‘Only 8 weeks’ maize supply left’

ZIMBABWE is left with eight weeks’ maize supply, raising fears of massive hunger should Agriculture minister Joseph Made delay issuing permits to millers who want to import maize from South Africa, it has emerged.


For the past few years, Zimbabwe has been importing the staple grain from neighbouring Zambia, but the northern neighbour’s Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has since put a ban on the export of maize.

Although repeated efforts to contact Made were fruitless yesterday, millers claimed that the Ministry of Agriculture was reportedly not forthcoming in issuing permits to private firms willing to import maize from other countries including South Africa and from South America.

Millers have written to Made requesting a meeting to avoid the looming hunger disaster early next year.

“I have been battling to secure a meeting with you and alert you of the current national maize stocks which stand at a precarious position,” a letter by the millers to Made read in part.

“Our count, as at December 15, 2015, revealed that there is circa (about) 248 000 metric tonnes of maize in the country both for livestock and human consumption. This figure includes the Grain Marketing Board’s strategic grain reserves of 152 000 metric tonnes.

“In essence, we now have less than eight weeks’ cover. There is need to mobilise maize from South America, since Zambia has put an export ban on FRA maize. Our members’ application for South American maize is being declined by your ministry.”

The millers added: “We respectfully submit that the matter is quickly deteriorating and we ask for your office to instruct your officers to start issuing permits forthwith in order to avert a serious shortage of maize in the first quarter of next year. Thanking you in advance.”

It also emerged that the Matabeleland Millers’ Association chapter has also written to Made, asking the Agriculture minister to act on the matter as their region was the most affected.

In a letter to Made dated December 24, 2015, Grain Millers’ Association of Zimbabwe Matabeleland chairperson Thembinkosi Ndlovu said the maize situation in Matabeleland provinces was dire and quickly “degenerating into a security matter”.

“I regret to advise that maize supplies for commercial milling in Bulawayo currently stand at one week’s supply and the situation will deteriorate to no supply level very soon. Our chapter is deeply disappointed by your ministry’s decision to decline application of maize imports from South Africa and South America for the milling of maize meal and livestock feeds,” Ndlovu wrote to Made.

The letter was copied to Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko, Minister of State for Bulawayo Metropolitan Province Eunice Sandi Moyo and the Zanu PF provincial leadership.

Ndlovu threatened to take Made to court if he failed to act on time.

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  1. Another incompetent govt minisiter. That makes them three in this newspaper issue alone – Zhuwao & Mupfumira included. What criteria is used to recruit these people? Common sense does not appear to be one of them.

    1. They say Made is farm manager of the big one? So how can he be concerned about someone in Binga. Did he at one time fly in a helicopter and concluded that there was a bumper harvest?

  2. They are buisy declaring green bombers while people will go hungry. Once again they are showing what they really care about. Power power power while u keep on voting for them. Pls zimbabweans don’t even go to vote.

  3. The most incompetent minister is that fat G40 thug, Savias Kaswekewere. Stupid fat weevilite.

  4. Mupfumira also a clueless moron.

  5. Are we gonna see maize from the east now? Because what we now see is an empty pride from pple who knows that they have stolen enough to feed their familes for many years. They will never go hungry even if the country is to run out of the staple maize. Pls mationesao moto tinzwireiwo ngoni vana vedu tovapeiko? Allow Tsvangirai to beg for us from the west cos ur east friends are buisy looting with u. We all know that Tsvangirai can save us from this.

  6. such a useless minister and we have an acting president who cant intervene. shame on us Zimbabweans tajaira nhamo

  7. Why should these basic issues even be up for discussion? The leadership crisis in this country has obviously hit the lowest level as Zim has been on autopilot for too long. What is the gvt there for if it cannot create an environment that enables its pple to feed themselves. No wonder it fails to pay Its own workers. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

  8. Doctor Syphilus Joseph Made must be very proud.
    He is doing to the country what he should be going to his wife. {{He is toooo ugly to have a wife ))

  9. They will not approve of grain imports before everyone else who is not in their fold dies. It is the only way they can cement their hold on power.

  10. As we go towards 2018 polls, they are planning to use maize as their campaigning tool. The want people to starve first then they will give them food parcel and sing stupid songs to the masses. Zanu pf always do what they don’t want mdc to do. Their campaigning is always backed by the chines but if the americans backs mdc they cry like children. What a shame on us zimbweans fooled by simple things. Why can’t we open our eyes and see our common enemy and start acting against the enemy. Every zanu person is an enemy dont go near them and never listen to them.

  11. So who wins the trophy Made or Zhuwawo for the biggest bootlicker? Made of course? Muzukuru ha asi bootlicker?

  12. Wait.
    First they take all the farms and kill the farmers.
    Then they have to import food, as they cannot grow it themselves.
    And now they want to import from South Africa?
    The issue is the same is happening here already.
    Farmers getting killed, and government wants to hand out free land.
    It is like an ugly pyramid scheme where no one wins…

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