grace).
    Manje this year mukuita dog eat dog.

    1. The biggest liar is you, Matibilli. Mbavha.

    2. You are 1000 000 % correct Musosi. The old chap lied that Joice wanted to kill him through witchcraft. The “youngsters” are only following his footsteps.

  2. Oh Mugabe again.He is too old.Noone can take him seriously.For all the problems that we are witnessing in our country,i dont blame Sekuru.I blame Zimbabweans for not defending our resources when they were looted by Mugabe and his wife.In New Zim,we shall take everything from this looter called Mugabe.Grace Mugabe shld rot in jail.Dwn with Mugabe and his wives ana Munangambwas

  3. The problem with Mugabe is that it takes him donkey years to finally realise & admit the truth that he would have been told long ago. But then closing the stable doors after the horses have long bolted is too little too late

  4. Iye ndiye number1 liar

  5. Like father like children

  6. The old man remains in denial. He has overstayed his welcome and without further delay appoint his successor. That is the solution to factional fights in the party. Its time to handover the baton Mr President and take a rest.

  7. THINGS FALL APART, THE CENTRE CANNOT HOLD…you are a f%$#ng failure uncle Bobie. You have failed to unite the party, you have failed to manage succession, you have failed to run your party let alone government, economy, the nation and country. You Robert Gabriel Mugabe mwana waBona you are BIGGEST f*&%ng liar. You see a speck in other peoples’eyes and not seeing a big log in your own eyes. You surrounded yourself with idiots like yourself…and the result is total chaos in our party. Shut your f*&^%g mouth and go back to Malawi where your father came from

  8. Unfortunately he has listened to the liars. He has acted using those lies. They have been lying forever.

  9. Has overstayed his welcome ….. it is the opposit

  10. If you have been at the helm of an organisation for 38 years, can you say your organisation is full of liars with a straight face without realising the irony of it all? He doesn’t even realise that a big part of the problem is Grace.

    Where is the democracy if people cannot say “no” to someone simply because the party leader appointed the person?

  11. Boy am I glad I don’t support nor belong to this party! They’re not only liars but cheats, thieves, murderers and philanderers…and yes Mr Prez..hell is waiting!!

  12. Vakuru vakabvuma manyepo AMAI VEDU TEURAYI ROPA MUJURU wani ngaavadzorezvee…….Amai for PRESIDENTS ………..JOICE WEDU MUJURU

  13. Shame u recognize t this late but guess they learnt t from their guru

  14. josphat mugadzaweta

    I agree with you my president, chancellor, commander, first commander, first southern African and first African. let me help with constructing the hierarchy of those liars within our revolutionary party such that you can take a seat and rest:

    1. RG Mugabe
    2. Grace Mugabe
    3. Jonathan Moyo
    4. Saviour Kasukuwere
    5. Ignatious Chombo
    6. Obert Mpofu
    7. Pelekezela Mpoko
    8. Patrick Joao

  15. Kaisirei poison ku congress kamunhu kanetsa aka

  16. Pane anogona kukaisira poison here ku congress

  17. Thanks mr president thats why people are saying Zimbabwe needs to go back to the drawing board.toda rule of law.clean up hre mr president ma stands ari kupuwa nematsotsi azara mu harare.

  18. What a hypocrite he only addresses issues if his wife feels threatened or if the other faction retaliates. This guy is not sincere at all, there is a certain common behavior pattern here. He addressed the issue of attacking each other on public Fora when the other faction was retaliating and after that turned a blind eye on Grace and Moyo’s activities. Moyo attacked Mnangagwa relentlessly on twitter and the dude never said a thing. When its the G40 abusing the other faction its all good, but if the other faction retaliates and his wife’s power feels threatened he addresses the issue , more like ‘ Ngwena faction take the abuse quietly. The Ngwena faction should be very worried, they are on their own. Just wait and see the G40 will carry on with the votes of no confidence while Bob turns a blind eye. If they dare retaliate bob will step in.
    The other faction should carry on putting pressure and block the madam queen bee ascendancy to the throne. If they had not resisted they will be history by now and ‘Queen bee’ will be VP by weekend’ He can not afford a split so its true that Ngwena had a meeting with him . ‘The time has come to look each other in the eye’

  19. Eish … this fossilized fossil …!!!

    Zanu is LIES …!!!!!!!!

