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Man ‘fixes’ wife, defecates in the house


A HARARE man, Webster Matanhire, failed to come to terms with divorce proceedings being instituted by his wife, and allegedly has been defecating indiscriminately in his matrimonial house as a way of spiting his wife.


This matter came to light when the woman, Nomatter Matanhire, approached the Civil Court seeking a protection order against Webster, whom she also claimed was of a violent nature.

Although the matter was heard in the absence of the man, Nomatter told the court Webster was in the habit of insulting and threatening her and the children with death.

Nomatter further told the court she was now being punished by Webster because she had filed for divorce.

“He defecates in the house saying he wants to fix me because I have begun working on the divorce process,” Nomatter said.

Nomatter also told the court whenever Webster comes home drunk, he enters by breaking into the house.

The magistrate granted the protection order and ordered the defaulting Webster not to insult or harass his wife in the next five years.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated matter, a Harare man, Slowly Gonamombe, pleaded with the magistrate to grant him a protection order against his nephew Gift Taderera, whom he said had made his life a living hell.

Gonamombe said Taderera was in the habit of assaulting him for refusing to lend him clothes.

“He started assaulting me since the day he first asked to borrow my clothes and I refused. I also want the court to order him to leave my house because I cannot continue staying with him,” Gonamombe said.

The magistrate ruled in favour of Gonamombe and granted the protection order and ordered Taderera, who was in default, not to threaten, assault or take Gonamombe’s clothes.

Taderera was further ordered to vacate Gonamombe’s house.

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