SA minister blasts ‘oppressed’ Grace


SOUTH Africa’s Women Affairs minister Susan Shabangu yesterday lashed out at Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe, describing her comments on women who wore miniskirts as “sad” and coming from someone who required to be liberated, NewsDay has learnt.


Shabangu’s utterances might likely trigger a diplomatic tiff between the neighbouring countries.

Addressing a breakfast meeting organised by media house The New Age to mark the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, Shabangu tore into Grace, describing her as “oppressed and in need of liberation”.

“That’s a sad statement which cannot be accepted, said by a woman,” Shabangu said.

“We also need to understand, the issue of socialisation and training becomes very important. It doesn’t mean that those at the top are socially liberated [and] they understand. Some of them are so oppressed they need to be liberated. So it’s a reflection of a woman, because of the position she is occupying, who thinks she is liberated, but not.”

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Juxtaposing the South African scenario with that of Zimbabwe, Shabangu said she was happy that at least South Africa had First Ladies who participate in advocacy awareness programmes in making sure they change the stereotypes.

“We are very fortunate to have such First Ladies who are conscious, who don’t go about blaming women for inviting such horrible things. No woman can invite rape because it destroys you, it kills you, your spirit psychologically, it affects you,” Shabangu said.

Addressing a Zanu PF rally in Mberengwa, Midlands province, Grace recently castigated young girls who wore miniskirts and accused them of exposing themselves to rapists by showing off their “thighs and inviting men to drool over” them.

“That is unfortunate because it will be your fault,” Grace said.

But the South African minister said it was expected that someone with such a high social standing would be aware of the effects of rape, but it seemed Grace was not “socially liberated”.

“So it can’t be right for a woman to say such a thing. So we need to educate the woman and free the woman from oppression,” Shabangu said to a round of applause from the participants during the discussion.

President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba declined to comment on Shabangu’s statement yesterday.

“We have not seen that statement. There was a politburo meeting today (yesterday) and we haven’t seen the statement. We will react when we see it,” Charamba said.


    • Yes. The SA minister is right. Women have the right to wear what they want. Mini skirts are designed to cover all the “essentials”. Only crazy people rape women. There is no justification for rape.

  1. And making comments based on what you read in the anti-Mugabe media show that Shabangu is just an uneducated “liberated” whore

      • Yes you are right us South Africans are not educated, that is why I have a Zimbabwean working in my garden with a degree from university of Zimbabwe.

        • Job title means nothing Sam. If working in your garden pays my bills, then I will be happy to work for you. Being an employer doesn’t mean you’re more learned than your employees.

          • That’s my point Zimbabweans keep reminding South Africans that they are not educated as if education puts food on the table or run a country for that matter

      • Where are these educated Zimbabweans? How come they have failed dismally and border jump into other countries to do the most menial of jobs?

  2. I will be surprised if that Shabangu woman has a daughter or even married. Why would she advocate for women to expose their bodies to everyone out there? That’s outright demonic.

  3. when old women and babies are raped, will they be wearing mini skirts? There is more to this social illness than wearing mini skirt! and our first lady should know better than blame the victims.

  4. muno svora dis-grace all the time panapai, azo tsiurwa nemu South African mava kumu supporter ayaas hamuzivvi zvamunoda mhani.

    Anyway i think di-grace was wrong pakuti vanopfeka mam mini vanoda ku repwa , munhu ngaapfeke zvaanoda , anorepa ngaafire kujere

  5. Don’t be surprised my countrymen, South African will remain south Africans and we Zimbabwean with our culture which doesn’t allows grownup women to walk semi naked.Prevent an eye from seeing such things by means of wearing moderate clothing. This lady Shabangu is really wrong and lost by criticising our good culture, what is the intention behind wearing of belts/miniskirt.

    • munoda democracy but cant even try not to be bothered by a woman ari kuzvi fambira akapfeka mini skirt nekuti temperature iri pa 34 degrees

      • If you from milking cows then pour yourself with that milk , obviously flies will follow you.So ladies do not invite these sleeping anacondas they will rise from the dead. The minister is always guarded you cant rape her its fine and u not having any V.I.P protection please take care.

    • Zimbabweans are like Moslems. They are hypocrites. Iye Grace akaita mwna aine less than 15 years was she raped akapfeka min skirt? Yaive mhosva yake? The SA minister didn’t say everyone should wear a mini-skirt as a sign of being liberated. She is simply defending a woman’s right to dress as she feels fit.
      Rapists rape even in darkness. They rape the elderly and babies. Which Zimbabwean culture are you talking about? Mbikiza dzechinyakare haasi ma mini-skirt here.? Kusaziva kunokunda kufa.
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Wing Commander Stanley Goreraza is an officer in the Air Force of Zimbabwe and the current defence attaché at the Zimbabwean embassy in China. Goreraza was formerly married to Grace Marufu, then secretary to and now the wife of Robert Mugabe. The couple had one child, a son, Russell Goreraza, who now manages his mother’s extensive farm property, Gushungo Dairy Estate.[1]

      In 1995, the fact that Goreraza’s wife Grace had had two children by President Mugabe became public. In 1995 or 1996, Grace and Stanley Goreraza divorced and Grace married Robert Mugabe in 1996.

