‘Grace sees light on media functions’


FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe’s sudden U-turn on her tirade targeted at journalists and showering them with praises on Friday, could be a positive sign she has seen the light on media functions.


Grace last week praised journalists saying they were “my hardworking children”, but attacked senior party officials in the Zanu PF politburo and central committee for leaking party information to the media.

While addressing a women’s league rally in Gutu last Friday, Grace exonerated journalists, who wrote negatively about Zanu PF private meetings, and accused senior party officials of selling out.

Media Institute of Southern Africa-Zimbabwe (Misa) director, Nhlanhla Ngwenya, said the acknowledgement by Grace that journalists were simply doing their jobs was encouraging and refreshing.

“We are encouraged as Misa-Zimbabwe that she now realises that the media is a mirror of society and only plays its critical watchdog role,” he said.

Grace Mugabe Rally - Maphisa - KB Mpofu 170

“We were worried by her constant attacks on journalists for doing their job, but now we are happy that she now knows journalists are doing their job. We hope other politicians will follow suite and stop attacking journalists for doing their job. The media does not fabricate stories, but gets them from their sources.”

Media commentator, Takura Zhangazha, said Grace was seeking favour from journalists, after having attacked them for long.

“She is currying favour with journalists, while simultaneously issuing a warning to those that give them information about internal on goings in Zanu PF. This is dangerous for journalists and their sources. Journalism does not rely on kindness of the powerful. It’s a democratic right for the media to be free and to protect its sources,” he said.

Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) executive director, Loughty Dube, said it was interesting and encouraging that Grace had finally seen the light and urged other politicians to follow.

“It’s good that she has had her Damascene moment and now sees that journalists are doing their job. That she said the information was coming from within the party may also allude to the truthfulness of some of the stories covered in the media about Zanu PF.

“It is pleasing that she now knows the media is useful and has a role to play in society. It’s interesting and we encourage other politicians who are yet to see the light, that the media has a key role to play and should not be attacked for doing their job,” he said.

Grace recently blasted, mainly private media journalists and donated rice and other goodies to some after accusing them of writing “nonsense” because they were hungry.

A few journalists reportedly received the donations, a move strongly condemned by many, who believe it is “unethical and disgraceful” according to the VMCZ.


  1. Poor journalists and victims of the circumstances seem elated by a mere ‘positive slip of the tongue’ by doublespeaking first lady who can hardly be trusted. She speaks ‘ and that’ this only to claim that she was misquoted. Work professionally but do not be swayed by her rhetoric.

  2. Mr Editor you are being dragged into the armpits of Grace Mugabe and reduced to the levels of editors of ZanuPF’s mouthpiece the so-called ‘People’s Voice’. That will be the end of you. Are you going to continue to be the ‘Voice of the voiceless’?

  3. Haiwawo, so Grace is always correcting her statements and in all é occassions é so called educated zimboz vanenge vachingoridza mhururu nemheterwa… following munhu asirikutozivawo zvaarikutaura…. nxa

  4. Newsdeath is a very useless rag. Very useless indeed. How can you be swayed by this mad woman’s confusion? This fake ‘Dr’ is mad and everybody knows that. Everybody, it seems, except Newsdead.

  5. Before attacking the reporter guys let’s cut him some slack. He is simply saying Grace’s slip of the tongue shows that she has seen the light. Also note the citation marks – this shows that the statement must be taken with a pinch of salt. Hasha itai shoma please!

  6. People rarely change and this lady is no exception is just trying to make jounalists more pliable and write positively about her just one anti-Grace report she will be livid its her nature very volatile people dont get ahead of yourselves.

  7. Kana ari Grace, whatever she says is not worth talking about. She says this today, the next time she says the opposite.
    What annoys me is that, the very scribes who are the victims are the lot that sing praises. Hapana anotarisa kuti zvataurwa nani? Azvitaura wacho munhu akavimbika here nezvaanenge areva? Grace ndeumwe wevaya varinga zive zvavanoda. Nhasi chino, mangwana kwete.

  8. Grace talks out of emotional due to money and power and should not be taken seriously. How many times has she offered conflicting statements on the same agenda? How can the journalists be elated out of an emotional reference as if they are not cognizant of her emotional metamorphosis. She praises “A” while at the same time castigating “B” and viceversa and wins interchangably . Newsday should not celebrate as it will soon prove me right when the “current larva turns into pupa” in this cycle of her presidential quest.

  9. She is Grace the flip flopper not to be taken seriously , wait till she gets the Microphone next. Methinks she is on medication and lots of confusion

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