‘Mphoko demonstrators’ threaten continued picketing

A GROUP of human rights activists, who last week stormed a top Harare hotel demanding that Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko vacates the facility to save taxpayers’ money, has threatened to continue picketing the hotel until he has left.


Mphoko has been staying in the presidential suite at Rainbow Towers Hotel with his family since his appointment as Vice-President in December last year, arguing the State had not yet secured him suitable accommodation in Harare.

“We will be giving out fliers throughout the country for ordinary Zimbabweans to join in our call for the government to distribute State resources equitably. We will also literally be demonstrating at Rainbow Towers, day and night until the VP relocates to the available State residences for the executives,” one of the activists, Tendai Lynnette Mudehwe, said.

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko speaks to The Sunday Mail during the interview last week. - Picture: Believe Nyakudjara

The activists said the money paid for Mphoko’s accommodation should have been channelled towards underfunded sectors such as health and education.

“Patriotic former VPs, like our late Father Zimbabwe Cde Joshua Nkomo, lived in one such house. Also the late Vice-President John Landa Nkomo was so humble to the extent that he resided in his private home. It’s a first in Zimbabwe that a Vice-President takes residence in a luxurious Hotel,” the statement read.

“The recent 2016 National Budget presented by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa reflects a broke government that cannot provide for basic needs of the citizens.

“The money spent on the VP’s hotel bill could be channelled towards health, education, food security, support of orphaned, vulnerable children and make a significant contribution to improve service delivery.”

They vowed that no amount of harassment, arrests and unlawful detention would dampen their spirit of advocating for good governance in Zimbabwe.


  1. Saka iye Phekezela sei aramba kunzi mboko? This does not make any sense at all. Mboko imboko!

    1. Mr Mphoko is not an elected official, hence his unbridled profligacy. Here is a good example of how power can breed arrogance in a man. How someone can say all the houses in Harare are not good enough for him is beyond comprehension. Should this man, by some fluke of fate, become President, where is he going to stay? And how can a hotel suite be better than all of the houses currently on sale in Harare? What utter hogwash……

  2. VIVA Yvone VIVA. Keep up tghe good work girl. I admire your courage and conviction. Mboko must be humiliated. How can a man who claims to be a national leader not find a suitable home in Zim. Haavziva Mugabe zvakanaka, basa rinopera bill irero rikasara rava rake and he will go with nothing

  3. There is nothing wrong with people exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate, however, there is everything wrong with selective, stupid, silly and definitely ethnic, (read tribalist) demonstration against Mr Mphoko when there are those who are “responsible” for plundering the country’s economy. Those leaders have been there since 1980 and yet no one, absolutely no one is saying anything about it. Is this because they are your sekurus and auntys!? Mr Mphoko is just a soft target for these fools because he has got “enemies” (again read tribalist) both within and outside the government and party. Please direct that misplaced anger of yours to the right people, those responsible for your misfortunes and not Mphoko who only joined your uncles yesterday.

    1. Like you said there is nothing wrong exercising their constitutional right so let them be. you might actually be the only tribalist I see here is you ,who told you there are no Ndebele’s in the group protesting. but then again you are excessing your right as well by speaking your mind.

    2. @Lokayi be careful you might be the only tribalist here .So because he was here yesterday we should just keep quiet. don’t you think that’s what got us here in the first place the mentality that he got here yesterday .even the so called uncles you mentioned, there was a time we said they came yesterday so pardon us if we have learnt from history .i think you need to look at this issue objectively and not feel offended because you may /may not be in the same tribal group with Mpoko .did people do that to J Nkomo?

  4. Mphoko must simply vacate Rainbow Towers, simple. Father Zimbabwe (Joshua Nkomo) stayed in a modest residence when the fiscus was still healthy and now this one wants to stay in a hotel when the government is broke. It does not make any moral sense.

  5. The problem with some of us is that we are so obsessed and blinded by tribalism that we lose focus.

  6. Francis Libermann

    Remember that there are protocols that must be followed in securing a house and the state has many commitments.It requires time to find a suitable house for any leader. In any event those are some of the benefits of being a leader hatingafananeka………mukuda kuti vagare where…….let him stay there he is our leader and we have to take care of our leaders just like in any society saka this is not a ground to make noise about……..focus on creating jobs for yoselves chete…..one day everything will be ok…..

    1. i’m sure he can stay in the Vice President’s residence in Mandara/Greendale until they can find a suitable residence. all protocols will be observed as that residence is an official state residence……just saying


  8. Why doesn’t the govt take the house currently being used by the former Prime Minister, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, since he’s no longer in govt!

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