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Human rights group bemoans increased cases of violence


A LOCAL human rights group has expressed concern that Zimbabwe continues to witness cases of politically motivated violence, which manifest in different forms.


In a letter to the recently appointed chairperson of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC), Emeritus Bishop Ambrose Moyo, to mark today’s International Day of Human Rights, Heal Zimbabwe Trust (HZT) said violence had been taking place in the absence of a mechanism with the constitutional mandate of receiving and considering complaints from the public.

HZT said the NPRC has the mandate to develope mechanisms for early detection of areas of potential conflicts and disputes so as to take appropriate preventive measures

“At this point we reiterate that the NPRC operationalisation delay might have worked negatively in raising public suspicion and mistrust. The task that lies ahead requires you to restore public confidence and carry out its constitutional mandate in a fair and transparent manner,” wrote the human rights group.

“HZT would like to bring to your attention that the communities we work with are waiting to engage the NPRC. This appetite for engagement within the communities provides an opportunity to foster a culture of peaceful co-existence. We implore you and your team to quickly furnish all stakeholders and Zimbabweans in general with the NPRC plan of action so that communities are well informed.”

HZT reminded Moyo that there were organisations and community-led initiatives going on, which he would have to include for the NPRC to put in place an operational framework.

Meanwhile, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) has piled pressure on the government to intensify the search for activist, Itai Dzamara, who has been missing for the past nine months after he was abducted by suspected State security agents.

“As CiZC, we are greatly concerned about the safety of Dzamara and our worst fear is that Dzamara’s name could add to the list of activists like Patrick Nabanyama, Shepherd Mashizha and Paul Chizuze, who were allegedly kidnapped by State security agents and have not been accounted for,” CiZC said in a statement yesterday.

“Dzamara’s continued disappearance has revealed the government’s utter disregard for citizens’ right to life as enshrined in Section 48 of the Constitution.”

The coalition said there was no political will to implement the new charter and safeguard people’s fundamental human rights. It called upon government to move with urgency in implementing the new Constitution as well as to respect people’s fundamental rights outlined under the country’s Bill of Rights.

“We hold the view that security of persons is a critical component of a democratic society and Dzamara’s issue has created the need for collective action from Zimbabweans to safeguard their rights and hold the government to account,” CiZC said.

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