Man beats wife, drives her out naked


A HARARE man, Abel Zimudzi, is in the habit of beating his wife, Priscilla Mkhwananzi, and driving her out of their house naked while accusing her of trying to poison him, it has emerged in court.


The revelations were made by Mkhwananzi, who, this week, approached the Civil Courts, seeking a protection order against Zimudzi, whom she accused of always battering her and refusing to eat food she cooks for him.

However, the matter was marred with counter-accusations with Zimudzi saying his wife was always stealing money from the couple’s tuckshop and sending it to her parents’ home for buying cattle in case she was one day divorced.

In her application, Mkhwananzi said she needed to be protected from Zimudzi who had a tendency of beating her and refusing to eat the food she prepares, accusing her of witchcraft.

“Sometimes after beating me, he drives me out of the house naked and accuses me of trying to poison him,” Mkhwananzi claimed.


“He also does not want to buy clothes for the children, arguing they should only have two pairs of clothes.”

In his response, however, Zimudzi said Mkhwananzi was, in fact, the bad apple in the relationship since she had a thieving habit. Zimudzi said Mkhwananzi was in the habit of stealing money from the tuckshop, which they run together as a means of supplementing their salaries.

“She steals money and sends it to her brother to buy cattle as investment in case I divorce her as she has been warned by prophets whom she always consults,” Zimudzi said.

Presiding magistrate Reward Kwenda proceeded to grant the protection order, and ordered Zimudzi not to physically and verbally abuse his wife.

The magistrate further advised Mkhwananzi to approach the maintenance court if she wanted financial support for the children.


  1. MaMkhwananzi lawe, uthatha pkungcwele uphe abezizwe; manje yini so sebekubiza okhunkulayo? Phepha

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