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Bribe-offering motorists face arrest


National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba has said police will be out in full force to arrest motorists who offer bribes to police officers manning roadblocks.

by Staff Reporter

Charamba said the public should, therefore, monitor drivers of public vehicles who will rush to offer bribes to the police.

“If found out, we will arrest them,” Charamba said in an interview yesterday.

She said police would deal with such errant conductors and their drivers. Charamba on Tuesday said police would increase their presence on the country’s roads during the festive season to ensure stability.

charity charamba

Yesterday, she said police would search for stolen goods, dangerous weapons such as firearms and other implements used in the commission of crimes such as armed robbery, murder and unlawful entry and theft.

“The driver will be asked to stop, stall the engine and disembark when called upon to do so,” she said. “The vehicle occupants including the driver are then searched while outside the vehicle. The police officers will then search the vehicle.”

Earlier, Charamba said she had ordered police not to force motorists to disembark from their vehicles saying everything they do should be done in the full view of the public.

“Contrary to insinuations that drivers will never be asked to disembark, the police can also request the driver to disembark when they are checking for vehicle defects,” Charamba said.

“Public service vehicle drivers who upon seeing police officers on the road and other checkpoints, instruct their conductors to disembark and rush to the point where police officers will be standing are warned against such conduct. This is not acceptable as the driver is expected to stop at the police checkpoint.”

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