PSMI gives Mbuya Hwiza new set of teeth, 37 years after losing them to Rhodesian forces


PREMIER Service Medical Investments (PSMI) has donated new teeth to liberation heroine Mbuya Idah Hwiza of Mbare after a plea by First Lady Grace Mugabe.


Grace made a plea to the institution when she held a rally in Mbare two weeks ago, where she paraded her in front of thousands of Zanu PF supporters, saying she had played a pivotal role in the liberation of the country by providing accommodation to freedom fighters that bombed fuel tanks supplying the Rhodesian army in 1978, an incident that helped force the regime to the negotiating table.

Mbuya Hwiza was later arrested by Rhodesian police and beaten resulting in her losing her teeth.

Premier Service Dental Clinics (PSDC) general manager, Nyasha Kunzekweguta yesterday said PSMI would continue serving the community and ensuring patients get the best services.

Mbuya Hwiza

“PSDC takes pride in giving patients their smiles back,” he said.

PSMI business development and customer relations manager, Nhamo Marandu said the group would continue extending its philanthropy to the community through mobile clinics, where free medical check-ups are conducted and also helping people like Mbuya Hwiza.

Speaking after receiving the teeth, Mbuya Hwiza said she thought the First Lady was joking when she promised her new teeth.

“I never thought in my whole life I would ever again have teeth in my mouth. It was proving expensive for me to do this, so I had adjusted to chewing meat with my gums, I have strong gums that can chew meat and I did not have any limitations when it came to eating,” she said.

“Look at me now, I have teeth and I want to dye my hair black and dress myself well and knock at Dr Mugabe’s door so that she sees how beautiful I look. I also extend my gratitude for what she has done for me.”


  1. Rhodesian police should have just finished off this horrible Zanoid. Philip Chiyangwa, you are the Rhodie policeman go finish her off.

  2. Well done PSDC! Should it always be after the first lady of gentleman has spoken? How about my mbuya in Dotito who has not been paraded at a rally?

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