Mphoko wasting taxpayers’ money

VICE-President Phelekezela Mphoko

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa presented a miserly budget last week, where the message was quite clear: The government has to prioritise on cost cutting and making savings, and we expect the Executive to take the lead in this regard.

It is then disconcerting to find that the government is not practising what they preach, or rather to put it in Chinamasa’s terms, the “[government] is vacillating and is indicating left when it wants to turn right”.

Zimbabweans should be appalled that at a time when the government does not have money for literally anything, Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko continues to live lavishly at the Rainbow Towers, almost a year to his appointment, seemingly oblivious to what effect this has on taxpayers’ money.

Mphoko’s continued stay at the hotel is as unjustifiable as it is unwarranted.

How, with straight faces, the whole Executive can be blind to such excesses by one of their own is quite puzzling and mind-numbing.

The excuse that the government cannot find suitable accommodation in Harare for the Vice-President is balderdash at best and at worst insulting and all efforts must be made to ensure that Mphoko checks out as soon as possible.

Without being drawn into the discredited claims that a suitable house cannot be found, we want to remind the bureaucrats that the late Vice-Presidents Joshua Nkomo, Joseph Msika and John Nkomo — all with bigger personalities and profiles than Mphoko — all lived in Harare and we do not remember a single day that they complained of sub-standard accommodation.

When Mphoko was appointed, the question on everyone’s lips was “Phelekezela who?” the clearest indication he was an unknown quantity, meaning he should be humble enough to accept any house he is given.

Most Zimbabweans have tightened their belts, some go for months unpaid, while a lot more have been retrenched, thanks to the government’s ruinous economic policies, and nothing can be more contemptuous of their suffering than Mphoko’s continued stay in a top hotel.


Chinamasa’s budget clearly showed that the country was adopting austerity measures, yet how does he explain that Mphoko continues to stay in a hotel?

We implore Zanu PF and the government officials to walk the talk and not expect ordinary citizens to suffer while they live it up on taxpayers’ funds.

One year, by any standards, is excessive and Mphoko should do the right thing and check out of that hotel.

Zimbabweans cannot afford to continue funding such profligacy, yet they are being forced to cut on basics.

In the same vein, we are disappointed that authorities resorted to strong-arm tactics and arrested activists demonstrating against Mphoko and the government’s extravagancy.

As taxpayers feeling the pinch of a contracting economy and as Zimbabweans with a right to protest, we believe they were standing up for a just cause and speaking out on something that affects everybody in this country.

Government officials living in hotels, at a time the country is literally broke, is a good example of wasting money and all right-minded Zimbabweans should speak out about such excesses.

If the government is to reduce its wage bill and costs, we firmly believe it should start by eradicating such wastage.


  1. Zveshuwa iyi ndiyo mboko chaiyo, a male goat that has had its testicles surgically removed.How can this idiot be so special Harare houses are not good enough for him? Stupid goat.

  2. We are being led by leaders who are no longer moved at all by the plight of people, they are self centred, cruel, indifferent, lack compassion, and so exploitative. God have mercy on ZIMBABWE

  3. I think what we need are leaders like the new Tanzanian President John Magufuli, who stand up against all ills. Surely VP Mphoko must do the right thing and leave the hotel as of yesterday. That’s why we are calling for change in leadership becoz we are tired of this leadership style which ignores people’ suffering and they perpetuate their own self interest throwing away reasoning in the wind. Where can we get leaders like the current Tanzanian President, we are looking for such here in Zimbabwe not the Mboko type were have here. God please deliver the Zimbabwean population from such greed leaders amidst us.

  4. In Zimbabwe Politicians continue to fool the masses and take advantage of our peaceful loving citizens. You then wonder #whatwouldmagufulido…
    The Tanzanian people are blessed with a selfless leader who is willing to correct the extravagancy from the previous leaders. In Zimbabwe, Magufuli will fire everyone osara ari ega and probably vari two naChinotimba.

    We need to rise up for Zimphilia (like Tanzaphilia) which seeks to ensure that “the Government eradicates all types of exploitation, intimidation, discrimination, bribery, extravagancy and corruption”

  5. Who is this Idiot Mphoko?? Wr dd he come from??and who does he represent…….surely not the pple in Matebeleland??

  6. Yaa zvinoshamisa chokwadi, BUT ngatisashandise mutauro une hasha tichituka vakuru ava nevamwe vavo. That will not change anything. They are what they are.

    • I agree with you Nero – that we should regulate our language to represent our African culture but we should be very careful on our spending as a nation which is economically weak.

  7. ZANU PF factional wars at its worsrt. If those who demonstrated about Mboko spending gvt money staying in a hotel at a time gvt does not have are genuine, surely we should have seen them equally demonstrating about so many gvt officials who accompany Mugabe each time he travels abroad ( normally no less than 50 ). When he comes back, gvt offices are literally closed with each and every Tom and Dick stampending to be seen at the airport, using gvt vehicles,gvt fuel.

    Yes i agree it is wrong for Mboko to be wasting our money staying in a hotel but am only saying is not the only one. Right now we have Grace going right round the country for her selfish needs using gvt resources when she is not a gvt official and those purpoting to demonstrate against Mboko turn a blind eye. Muri mbwa dzavanhu.

  8. Mphoko does not deserve any govt accommodation even in Mbare. He does not contribute anything positive to Zimbabwe. In fact, he is contributing to the destruction of Zim.

  9. I think in Zimbabweans are the easiest people to rule world over because these so called leaders can do whatever they want with us and on top of that we vote them into power again. Its pathetic when you see stupid women, men and youths being used by zanu and they seem to be blind yet they are suffering, shame, it is high time people wake up and see reality because vanhu ticharamba tichingotambura for as long as zanu is in power. Nothing will change. The government talks of cost control yet one top idiot is wasting tax payers` money in a hotel. They should lead by example. Zimbabweans are very stupid, they will keep on supporting these guys.

  10. Does your 93yr old president know this hanti he approved. Yena evele engowani u second deputy president abafayo babenceda ngani. This is not a politics man he wasn’t into this and was pulled at night to come stay in Harare etshiya umuzi wake. Let him stay in the hotel adle imali ooh what a lost government Hararians have failed to take the country forward

  11. It’s not Mphoko, it’s Mugabe who is indirectly staying in a hotel for 1 year. We all know the President’s word has authority to change things. He can say it today and in the next few hours it will be done but Mugabe does not do that. It’s sad that the President has soiled his reputation as a seasoned politician by his “striking weakness” in rebuking corruption, government profligacy, extravagance and fiscal debauchery. Am sorry to say the man I used to admire is a very mad manager of national resources. Mugabe just can’t do simple cost control measures and yet he is an economist. It’s very sad. If he can’t apply economics of the book then he can surely say just a word.

  12. Why does a VP have to get a house from the govt? He should get his own house, only the president should get govt accommodation.

    These guys don’t care at all, Mphoko doesn’t see what the fuss is all about.

  13. I doubt if the topic is about cost cutting. Is Mphoko the only one wallowing in extreme luxury when the entire population is struggling to survive? Let us not be tribal and call a spade a spade. Kubi ngoba liNdebele kungomunye wenu kulungile. Sukani lapha.
    Lawe Mphoko, what’s so special about unxuwa ohlala kulo, the Sheraton sparkle is gone

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