LitFest organisers eye communities


THE International Literature Festival (LitFest), which came to an end at the weekend, was a success according to the organisers.
The festival was held at Delta Gallery in Harare under the theme Setting off Side by Side.


Organiser, Chirikure Chirikure said the theme was in recognition of the fiesta’s take off and the partnerships they have established over the past years.

This year marked the literary extravaganza’s first full scale edition, following its inaugural run in 2014 as a series of events.

Chirikure Chirikure

Chirikure said the festival was aimed at bringing writers from abroad to share their knowledge and experience in literature.

“We are mainly aiming at bringing artiste writers from the Diaspora to share their knowledge interms of literature. The festival enables people to sit down, engage their minds and share their experience,” he said.

Chirikure said plans were in the pipeline to take the festival to the communities in future and involving writers from all over the country.

Award-winning author, literary critic and lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe, Memory Chirere, said the festival was “a wonderful gathering” and provided another platform for literary matters.

“It was a wonderful gathering with a touch of spontaneity and informal, giving us an opportunity to talk and laugh at ourselves. Other than the Zimbabwe International Book Fair, we now have a second platform for book issues,” she said.

Some of the activities at the literary fete featured writers, critics, readers, performance poets theatre artistes, musicians and journalists from Zimbabwe and abroad.

Elizabeth Halvorsen, a Norwegian writer, said she was honoured to be part of the festival and stressed the need for funding to grow the fiesta.

“I hope next year the festival will have more people from different countries. If there is funding the festival has the ability to grow bigger and go international,” she said.