Map: As Grace wraps it up in Masvingo


So, this Friday, First Lady and Zanu PF Women’s League boss Grace Mugabe ends her current leg of countrywide political rallies with an address in Masvingo.

Here is how far she has gone.

She entered the political fray after a hasty campaign that took her to the top of the Zanu PF Women’s League, and she immediately became known for directly attacking her political rivals, especially those suspected to be behind ousted former Vice president Joice Mujuru.

As the year 2015 progressed, she was on and off the political playing field, alternating between escorting President Mugabe on his many foreign jaunts and addressing rallies.

In August, she addressed a Women’s League rally in Murombedzi before taking a brief sojourn.

Then she came back in October !

She started going to the provinces dishing out donations.

A storm ensued when it was indicated that her donations of tractors, which was done at Zanu PF rallies, was unprocedural as the equipment was given to the government of Zimbabwe under a Brazilian loan facility.

As she ends it today, below is a map of where she has gone so far. The map shows the donations she has made. Scroll through the markers and click to see the information



    • The next election is in 2018 and we have already been told the ZANU candidate is Matibili, who will be 94 years old. So why is Zodwa having ‘rallies’?

  1. hapana chabuda ku rally.inonzi masvingo iyoyo.inokugadzirisa.
    why is she on a campaign trail?for what?unogobata pito mu zanu
    KO VARIDZI vayo varipo?ma comrades.yu tried to divide us .zvakaramba.
    Ngwena is different from teurai.buda pachena ku vic falls,utaure zvaurikuda.dont hide behind President.come out in the open wth yo team.tiite square up ,pachigandanga.dont change stories
    tel us 1 story and in vic falls we want to tell yu to stop yo rallies,stop it.upinde mundima .kana kuti wopinda panyanga nesu macomrades.If yu want position hombe buda pachena.Usatuka munhu akanyarara.Ngwena is much older than yu.he is bigger than yu in zanu.Yu just a wife who got a chance to get into zanu.Oppah was raised in zanu.tamba mushe ne g40 yako iyoyo.

  2. Ntombizodwa Marufu is wasting her time. As soon as Matibili kicks the bucket, she is history. Here in Masvingo we don’t tolerate this stupid nonsense from this typist. Get lost, Ntombi.

  3. Stop wasting tax payers money with your irrelavant rallies. To thank people for what?For docility,stupidity and foolishness. imi vanhu munodireiko kubatwa kumeso hamusikuona kuti mukadzi uyo warikukuitai marema. STOP it Giresi.

  4. For once Grace is right. We will put Matybil in a wheelbarrow and chuck him out with the rest of his Zanu rubbish soon.

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