Mphoko’s love for extravagance condemned

OPPOSITION parties yesterday came out guns blazing over government’s decision to buy a $4 million mansion for Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko, saying the transaction was ill-timed and would further plunge the economy into the abyss.


On Tuesday, Local Government ministry permanent secretary, George Mlilo told NewsDay the State had secured a property in Harare’s leafy The Grange suburb for Mphoko, who has been staying in an upmarket hotel since his appointment in December last year.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu described the decision as “shameful and an insult to the suffering Zimbabweans”.

“This goes to show the level of extravagance and disrespect that this Zanu PF government has for its people. At a time when we are expecting tight cost-cutting measures to come from the cash-strapped government, we are greeted with news that one man is bound to live in a $4 million house. Where on earth is that possible?” he asked rhetorically.

“In the first place, Mphoko should not have moved into a presidential suite at a five-star hotel when government has accommodation ready for occupation which was used by the late VP Joseph Msika. It is more worrying and embarrassing, in fact heartless that the VP is now set to move into a $4 million house. Who does he think he is?”

Gutu said the money being used to acquire the property could be channelled towards rehabilitation of the country’s collpasing health system.

After NewsDay revealed that Mphoko had been living in the hotel for almost 300 days, pressure on him to leave the presidential suite had been ratcheted up in the past few weeks, culminating in the arrest of activists, who demonstrated against him last week at Rainbow Towers Hotel.

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Mphoko should “just resign because he is a cost to Zimbabwe”.

“For his entire stay at Rainbow Towers Hotel, the people of Zimbabwe have benefited nothing. The bill he has accumulated is too huge and could have been used to buy drugs or a modest house for him in the up-market suburbs,” he said.

Early this year, Mphoko’s wife, Laurinda, reportedly rejected three houses, among them a mansion in Ballantyne Park worth $3 million, claiming that they were too small for a person of the VP’s stature.


  1. The kleptocrat is well within his rights in demanding his piece of cake…..these robber barons view state funds as their God-given source for personal wealth…..this is a government run by thieves for thieves……for the public to hope that this impostor and sellout who sold out his pple during and after the bush war to have a working moral compass is just expecting a lot

  2. Jamengweni Godonga

    Was Mphoko expected to go and stay in Highfield. The whole ZanuPF is thieving and buying top of the range mercs when the population is struggling. Say the same to Chombo, Tyson, etc

    1. Fio yaita sei iwe? Siyanananyo fio else ndokusotera boyz dzeku mastones

  3. The MDC-T should keep quiet. Tsvangirai still lives in a house belonging to the state yet he is no longer in government. Why didn’t they (MDC-T) advocate that that house in Highlands be sold to finance Mphoko’s official residents. We are sick and tired of political parties with double standards.

    1. yes its true zanupf and MDC-T are the same people

  4. Mboko id not an elected official, hence his arrogance. His extravagance is indeed astonoshing. One wonders what qualities Mugabe saw in this greedy clown .

  5. Mboko ia not an elected official, hence his arrogance. His extravagance is indeed astonishing. One wonders what qualities Mugabe saw in this greedy clown. Yet this is a guy happy to travel by road when ‘touring’ the country with the helicopter happy Ntombizodwa Marufu. When truw Independence comes, Mboko will be jailed together with Kasukuwere and Matibili himself.

  6. Zim has now become a looters paradise that looters all around the world must be green with envy. From the obscene salaries & deals to the chiadzwa diamonds etc its looting all the way

  7. May someone pliz tell us kuti imba inogara Tsvangison inoyita marii tisati tatanga kuwawata kunge tinoziva .Aluta continua.

  8. Says Gutu whose leader stays in a $3, 000,000 state-financed mansion and drives a $100, 000 Merc when party workers have been unpaid for months! Shut up Gutu!

  9. The NEW VP ‘Grange’ Mansion Revealed
    The Grange is not prestigious, nor is it up market.
    It is adjacent to GLETWYN that was evicted, (without any compensation whatsoever) looted and occupied by the police under the direction of Augustine Chihuri aided and abetted by Inspector Mbaringa of Highlands Police Station, commissioner Canaan Mugumira, Plaxedes Gezha, Assistant Police Commissioner Nveremwe, Bothwell Mugariri, Sasha Jogi, Clement Munoriarwa, Senior Assistant Commissioner Moses Chihuri, Numero Mubayiwa and Nhamo Tutisani.
    The infrastructure is incomplete since “developer” Tutisani has apparently absconded with his derived loot.
    Chihuri has built a palace there for himself.
    These robbers pay no rates, taxes, water or ZESA charges.
    The area is scheduled to be renamed as Chihuriville according to a reliable source in Council.

  10. Mphoko imboko zvesure. Wotoda zviri expensive kuti usare wakanaka kana wadzingwa? Hameno kuti Mugabe wakawoneyi pamunhu iyeyu nekamukadzi kake kamuMoscan. 4 million imari inovaka zvipatara hobho kumaruzevha community ichikanya zvidhinha pachena.

  11. Arikana Chihombori

    Only that useless self-serving lay about Arthur Guseni Oliver Mutambara was a bigger freeloader and looter of national assets.

  12. chamagona hapana because $4million yakatowandisa panekuti dai mangomusiya arimo muhotera it would have cost the govt less pa time yasara to next elections. $300000 per year muhotera would cost less than a million pa 3 yrs dzasara

  13. I don’t think Mphoko even cares about all this. Like the rest of Zanu he only cares about himself and pleasing the grand master Mugabe.
    How can anyone justify a $4m house amidst all the poverty in the country, dilapidated infrastructure and hunger.

  14. Arikana Chihombori

    NEWSDAY reporters and Editors are in reality cowards, Zanu pf apologists and stooges.
    Typically they includes Iden Wetherell, Vincent Kahiya and Dumisani Muleya.
    Boss TREVOR NCUBE must have flipped or he taken his eve off the ball.

  15. I do not expect any better from these people in government. Vese imbavha. Tsvangirai ari kurambirira mumba achiti its his right as a former civil servant iyi Mboko iri kuda imba ye4 million achiti its right. Ko isu marights edu sevanhu muchatipa rinhi??? YOWE!!!

  16. You are lost guyz if you expect something from this govt of thugz . I have lost hope .

  17. Jealous. Why should the Vice-President live like the great unwashed? He deserves a $20 million palace not a $4 million house. What was the cost of Tsvangirai’s house in Highlands? Jealous.

  18. I forgot to say he deserves a $20 million palace because he liberated you from evil colonialism. Let the liberators do as they please. Go back to your shacks in Mabvuku and stop whingeing.

  19. Movement of Disorganised Children

    Gutu must shut up!!! where does his president stay?

    1. Who was liberated by Mboko or any other? Everyone participated in the struggle. Its only that we have allowed these thieves space to loot without the povo taking any action now they think they have an entitlement. Work up Zimbabweans the current leadership are wolves in sheep clothing only meant to devour and prey on the populace.

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