Video: Chiyangwa’s reaction after Zifa victory

Philip Chiyangwa

WATCH VIDEO: Newly elected Zimbabwe Football Association president Phillip Chiyangwa minutes after being declared the winner after beating three other candidates on Saturday.


  1. You know you musy buy a vote because ZIFA is not one skipper, is many a trousers of a somebody. If you buy one vote like a Takavada you only a buy one vote of a somebody. If you buy a two vote you only a Gwinty for dis one of a one clothes. But for a Juul, is not good for only this one thirteen votes is a big embarrassment so go for 53 Livingston and make a selfie, of a somebody.

  2. You know you must buy a one vote of a Takavada of somebody. Gwinty is not one but two skippers, only for two votes. Juul also loose because of only buy thirteen votes, is one clothes.

  3. ZIFA councillors must have cleaned out all the ECOCASH branches by now. Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikik.

  4. Hw do I watch or download your videos pliz help me. I cant seem to find any option for that on my phone or laptop.

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