  20. A real man with balls, elephant balls for that matter!! Acknowledging there is a problem is bold,courageous and an act of bravado and political maturity. It marks the first step to correct a problem. Very natural for party members to jostle for positions if you were to ask me. We are human, we harbor a natural instinct for ambitiousness. The President simply exhorts cadres to re-align individual ambitions to be in tandem with dictates of the party. Very normal for a leader of a political party to proffer that wisdom if you were again to ask me. Politics is a game of deceit, you have to master the art, to become a master with the highest dun grade, its inherent, instinctive, it is in their genes to circumvent the truth need be. I challenge gentle readers here present to come forward with at least one Zimbabwean politician immune to this huge phenomena. I don’t want to waste my time dwelling into your favorite, this intellectual midget, ideologically bankrupt, morally bereft and idea bust Tsvangison. That man stings to the heavens. Whoever, is believed to be a threat is shunted to thugs for a thorough physical lecture. In Zanu PF people are suspended and in worst scenario dismissed, but still retains a decorum of respect and discipline. That is why you see for a period traversing over half a century, Zanu Pf has never been fractious to emit stinging fragments calling themselves political groupings. That is exclusively akin to Tsvangirayi’s politics. Butter every contenting voices thoroughly to instigate their unceremonious departure into political oblivion. That man of little books!!!!

    1. Really are not a fool so that we don’t waste our time on you?

  21. Arikana Chihombori

    AMH Group are useless and are even bigger liars than zanu pf- NEWSDAY reporters and Editors are in reality liars, truth inhibitors, cowards, Zanu pf apologists and stooges.
    Typically this includes Iden Wetherell, Vincent Kahiya and Dumisani Muleya.
    Boss TREVOR NCUBE must have flipped or he taken his eve off the ball.

  22. @sadza Mushumha, if you’re not the one who’s high on crack cocaine then it must be me coz I don’t understand a single word of what u sayin

    1. No its not you it is this sadza mashumba, he has raw sewerage flwoing right down him from the core of the head. here is a man who allows his wife to go bashing others when they fight backk he cries. What organisation is it with people who don’t have ambitions, then it is a bankrupt organisation if they cannot have ambition to rule one day and reverse this destruction then we are on a mess. Old man you have overstayed by sly and lies.

  23. @ sadza mushuma , you are one of Mugabe’s wives who just dress as men , in today’s world of democracy you must not allow a leader and his wife to ran an organisation s their business , Mugabe knows that his party is fractured and he has been confronted for the first time that is why he is singing this nonsense , who is claiming the top post and who is new in the polutbro and is passing the votes of no confidence , its Grace so Mugabe is old he cant see who is wrong and correct , to old , how can a party with interlectuals be led by a dying 91 year old man , eish thats too much , this shows that people like you are still believing in the old age politics of Mugabe and its shows that every Zanu PF member does not think or come to their senses , that is why i am saying you are all Mugabe’s wives . ICHO

  24. @sadza what have you smoked and were are you leaving , was driving to the airport and saw a big poster written in Chinese with Mugabe and The Chinese president i could not understand why its there , this is not China , to hell with Mugabe nembwa dzake

  25. Matibili na Ntombizodwa panyanga..kkkk

  26. Like my name, even lies can be exhausted. You relied on lies to the extent that you came to believe them as the only truth. How you chronicled as the true liberation narrative. How you perfected the blame game, although you were to blame for the problems Zimbabwe is facing. Time will tell.

  27. Good Mr President yu see the lies now, I have some questions for you.
    1. Prof Moyo said VP Munangangwa is a braai is this true, and is this not gross insubordination???
    2. In God name is it true Mai Mujuru vanoroya uye vaida kukupondai???
    3. Is it true that Zimbabwe is suffering because of sanctions ONLY???
    4. Is it a lie that yu selectively apply Law, and forgo court orders and refusing to align Laws to the agreed Constitution which yu are supposed to uphold as head of state???
    5. Is it a lie that Provincial Ministers yu appointed are unconstitutional???
    6. Is it a lie that court ordered Itai Dzamara probe and reporting weekly, but alas nothing is taking shape???
    7. Is it a lie that G40 exists and noone is allowed to debate about succession in your party??
    8. Is it a lie again that yu promised citizens 2.265 million jobs financed by 27billion dollars???
    9. Most people have fled the country, so not in the picture of what is obtaining on the ground, is it true that there is no Minister of Justice in the country to align Laws to the new constitution???
    10. Lastly for today, in the name of the Almighty, did Amai really earned that PHD???

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