Chinyama, Mutuma found guilty


DYNAMOS strikers Roderick Mutuma and Takesure Chinyama have been found guilty of violent conduct towards referee Philani Ncube during their Chibuku Super Cup final against Harare City at the National Sports Stadium on October 31 by the Premier Soccer League (PSL) disciplinary committee.


The Dynamos pair was summoned to a disciplinary hearing on November 17 to answer to charges for the violent conduct.

DeMbare coach, Tonderai Ndiraya said he was disappointed by the ruling and urged the players to appeal the verdict.

“I’m worried, to be quite honest, by the disciplinary issues, but there is also a big question that needs to be answered,” he said.

“Are they the only players who were on the wrong side of the law this season? It looks like the law is being applied selectively. The Steven Alimenda one was deserved, but I think Roderick and Chinyama have been hard done by the ruling.”

Ndiraya said there were some matches where players behaved in the same manner, but got away with it because the games were not televised.

“It’s unfortunate the game in question was on television, but I remember seeing newspaper pictures of Highlanders players mobbing the referee. Was that not aggression? I think the playing field is not level. I call upon the authorities to apply the law fairly. As the coach, I’m not happy by how the law is being applied. I hope going into the future it will be corrected,” he said.

Although the PSL is yet to release the full judgment, it was revealed during the selection of the soccer stars in Harare yesterday that the duo had been found guilty and that they were not eligible to be selected.

Sentence has not yet been passed, but they face serious sanctions, which may include a ban.

Rodreck Mutuma and Takesure Chinyama celebrate a goal 2

Dynamos will be worried about the sentence, with the Easycall Cup semi-final against Highlanders set for the weekend.

In the charges, Mutuma was accused of having charged towards Ncube soon after their loss to Harare City and reportedly used obscene language directed at the match official.

He is also alleged to have made reference to reasons why Zimbabwean referees were sent home from the Cosafa tournaments.

After analysing reports submitted by the referee and match commissioner Brighton Mudzamiri, the PSL disciplinary committee served the Dynamos strikers with notices to attend a disciplinary hearing.

“You are, hereby, charged with breaching of the Premier Soccer League rules and regulations. In terms of order 31 of the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League rules and regulations, it is an act of misconduct on the part of the player who: 31.2.1 directly or indirectly interrupts, obstructs or disturbs the normal proceedings of a game, before, during or after the match.

“31.2.9 assaults, threatens, intimidates, coerces, interferes, misleads or insults a match official, player, official of the league, public, Press or media, or any other person, before, during or after the match.

“31.2.17 behaves in a manner, which brings the league or any of its sponsors into disrepute or endangers the welfare of the league.”


  1. I was at the game. The behaviour of Dynamos players after the final whistle was pathetic an unfortunate. Chinyama and Mutumwa are definitely guilty as charged. In fact, more Dynamos players should have been charged. Poor sportsmanship at its best.

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  2. Both Chinyama and Mutuma were a big flop on international scene so for them to say that is y referees were sent back from cosafa is a non starter. Kukudza mazidzoro voona sekuti vava nyanzvi.
    go to hell.

  3. What a joke….Dynamos complaining about selective treatment…….how many times have officials helped Dynamos’ cause over the years?

    • Dembare is a brand which does not need refs. We all know those who hate Dynamos say a penalty against Dembare is fair but a penalty to Dembare is unfair. Added time to other teams playing is fair but if added when Dembare is playing is unfair as if the ref ties the other team’s legs. Yes Taky and Rody misbehaved but we have seen many like that and must be punished. Hatidi chi zanupf chekuto MDC ne ZanuPF vakarwa, ve MDC vega vosungwa.

  4. They should be heavily punished. These dynamos nincompoop players think that playing for an oldest club gives them the right to do what they want. Many years ago, the late Mercedes ‘rambo’ Sibanda charged at the ref Nichodmus Sibanda and was banned for a year with a heavy fine. The same should be done on those two nefarious dynamos players.

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  5. this year madembare vana wilfred mukuna psl in particular vanga vakakudzvanyai inotori strategy iyoiyo dont let dembare walk away with championship painotamba vashungurudzei havafanirwi kuhwina philip chiyangwa kana wapinda panyanga bvisa psl bvisa ref committe yamukuna iyo chisingaperi chinoshura

  6. There are two issues here, first, Ndiraya must be professional, he was not supposed to comment in such a manner coz I understand the penalty is not yet given but he went on to comment as if these guys were banned from playing football for sometime. It seems his comments were meant to instil fear on the part of the committee. In my opinion he must be charged also. Secondly, Mutuma and Chinyama must learn to be exemplary considering that they are senior players. They must be banned for six months or so and made to pay to set a good precedent in our soccer. The guyz will be losers as Dynamos will buy other players to replace them.

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  7. this coach is pathetic.. how can u say others are doing it abt addressing ur players conduct?they were wrong period.. he musnt comment if he has nothing to say.i have never seen such.. he should be leading by example.. saka he wanted his players to be left alone with the way they behaved.. rubbish.. he should grow up and be a real coach..

  8. With all due respect apa coach maresva, tauraiwo semunhu mukuru. You must talk to your players rather than fighting in their corner.

  9. This coach is absolute rubbish. He specializes in rehearsing what he talking rubbish to journalists in his boring long speeches rather than spend his time learning football tactics.He thinks he is the authority on all matters football yet he was never a footballer of note, even in his team,let alone internationally.His bizarre claim that that he saw pictures of Highlanders FC players in one newspaper report surrounding a referee,itself a stupid source of evidence,is both naive and unprofessional.Why pick on Highlanders specifically as if that is the only team that does that. How many times more has his own team surrounded the match officials after feeling aggrieved.This is the trend world over and there was no need to pick on Highlanders when all the other teams,including his own,do it too. For a record his players were charged for aggression towards the match officials which was viewed by all who watched it on tv and for a record the Highlanders players whose picture he saw in the newspaper surrounding the officials were never charged because the referee presumably did not find anything sinister with that.So much for the talkative coach who seems to think that anything written by that Assiagate cheat Robson Sharuko passes for a fact.That is where his “…….remember seeing pictures……” story comes from when Sharuko was trying to defend Dynamos and Jaure for the act of misconduct when again a Dynamos player was charged for aggressive behaviour towards the ref after being given the marching marching orders. The bottom line is that this good-for-nothing coach has failed to stem his authority on some of his unruly players and is now trying to buy their respect and loyalty by appearing to defend them in public.What a shame.

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