      By 2000, Goreraza was studying in China and he was due to return to Zimbabwe in late 2000. The following January, Goreraza was appointed as Zimbabwe’s defence attaché to China. It was also in 2001 that Goreraza was hospitalized in China and visited by Robert and Grace Mugabe.[2]

      In 2006, Goreraza was honoured for his long service in the Air Force of Zimbabwe, receiving a bar to his long and exemplary service medal.[2]

    • I do not think you are a Zimbabwean because Zimbabweans are smart enough to know that the SA minister was not advocating wearing of miniskirts. She just said that our First Lady was wrong to justify rape because of what one wears.

      Those who are suggesting that Zimbabwean culture says women must wear long dresses should tell me when that became our culture. When did black people start wearing clothes? What did they wear before white people came? The point is, you cannot force a whole society to act in a way that you feel is right. Principally because the way you feel changes over time. People used to wear the skins and they used to cover the front only but it was OK. So the culture thing does not hold. Let people wear what they feel comfortable wearing and let us denounce rape altogether.

  6. We cannot compare South Africa and Zimbabwe since we’re totally different on behavior, morals and dressing.

    • Ngaaende kuBoko Haraam Tshabangu iyeye. What is good or bad is relative to time and place. IN PUBLIC IN ZIMBABWE its no no. Hameno ikoko Madam TSHABANGU

    • Taura zvako iwe wakafunda vamwe wese awa maemtyu vessels ndosaka Grace wacho achaita President iye ane Fake PHD achitotonga wane madegree kwawo. Nyaya irpkuti she justified rape zvinhu zvinotaurwa paruzhinji rwevanhu here izvozvo worse nafirst lady wenyika.Munisiririsa maZimbo arikusupporter Disgrace. u need to see a psychiatrist.

  7. South Africa, Azania, this land South of Africa, the land that makes the departed ones groan with anguish wherever they are. Cry this beloved land of milk and honey. We might differ with Amai Doctor, but as i can see, there is cerebral conjecture on matters national, matters sovereign legitimacy. What a refreshing debate, mature as it is, insightful as it comes. Coming from us the literates of Africa. Coming to this Shabangu cant, there is a binary between Zimbabwe and her beloved country where to showcase your liberation, you gallivant around thoroughly naked, thoroughly nude. Thats South Africa’s lexicon. It goes beyond nudeness, constitutionally you can marry another man, woman to woman, penetrating authenticating holes indexely. Thats South Africa for you. Many first ladies doing advocacy work, trying to out do one another for the attention of mediocre South Africa, this illiterate nation. Its a milestone, an invention never to be done by other first ladies. A nation that is too proud of what the white man has done, yet out there it is bitterly cold for the common man. The chickens will come home to roast.
    Grace only reinforced what our culture advocates and invokes us to do. It is the in thing to dress decently in Zimbabwe, and we are highly venerated out there. But when Rome does not its greatness you tend to hear isolated voices of dessent.

  8. Our first lady did not advocate for law that bans miniskirts in Zim, but as a mother , it was more on the advisory than blaming. Highlighting dangers of miniskirts is not an offence.

  9. All along I thot people hate Dr Mafirakureva, but nope yu are all supporting her here, this shows the degree of education we have as Zimbos, we attack facts, issues NOT personality. Thanks

  10. @ Skys wakabambuka njere semukadzi weku South Africa (Minister Shabangu), chasara kuwira pasi seRand. Our first lady is 100 % correct on mini-skirts. SaAmai veNyika (First lady not First ladies dzekuSouth Africa) varikuyambira mhuri yavo, saka Madam Shabangu siyanai ne Zimbabwe nevanhu vayo.

  11. When someone attains a PhD we expect them to behave in a certain way unless of course. ………. loved the way she shared jokes with the chinese first lady in chinese since she has a degree in the language or im mistaken

  12. Why do man think we measure a societies culture by how a woman dresses. When a man puts on a short, its cute, if a woman, its disgraceful. all ZIMBABWEAN men are idiots if they think women will continue to be silent about their bodies being used as a battle ground. Men raping is not used as a rot in culture but a women’s linen and cotton does. NIGGA PLEASE

  13. Ini ndakaona akarepwa akapfeka long skirt wani ane mini skirt akasiyiwa ,only rapist know what really drives them

  14. Shabangu keep quiet… “We are not gays…”. Can’t you see that we are different with you. So u want to move around wearing your miniskirts and tell us were must be liberated to c ur nudity. “Go hang” we are different with your down South, we don’t want your liberation here in Zim. Leave our first lady, we want that saying big too.

