MDC-T tells Tsvangirai to ‘stop playing smart politics’

THE opposition MDC-T has reportedly asked its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, to stop playing “smart politics” and lead from the front, in a series of demonstrations aimed at forcing the Zanu PF regime to “deliver on its election promises or ship out”.


The decision to engage in “wildcat demonstrations” came after the party’s national council and executive meetings held at the MDC-T headquarters in Harare on Friday. The party’s spokesperson Obert Gutu confirmed that the party had drawn a “to-do” list and that Tsvangirai and the entire party leadership were obliged to be involved in the activities including demonstrations.

“They [Zanu PF] should look forward to enhanced demonstrations. The year, 2015 was a soul-searching one for us and they will see a new-look party,” he said without divulging more details. “We [as the leaders] will be in the trenches and in the streets. We are not a boardroom party, we were born out of the ZCTU (Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions), a proactive organisation and everyone will now be involved from the party’s number one man [Tsvangirai] to the last.”


Tsvangirai has been under pressure from critics for playing “smart armchair politics”, sacrificing party youth to demonstrate, while his entire leadership remained in the comfort of their homes and/or offices. It was not clear whether Tsvangirai would be involved in demonstrations planned to take place in Harare tomorrow.

Yesterday, party members used various social media platforms to circulate the message about the planned demonstration. Part of the message read: “Special notice to all comrades and friends, 2015 has come to an end with most of us having nothing to show for it. Zimbabweans continue to suffer in their motherland and outside.

“It is against this background and many that the MDC-T Harare province has organised a peaceful demonstration that is aimed at forcing the government to look into our plight and provide solutions in the possible time.”

The last time Tsvangirai participated in a public protest was in the 2007 Save Zimbabwe campaign, where he and several other party leaders were severely battered by State security agents.


  1. This Tswangirayi guy is quite useless. MDC should find a new leader, maybe a young and charismatic guy like………NELSON C!!

  2. Open Zip you are an open zip fo sho. Don’t divide Zimbabwean in that manner. If you think Nelson can do it why not you? Usafurire vanaBiti, Ncube, Sikhala, Mtambara tried it who and where are they now? Nelson and Tsvangirai are like father and son and the is no way they can exchange roles. Pasi nepfungwa yako !!!

  3. MDC-T loses its appeal if it keeps agitating for demonstrations. We are tired of this story. We know what they mean by ‘demonstrations’, because in the past, from ZCTU 1998 demonstrations to subsequent MDC-T demonstrations, we have come to understand that demonstating to them means stoning everything that comes to sight, including the ambulance and the school bus. And a guy who takes a lead in such ‘demonstrations’ cannot be my president.

  4. The MDC (in all forms) is a failed entity.
    They blew their chances to dethrone the dictatorship long ago.
    They looted and betrayed their supporter base, became greedy arrogant and power hungry.
    They readily absorbed the Zanu pf culture of lying, thieving, corruption, hallucinating, looting and kleptomania.
    Sadly these clowns are so stupid that they still do not yet understand the cause of their demise.
    The King of Pricks Tsvangirai Needs put his weapon and brains in a sling and get castrated.

  5. People who comment on newsday are mostly anti mdcT. I wonder why cos mdct is the only part that is always trying for the oppressed pple of zimbabwe. Yes mdc made some few mistakes but thats how we have to learn so that we can move forward.
    Now mdc is coming with a better plan to put their leaders in front when demonstrating but u are complaining…. shame on u. Pls Morgen don’t stop the good work u are a true leader and listen to ur followers only when they talk sense

  6. Last time chakadashurwa zvino chakangsnwa nehope. Pademo iyi munoda kupwanya mota yaani or whose shop do you intend to vandalize. If you got balls try a march to the mans home not disturbing our small ventures in the cbd

  7. This is a question directed to you all who are criticizing the MDC-T leadership particularly Tsvangirai for being inactive, what active role have you played to oppose what ZanuPF is doing to you? I totally support your commitment in weeding out ZanuPF DICTATORSHIP!! But what are we doing ourselves. Writing denigratory comments every morning will not solve our problems. Lets support those who are mourning with us Come out and join the demonstrators.

  8. This country ngaingova a single socialist party ana mdc musazvishupe nhai kani hamuhwine until the end of tym endai kunorima mapotatoes kuma farms,uko than killing ur tym opposing overwhelming odds.

  9. This is a really hard issue. Indeed we need demos and we need them as soon as possible. Everyone in Zimbabwe is at the end of their wits, this cannot continue anymore.

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