Let’s convert dreams into reality – Juul


ZIFA presidential aspirant, Trevor Carelse Juul yesterday presented an impressive election manifesto premised mainly on development of sustainable income streams, which can be achieved through the use of transparent football management models.


Ex-footballers, who included the likes of Misheck Chidzambwa, Earnest Kamba and Stix Mtizwa, attended the launch ceremony in Harare.

Juul will contest for the top Zifa post against Phillip Chiyangwa, Leslie Gwindi and James Takavada on Saturday.

The manifesto, whose theme Dreams To Reality, touches on development of football from grassroots through coaching programmes linked to schools and tertiary institutions.

Juul said he had engaged most of the councillors and was convinced they would make “the right decision on Saturday”.

He said one of the key challenges facing Zifa today was poor financial management resulting in a huge debt overhang of over $6m.

Juul also highlighted flaws in the Zifa constitution and the secretariat’s failure to exercise strategic and entrepreneurial leadership as major impediments.


He said the councillors who revoked the mandate of ex-Zifa president Cuthbert Dube on October 3 were key in the transformation of the fortunes of Zimbabwean football.

He said the change process requires the involvement of all interested parties in football.

“The key people who championed the revocation of the mandate from the previous board have demonstrated their commitment to positive change that is central to the transformation of our football,” Juul said. “I believe we will need these people to be part of the strategy, development, restructuring and implementation programme.”

The former Dynamos player and coach, who won the league championship with the Harare giants, also bemoaned the dwindling numbers at stadiums,

He said he would bring back the fans to the stadiums like what happened during the days of the Dream Team in the 1990s.

The South Africa-based businessman is credited for the success of the famous Dream Team of the 1990s which was guided by the late German coach Reinhard Fabisch.

That team went on an unbeaten 13 matches and fans used to fill stadiums.

“Fans are not coming to stadiums. The stadiums are empty, we need to bring back people to the stadiums like during the time of the Dream Team,” said Juul.

He said his rich experience in football will put him in good stead to revolutionise Zimbabwean football.

“I am a former player, former coach, former club chairman, former chairman of the coaches association and former chairman of Zifa. I have won the league as a player and coach having won 10 trophies in my playing and coaching football career, still being the youngest coach in the history of Zimbabwe football to win the top flight league at the age of 25. I was chairman of Zifa during the height of Zimbabwe’s successful spell at the age of 33, the youngest football federation leader in the world, achieving a 13 matches unbeaten run and highest Fifa ranking ever, where we were on the verge of qualifying for the World Cup in 1993.”

Juul said throughout his football career he has had a positive approach and has been a winner.

“It is the belief that we can win that I apply in my life and will carry through in my leadership of Zimbabwe football. The Dream Team vision is our product and every soccer loving person in Zimbabwe remembers those good old days and played a part in the success we enjoyed. I believe that now is the time to bring dreams to reality by taking from where we left off and recreate a new spirit within Zimbabwe football leadership,” he said.

He said his leadership would place the values of uniting the people of Zimbabwe on the centre of its values.

“For all intended purposes, our country requires this more than we would have needed before. The current economic challenges, political tensions coupled with an imminent drought all need a common platform of unification.”


  1. This is the right man for the job.His cv speaks it all.Trevor should be the one running Zifa.Kwete zvana chiyangwa who is childish.Councillors be very very wise and don’t be bought by a few dollars by chiyangwa.Trevor is the man for the job.A man with a proven and successful record in running Zifa.Pamberi na Trevor pasi na king of selfies.

  2. Phidza should compete Political positions and leave soccer alone. Looking at dignity and intergrity I am convinced Juul is the right man needed at Zifa. He has there when Dream Team was doing wonders back then since then our Worry us are the rookies of African football

  3. I think he should be given the responsibility to revive Zifa because of his rich experience in soccer as compared to Mr. Politician.

  4. Its obvious Jull came in after carefull consideration not zvevamwe vakangopembedza kubhawa na Jere vakatoti ka one ndipei bhora. Panodiwa njere ne intergrity. The corporate world can chip in some few dollars only if there is the right person leading ZIFA. Councillors should go for Jull, Lincolin Mutasa, Kasinauyo .

  5. Nhai, munhu wese anoda kuvhota anongono vhota here..?, uye tino vhotera kupi…venue??, Trevor ndiye munhu

    i hope those that are going to vote have the brains…. Trevor Juul ndiye munhu we bhora kwete zvimwe, … we are looking at a balanced skilled candidate

  6. The man’s CV speaks for itself. The Gentleman has a proven track record. Unfortunately in Zimbabwe the ideal is never the right choice. People want to strive in chaos, for chaos is the perfect breed for corruption and corruption is the norm in Zim. I will be surprised if the Councillors vote for this Ideal Candidate

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