Breaking : Chiyangwa elected Zifa boss


Businessman-cum politician Phillip Chiyangwa recorded a landslide victory over rivals Trevor Carelse-Juul, Leslie Gwindi and James Takavada to assume the reins as the Zimbabwe Football Association president at an elective congress at held at Zifa Village on Saturday.

Munya Madzokere

While a public poll by a local media house had presented Carelse-Juul as the preferred choice for the general Zimbabwe football fraternity, the Zifa Councillors who hold the exclusive voting rights in Zifa election chose Chiyangwa.


Chiyangwa’s ally Omega Sibanda, the suspended vice-president of the previous Cuthbert Dube led board sensationally bounced in the same capacity.

Edzayi Kasinauyo, Felton Kamambo, Piraishe Mabhena and Philemon Machana complete the new Zifa board.


  1. Who actually are these councillors? Their voting doesn’t make any sense at all. These are the same councillors who voted Dube last time when it was clear that Dube was getting football and Zifa nowhere.

    With regard to Chiyangwa I thought he was the third best candidate but good luck to him, I hope he can turn football around and raise the money he promised so Zimbabwean football doesn’t become a laughing stoke.

  2. why vanhu musina tsitsi nekubudirira kwenyika yenyu,is chiyangwa the right person ????chiyangwa ndakango muvenga hwunhu hwekeso neage yake hazvienderana

  3. like another commentator noted.If you add the votes of the losing candidates=16.This means all the 16 PSL teams are against Chiyangwa.The remainder came from the so called councillors.

  4. And that was the final straw and the good game died.Loved by all,both young and old,rich and poor.Finally succumbed to councillors greed and Chiyangwa´s corruption. R.I.P Zim Soccer.

  5. If ever there is any reflection of the much tauted 2018 elections, it can’t come any better than this.

  6. The so called ZIFA councillors are misleading us. They are killing the future of our soccer for voting people who are little known as far as soccer is concerned. We do not want business to lead our soccer body but those with passion of soccer. I think we are suppose to fire the corrupt ZIFA councillors first because hey ha ma one.RIP Zim soccer.CORRUPTION CORRUPTION and CORRUPTION in society.

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  8. Ha ha ha.there is someone who once said”the sad thing is not that there is evil in this world,but that
    people do nothing about it”so if you truly love soccer…

  9. I have got a feeling that even the Zifa Councillors are feeling ashamed of themselves right now. Looks like each of the Councillors was hoping the other Councillor would vote right, while each one was voting in fulfillment of a pledge made privately when brown envelopes were exchanged. I agree with the rest, Philip has no capacity to turn around Zifa. No matter how much we may HOPE, the man is HOPELESS.

  10. People should learn how to learn, its as if they were born yesterday (Zifa councillors)
    What ever they are smocking its hard stuff

  11. Zifa never needed a rich person. ZIFA needed a marketable individual who could rebrand Zim football. From there on money will flow from the corporate world and supporters. We should take note of the fact that the association is a capable cow to produce enough milk only if it is headed by a proper person who will guide it through the green pastures. These election results does not suggest that, it will be guided through rocky dry pastures and very soon it will be no more.

  12. These councilrs didnt vote for the sake of football at all bt to fulfil their personal needs. Well thats zimba for u… in all areas, frm politics to employment. Its only painful that futbol was the only thing left uniting pple now its politicised again.

  13. The fault line is in the ZIFA constitution itself. It should be amended forth with, where the powers of councilors should be reduced. Increase the voting rights of other stakeholders like fans, soccer clubs. The councilors voted for self-interest. The campaign done by the victors was very simple, and it went like this. If ZIFA raised $100 million per year, then each councilor would receive X amount of money in his bank account. Sport administration is fraught with corruption, as events at FIFA can reveal. It’s a cult system and we hope that the new FIFA president will restore the integrity of this game. FIFA should also allow local authorities, especially parliament to intervene in the affairs of country associations, in cases of glaring governance shortfalls, abuse of resources e.t.c because at it stands Government of Zimbabwe has no jurisdiction on ZIFA, a strange phenomenon indeed. I soccer a religion?

  14. this is zanu in making. the same goes for the 2018 national elections. mark my words. someone said we are cursed. could be true. a spell is upon us.

  15. these councilors are doing as they wish with the rest of us.if anything goes wrong with this chiyangwa please dont involve the nation,just do it alone just like you wished&be prepared to be fired 1by 1if u resist chiyangwa.1,his going to stay there for ever,the game is going to be politicised into a zanupf campaining wing,the game is melting faster than ever&no futur for the young potential boys&girls.the root of these problems is the councilors,coz ndokwazvinotangira ikoko,ndokunenyaya.may the media show us evry zifa councilor&his or her profile so that we get to no them beta as the nation.

  16. Poor ZIFA. From little kids to the dogs. Wafa watambura wena. Rest In Peace
    We will not forget you.
    Love Zimbabwe Family

  17. Zifa needs a complete councillors ndiwo ane main dambudziko..very corrupt and visionless

  18. Ivo akambopagara pau Chairman vakaitei vakairei musiyei phidza akadaro ndiye adii anoto tiburitaira zvisvinu. Phidza varatidze iwe mhani

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