Private Lounge’s klieg light a new attraction

A BLUISH light scanning downtown Harare’s skyline every evening since the beginning of this week has set tongues wagging, with many initially speculating it could have been an astrological phenomenon.


However, NewsDay traced the light to Private Lounge Night Club, following the speculation which was also now trending on social media, particularly WhatsApp.

The club’s entertainment manager, Joe Mentro, told NewsDay the mounting of the klieg light was a form of advertising in line with new international trends.

“Just like what many are doing, like switching on Christmas lights, at Private Lounge we have our own unique way of doing festive season decorations using the klieg light to attract those inclined to nightlife activities, while setting the pace in the showbiz scene,” Mentro said.

Private Lounge

He said many people have been flocking the night club to understand about the unfamiliar object, while some confessed to knowing about the light from Zambia and South Africa.

“We pride ourselves in being trend setters. We do not follow the crowds but we lead them. Next year you will be seeing more unique things from us, the trend setters,” Mentro said.

A klieg light is an intense carbon arc lamp which usually has a fresnel lens with a spherical reflector or an ellipsoidal reflector. It has a lens train containing two Plano convex lens or a single step lens used especially in filmmaking.

The lights can also be used in outdoor pageants and other events, or as draw cards or a way of giving directions to events venues, particularly night clubs as they are used at night.


  1. I hope somebody cleared this with CAAZ otherwise they might find the odd aeroplane landing on top of them !

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