Feud over hero Georgias funeral

A STORM is brewing around the funeral of national hero Aguy Clement Georgias, amid reports there are two funeral wakes for the industrialist-cum-politician, as government had recognised the deceased’s “girlfriend”, NewsDay has learnt.


Yesterday, Georgias’ rural family members from Chivhu threatened to boycott his burial at the National Heroes Acre today accusing government officials of sidelining them.

The family members accused Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo of recognising the deceased’s “girlfriend” and co-ordinating funeral arrangements at her Rocky Lodge in Strathaven in Harare, snubbing Georgias’ official wife, Manana.


The disgruntled relatives and Manana were gathered at the hero’s Highlands home yesterday.

Born Aguy Zvavahera Ushe in Chivhu 80 years ago, Georgias died last Friday after heart and kidney complications and was declared a national hero.

“We feel cheated. We are aware that our President [Robert Mugabe] is on record recognising our cultural values, but now we are shocked that government officials are recognising a girlfriend,” Georgias’ brother, Herbert Ushe told NewsDay.

Herbert said he grew up with Georgias in Unyetu-Mutomba Village before his enterprising sibling made the great trek to Harare and assumed a new identity.

“We grew up in Chikomba like all other African families of that time, but Aguy came to Harare and decided to change his name, maybe for economic reasons. We had no problems with that because it helped him. He identified with the coloured community, but everybody knows that he is black and a Shona from Chikomba of the Mhofu totem,” he revealed.

“He is of the Mutekedza chieftainship. How then can a man like that be said not to have rural roots. We will not set foot at the national shrine. Our plea is for government to recognise our rightful place in all this as Georgias’ family members.

“We need our traditions followed like all people of his clan. As a family, we have sought audience even with the permanent secretary of Home Affairs, Melusi Matshiya, but nothing has come of it despite promises.”

Chombo, who is also Zanu PF secretary for administration, said the party and government had acted on the basis of information provided by the party’s Harare provincial leadership.

“I am not really aware of those things [family feud], but as a party and government, we acted on information provided to us by the Harare Metropolitan province. They requested he be declared a national hero and the curriculum vitae we received and circulated was accepted as reflective of his personal profile and contribution to the party and country,” he said.

Asked if he had been approached, Chombo retorted; “To do what? We received official communication through the party channels and acted on it. There is nothing more we can do. Maybe those in Harare province have a better idea.”

According to Carlton Ushe, one of Georgias’ nephews, the late former Economic Development deputy minister sired five children with an unnamed Gweru woman of Indian origin before marrying Manana in 1977.

IN HAPPIER TIMES …Aguy Georgias with his official wife Manana on their wedding day

He was to later “hook-up with a mistress Jane with whom he had another five children but she already had six children from a previous marriage,” Carlton claimed.
A grief stricken Manana refused to say much.

“I married him in 1977 under the old Chapter 37 (now Chapter 5:11) and we had no children. I am not in a position to say anything more,” she said.

Georgias is not new to controversy. In September 2014, he sued the European Union (EU) for €6 million damages for imposing sanctions on himself and the Zanu PF leadership but his application was dismissed by the EU General Court. This followed his deportation from the United Kingdom in 2007 after he was placed on the EU sanctions list.

In September this year, he was in the news again when he lost a local court case where he was seeking to defend his company Trinity Engineering’s property from being bonded over his son Russel Karimazondo’s $686 172 debt with Telecel Zimbabwe.

Georgias was accusing Karimazondo of forging his signature on a power of attorney, which he allegedly submitted to register a mortgage bond and secured a $500 000 credit from Telecel Zimbabwe.

But High Court judge Justice Nicholas Mathonsi dismissed his appeal and ruled in Telecel’s favour.


  1. zviri kufa biog time zvivanhu izvi ndapota hangu

  2. So this guy aitamba chikharadhi?

  3. Kkkkkk. NewsDay magona kureporta apa. Now I know this guy (A-guy) better than yesterday when the thin reports appeared in the state papers. How can just say a national hero fought EU sanctions using his personal resources. Tell us everything. Indeed, it’s a shame to be associated with ZANU PF.

  4. No need to quarrel over the dead. Just follow the procedures without sidelining the traditional values

  5. Nathan Sipho Banana

    Aguy Clement Georgias was known to his close friends as “SWING-DONG” or “THE BROTHEL KEEPER”
    He is also said to have given Morgan Richard Tsvangirai personnel tuition re extra marital relationships.

    1. You are obsesed with MT, he had affors when his wife passed on but this guy coloured Mhofu had several wives some who had given up on him waiting for him to die and wave the certfificate. And this family expected Chombo to act iye ane similar situation?

  6. saka blaz awa waida zvaana accsay chaina kkkkk

  7. jobi mugadzahweta

    aitamba chikaradhi must have served with distinction in the Rhodesian army whose coloured regiment perfomed badly aganist Zanla at Ruda in 1978 but was very cruel to kaffirs

  8. Ushe??…….kkkk

    1. Bull dust. You are talking through your backside.

  9. dzaiva mface wemababe. dzafa dzabaya dzasiyira factionalism kuna Matibili, Grace, Mboko naNgwena (mhondi).but masanctions kambodzisvuura garo. Ngazvife!

  10. This is very funny (and sad). This chap came from the reserves to pretend to be mukharadhi? .. and he is now a hero?The only trait he seemed to have picked up is philandery/promiscuity. Sorry folks. this aint my kind of hero – hell NO!

  11. my Aunty Brianna just got a great Lexus IS F Sedan just by some parttime working online with a macbook…


  12. Jane was not his girlfriend but a wife. Wives chase their husbands and do not annul that certificate either waiting for the hubby to do it and pound on the loot or wait for him to die and waive that certfificate. Where were they all these years vakuzoti ndewedu afa?

    1. Maita, don’t comment on things you know nothing about. As an in-law with the Georgias family, I know more about what is actually going on. Sadly there is one woman in all of this who has carried herself with dignity throughout, Aguy Georgias’ first wife. Not one mention of this woman who bore him several children two of whom helped build Trinity Engineering.

      Rather than make silly ill-informed comments please pay respect to the man’s achievements and not his family life which is not what is being celebrated. Aguy Georgias was a generous man who helped many people and did what he could to help the people of Zimbabwe from the various positions he held.

    2. uri kusasika papi, pane mutsauko mukuru pane wife nemudzimai, kuita vana 5 nemunhu mushure mekunge vasiya murume vavakaita naye vana 6, hazvirevi vaawife, unenge uri marwei chete.mudzimai haadzingiriri mhepo iri kuvhuvhuta. ano ziva chizvimbo chake, uye haisi nyaya yecertificate apa, inyaya yechakabatanidzwa naMwari chino paradzaniswa nerufu. uye hapana cheku looter nekuti afa asina chaanacho. angowe matakadya kare asinga nyaradzi mwana. inhoroondo isisina maturo, zvakadyiwa nezvifukuto. makaradi aya, vajana wedu wemombe, vazukuru, ngavatende zvavanazvo nhasi, nekuti mukurara hope nhasi, magwana igore, zvinomuka zvasanduka.

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