Mugabe lashes out at ‘miserly’ West

President Mugabe (FILE PICTURE)

President Robert Mugabe yesterday lashed out at “miserly” developed nations at the United Nations climate summit in Paris, France, accusing them of trying to shift the burden for curbing carbon emissions onto poor countries.

The elderly firebrand, who has a notoriously sour relationship with the West, said the developed nations were historically responsible for the “precarious climate environment we currently live in”.

“It is unconscionable that not only are developed countries miserly in providing the means” for developing countries, “but also want inordinately to burden us with cleaning up the mess they themselves have created”, he told the gathering.

Mugabe was among 150-plus Heads of State and government attending the opening one-day summit of a two-week conference tasked with crafting the first-ever truly universal climate pact.

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A key disagreement between rich and developing nations at the talks revolves around who should be doing what to curb climate-altering emissions from burning fossil fuels, and who should pay.

Mugabe said African countries were not to blame for climate change and had more at risk, as they did not have the money for shoring up defences against impacts such as droughts and rising seas.

“We cannot and we will not assume more obligations,” he said.

“Doing so will dent our development aspirations, and in particular our efforts to eradicate poverty.” -online


  1. The world’s greatest failure of a president as usual busy trying to shift attention away from his own disastrous record at home, how ridiculous

  2. The world’s greatest failure of a president really ought to do us a big favor & keep quiet at some of these meetings instead of trying to lecture others on things he himself is remotely capable of doing

  3. His rude manner has not and will not get him anywhere . He certainly needs to learn people skills but he’s an old dog so there’s very little chance of that. He has throughout his political life blamed and attacked white people for his own shortcomings. It’s time this was stopped and some recognition given to white people for the good brought to Africa. He uses a motor car and wears clothes doesn’t he. He uses a written language, Shona that was provided to him by white people with pen and paper also introduced. He rides a by cycle brought to him by white peoples and on and on. Mugabe thank the whites that you dislike so much!

  4. “Doing so will dent our development aspirations, and in particular our efforts to eradicate poverty.” Really, when a whole president officially opens an incomplete 10km stretch of a road. You call that development aspirations!!!! This just goes to show how we have failed as a nation.

  5. Vocal Mugabe is blasting developed nations over secondary factors while he has failed to manage primary issues whose effect has taken a great toll of Zimbabwe’s development. Change your attitude towards these countries and borrow a leaf from their success secrets.

  6. After blaming them then what nhai Robert? You can blame and blame and blame and then come back home and sit and the climate is still the same. That summit is to tackle the problem not to blame.

    • The truth is China happens to be the heaviest polluter of this world and does very little to address the issue.

    • who is responsible for polluting our industry to the extend of closures? look at zisco, shabane and mashava mines, buchwa etc. we are sick and tired of rhetorics, we do not eat speeches, all what we need is action so that our industry is revived period.

  7. its not only the west wat abt our “friends” in the east China is ranked at #2 for producing the most pollutants.

  8. Mugabe’s legacy is Zanu pf itself.
    Killers, liars, thieves, incompetent and plain stupid.
    Hardly a story of success.
    Mugabe is a TAXIDERMIST – he stuffs everything he touches.
    Who takes this rambling moron seriously.

  9. I am surprised to hear that Mugabe has some development aspirations because he hasn’t shown over the last 35 years.
    To the contrary he has actually increased poverty levels and has not made an effort to alleviate esp. when he himself wastes the bulk of the budget through unnecessary foreign travel etc.

  10. Does this buffoon Mugabe understand that the very people he criticised are the ones running this World whilst all he has is a patch of dried up mealies and a few donkeys to look after . He’s a nobody trying desperately to join the adults club and he won’t ever get through the back door.

  11. This is a well articulated position of Africa as it regards to pollution control. Nonetheless, all governments are responsible. No country is surviving without modern technology nor aspires to define development in any manner much more different than the so called developed nations. As it stands, forestry is the only weapon against current pollution levels. Failure to enforce existing laws is the problem. Back home, President Mugabe should arrest Francis Nhema, Joseph Kanyekanye, Francis Chinyani, Godfrey Mawarura, Douglas Marowa, Aleck Mlambo, Kurai Kujinga, Moses Mahari, Wilfred Chakwizira, Tadzingwa Sithole, Desire Sithole and Whitker Gondobwe for destroying the Environment.

    Francis Nhema stole 2 billion dollar worth of timber from Chimanimani, Chipinge, Penhalonga, Nyanga and Mvuma within the past ten years. Within the past 30days, these crooks connived to burn down the whole of Chimanimani to hide evidence of looting. Nhema continues to feed cynide to elephants. Killing elephants will greatly reduce the germination of certain seeds that can only germinate if swallowed by elephants.

    WESTERN NATIONS should reduce emissions and fund forestry in Africa where trees grow fast.

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