  15. that is what she is suppose to say what more do you think she will say thats zanu pf for you idont know why they think ichiri nguva yehondo they think in reverse thats why zim is going down day by day

  16. south africa is a hellhole of loose morals.who wants 2 allow his daughter and wife 2 walk wearin a skimpy outfit certainly no1 in zim wishes so.keep yo filthy culture azania we only want yo jobs

  17. This is a very artificial and stupid argument as far as I can see. Walk around town women are wearing mini skirts, transparent tights/leggings, very tight and body hugging dresses, you name it. Saka statement yaGrace is full of ignorance kana pane vakadzi vave kushama maZimba manje. And guess where all the silly harlotry attire is coming from? From our friends the Chinese. So Shabangu is right, Grace is simply politicking. Right if Grace is so moral ko vakadzi veWomen’s League vanotamba kongonya vakafuratira mashefu vachizunza mazimasset avo munotii navo? Ndiyo here culture yacho?

    inorohwa ne

  18. We don’t see men running amok raping women wearing bikinis at the beach. I am sure Grace or her daughter has been to one. What’s the difference between a woman wearing a mini skirt and a man wearing shorts? Rape is a crime and mini skirt wearing is not

  19. ava vesouth vaiwanirawo kupi. ngavatidzikamirwe kuti tyoo. keep your south africa and we will keep our zimbabwe. ndosaka musina hunhu masouth africans

  20. musatitukira maivedu kana kuti shorera mai venyika yedu. mwari vanoziva chavakatipira amai ava panguvaino. ne miwo mamwe mazimbabweans hamunyari kubatsirana foreigners kushora mai venyika kozvamunoinda kumachurch wani. kubva zvamakashora mhuri yavamugabe chii chaka chinja, ingandimi murikuto tizanyika yenyu wani. saka kutaura hakuna zvakunobatsira. dei mainamata mhani zvinhu zvifambe kwete kungo tuka

  21. I would rather accept being called an idiot man than support the so called education and liberation. my wife wears a mini skirt for me in our bedroom if my blood fails to get hot. it was professional advice given to her when we approached a professional psychologist about my sexual problem. now a mini skirt really turns me on. you can’t blame me I am a man, and its just natural. now my dear sisters of Zimbabwe, even if we man are wrong, the psychological effects of rape are yours forever even if the perpetrators are hanged. be warned don’t provoke the lion, even if its killed after killing you. remember you women might be sexually aroused by being touched, but we men in order for us to feel the need to touch you we must be sexually aroused first and that is by seeing. its just our nature, sorry we didn’t ask God to create us like that, if I am lying, why are there more women prostitutes than men? and why do they wear mini skirts? how can the society see you different from a prostitute if your dress like them? remember its not men who instructed women prostitutes to wear minis

  22. I don’t think Grace is educated enough. There is a term called “evolution”. Everything on this earth is evolving and improving. We are not born to remain static. We must live our lives to the fullest. The first lady is conditioning Zim ladies to remain stationery in their lives. They say if you don’t think for yourself, I will think for you. We are now not living in the sixteenth century. Zim ladys, don’t allow yourselves to be conditioned to such an extent that you not seeing that the lid is now open and and your are free to enjoy your lives wearing clothes according to your preference.

  23. There is always a cause to something and contributing factors. I have seen that most of us here confuse the two. Yes in Zimbabwe wearing mini skirts may become a contributing factor (and not a cause) to rape. The cause is of course the unstable mental state of the perpetrator. This is why prostitutes or ladies of the night put on mini skirts or heavily expose themselves…..they know that they is power of seduction in exposing their thighs and they lure man. Weak en pick then up. Other sane man do not pick them up but they sure notice and turn their heads. We cannot debate about this there is seduction power in ladies thighs in the view of men. This is why today’s videos and even adverts take advantage of this…to sell. If you walk around with a bunch of notes in your pocket exposed, you will definitely attract a potential thief…even if its your write to expose the cash and even if you feel liberated to carry it that way….. the world has changed and people are getting increasingly perverted and taking drugs and watching these porn stuff on their phones…..and if you strut around semi naked, you may attract the perverts and they may pounce.


  25. ‘ it taught me the foolishness of NOT being afraid” said a rape victim.
    U wanna wear a mini skirt, do so. Rapists are real. Target hardening does not include letting yo boobs stick out coz its trendy. No.
    U open yourself to rape, ain’t no use crying then.
    That’s the foolishness of NOT being afraid.

  26. Grace is right. . Tshabangu is right. You also right in your views. Am also right here. Mini skirts are very smart to were. But at night when the world has nothing to do with the ongoings. Let s take the educative parts of both deliveries of these ladies and stop the re.

  27. hey regai vapfeke mamini tione makumbo,Zimbabwe ine mamini anoita.Asi tumwe iiii.munhu anototadza kukotama chii icho.ndopanozonzi namai musapfeke I two tuma hona twacho.kune mamini ari nani.

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