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Creating building blocks for your vision


In a way to create the necessary motivation and enthusiasm for success, many success coaches have always emphasised that whatever you can conceive in your mind you can achieve.

I totally believe that assertion 100%, I also teach the same in my motivational sessions and in my writings. As much as that is correct, it may remain a theoretical assertion to many aspiring entrepreneurs if there are not given the formula that makes them achieve their conceived dreams for success. I liked it when John Fleming said: “If you’re an architect, you can’t start building a project until you’ve finished it” By that, he meant that if you’re the visionary, you need to know the end before you start. The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is deciding what you want, once you are decided, the next step is obviously to know how you will get them. There are of course many aspects that one needs to know in his/her endeavor for success, but apparently which cannot be covered in this one article. Today I shall dwell on one aspect: creating building blocks for your vision.

Often times emerging entrepreneurs are faced with a giant standing before them so large that they feel defeated before they even begin. At times what might have flashed on the back parts of their minds as a brilliant business idea, when they make an attempt to execute it, can seem almost insurmountable. The million dollar question will be how to make this daunting conceived business idea a doable. If you are in that state where you don’t see how you can possibly go around this problem, this article could be yours. I will unlock one of the possible strategies that can give you confidence to approach even the most daunting visions.

Mbare Musika

I started thinking about this one time when I passed through corner Julius Nyerere Street and Jason Moyo Way, where the magnificent Joina City building stands. A couple of years ago, I would pass through this same place when the building was actually still under construction. Just to be honest, I never thought much about the building each time I would pass through that place only until about some two years ago one day when I was standing just diagonally opposite this building. So much impressed by its appearance, I continued looking at it.

It was right at that time when something flashed in my mind, a lesson that I am now sharing with you fellow comrades in the jungle of entrepreneurship. As I kept looking at the building I noted that the whole structure stood there as a block of a single unit, there is nothing on the building which can suggest that the structure was actually constructed from the common sized bricks that we know. The building stands there, a whole unit as if it’s a bolder that has always been there. When I kept on pondering about this structure that’s when I learnt this lesson which also applies to entrepreneurship.

A vision is a broader perspective of what we want to achieve, but if this is not broken down into a mission and goals, just the look at what the vision is could be a source of discouragement to ever getting started in pursuing the vision. Now, of course, we all have to do some partitioning in basic project management. What I’m talking about here is something different. Rather, I am referring to a situation where there is something that you want to accomplish, a vision that you want to pursue but you seem not to have the means. For example you’re failing to mobilise enough capital to finance your conceived business idea. Often times this is where many emerging entrepreneurs get stuck.

This is where my idea of creating building blocks comes in. I have learnt that growth works best in phases. As clichéd as it is, growth is definitely a crawl-walk-run initiative. Today people who are playing in the national soccer team once played in the division four. I should believe that even during that time when they were still playing in the lower level teams, they still had the vision to play for the national team, but they had to go through the growth process. My point is, if you have a massive project that requires extensive resources, this apparently could be overwhelming, it’s easy to lose sight of the main objective when you get lost in the details of a larger project. What you may need to do is to create multiple small projects which are easily manageable which you can then use as stepping stones to the fulfillment of your greater vision.

Celebrate achieving success for small projects

By creating small projects as your building blocks for the bigger vision, it can seem less threatening. When you achieve success on these small projects, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small. Further, this will keep you from becoming demoralised. In general, this approach allows you to view your success on those small projects as stepping stones to the next level. This benefit is psychological and can actually help you become more creative in how you tackle the next level on your way to success. Finally, at the end the achievement of your vision will be a collaboration of many small successes.

lElisha July is an author, motivational speaker, entrepreneurship advisor who is interested in one race and that is the human race to see people live their full life. He can be reached at ejuly11@gmail.com cell/whatsup +263 772 408 904/739 330 865

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