Blow for Mnangagwa as top allies booted out

THE purge on suspected members of Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s faction continued yesterday ahead of the Zanu PF national conference with Women’s League members passing votes of no-confidence on the league’s secretary for administration Esphinah Nhari and spokesperson Monica Mutsvangwa, accusing them of disrespecting First Lady Grace Mugabe.


The decision was made during a meeting held at the ruling party’s headquarters which was chaired by the First Lady.

Party sources said the motion for the pair’s ouster was initiated by Hurungwe East MP Sarah Mahoka, who doubles as the league’s secretary for finance. The sources said Nhari was targeted for publicly denouncing the G40 – a loose grouping of Zanu PF Young Turks believed to be sympathetic to Grace.

Mutsvangwa, according to sources, is alleged to have angered fellow party members after she publicly backed axed Manicaland women’s league chairperson Happiness Nyakuedzwa.

emmerson mnangagwa (3)

“The move is meant to silence anyone who might think of supporting Mnangagwa because, for example, the slogan by Nhari was not divisive since the party is on record saying G40 is just a myth. How do you suspend a loyal member of the party over a myth?” the source said.

Mutsvangwa last night declined to comment on the matter, saying she was not at the meeting.

“I did not attend the meeting because I am not in Harare at the moment, there is someone in my family who is not feeling well.
So I cannot confirm or deny anything at the moment. I have not even been told that there was a vote of no-confidence against me,” she said.

Nhari could not be reached for comment.

Party sources said the recommendations would have to be handed to the national disciplinary committee, then to central committee before being forwarded to the politburo.

Another source said the two women, believed to be strongly linked to Mnangagwa, might be suspended for three years.

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  1. ZPF Women ‘s League members are in trouble with the new leadership. The message is very clear. If your views differ from amai Grace u are a gonner. They will just organise a fictious vote of no confidence to expel u from the League. Cde Mahofa is next.

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  2. This circus has to stop. The masses are suffering with no solution in sight yet the so called leaders continue to fool around. Zimbabweans pass a vote of no confidence on all of them.

  3. Ava me pena.

  4. josphat mugadzaweta

    then the two leading fools in zanu, i.e. grace and mnangagwa want us to believe that there are no factions in zanu? keep on hoodwink those that want to. I am not one of them. for those who intend to vote zanu in 2018, the folly of your prospective leaders is there for all to see!!!

  5. Outdated politics where loyalty is shifted to individuals instead of the public. When then will Zimbabwe develop, realistically speaking?

  6. Grace Mugabe is the plaintiff and at the same time the judge this is absurd. Cat cannot be the plaintiff and judge in a case in which a mouse is the accused. It is very very unfair in any modern society. ZanuPF is applying medieval tactics in dealing with their supporters who oppose Grace Mugabe. The G40 is a reality and is now breathing in the neck of Ngwena. Mnangagwa is ruthlessly annihilated in the same fashion he did to Mujuru. Ngwena yokara yamedza chirauro.!!!

  7. josphat mugadzaweta

    Not to say that I am not miffed, it is nauseating to say the least. But I for one am not amazed. For those who are stunned by the Bob’s antics through his alter ego called Grace, may be you do not take time to observe what happens elsewhere on the continent. Or you do not perceive Mugabe to be the dictator that he is. Let us proceed by means of anecdotes.
    If you mistook for Mugabe a dyed-in-wool democrat, then confirm your error, he is a tin pot dictator, and he knows it. Mugabe has observed the acts of one or two dictators on the continent which did not guarantee their safe retirement. He does not want to repeat those mistakes that’s why he has sent his wife on recce of late. The Professor of politics Moi of Kenya committed a high school blunder by appointing Uhuru Kenyatta to be his heir in Kenya. The then political upstart was trounced by Mwai Kibaki whom Moi had sidelined in favour of the former. Mugabe saw Muluzi lose his retirement comfort after bequeathing power to Bingu. He has also not forgotten that Chiluba lost his lube when his anointed successor Mwanawasa could not protect his ill-gotten wealth.
    There you are. Mugabe basically does not trust anyone in Zanu, not when the economy is bleeding while he is filthy rich. He knows that whoever takes over that is not Grace will need the aid of the west in order to revive the moribund economy. As a condition of that aid coming, the west may at least demand the sequestration of Mugabe’s estate in order to partly sponsor the economic revival. At most, the west may demand that the genie be handed over to the Hague because of his role in Gukurahundi and the subsequent mini-Gukharundis that he perpetrated against members of the opposition. I am thus not amazed by the deployment of Grace. The family has much to lose should they let the levers of power slip to someone outside the “royal family”. After all Mugabe was instrumental in stepping up the Kabila royal family, why can’t he do the same at home?
    I am not amazed by Grace’s utterances either! There are two possibilities here. It is either she was given a carte blanche by her “pastor” hubby to go out there and enjoy herself, do whatever she wants with her new role as the party’s supremo. Or she was given a specific mandate to decimate the Mujuru faction because the genie feels that Joice has outgrown her political worthy. That her doctorate was manufactured to coincide with Mujuru’s graduation is a sure sign that Mugabe wanted her to match the former pound for pound. But there is a world of difference: Mujuru studied for all her degrees publicly whereas Grace’s degrees were acquired surreptitiously. Acquired because I am not even convinced that she studied for any of them. She immediately dismissed the PhD as a worthless paper while the general manager of the bookshop from where the paper was acquired cannot answer any question pertaining to the authenticity of the paper. Asiyazi!
    The funding of Grace’s tour of the country has become a source of consternation for some, not me. Why are we in the habit of asking rhetoric questions, why? It is crystal clear that the taxpayer is funding Amai as usual. She is flying the air force and the army copters piloted by the employees of the armed forces. Who pays their salaries and overtime at the end of the month? Who pours kerosene into the copters? Who pays the drivers of the Zupco buses transporting supporters from as far Zvimba to Mutare? I have answers to all those questions so why should I listen to Charamba’s claim that Grace is a woman of means? I know that the means is none other than you and I the taxpayers.

    Then there comes the Ndebele bashing write in Gwanda and Bulawayo, surprised? Not me. Mugabe has a deep-seated hatred of the Ndebele tribe. He has systematically passed on that hatred to his wife. How a woman dare divulge the tendency of certain men to enjoy procreation can only be done by a nymphomaniac whore, not a typical first lady. And talk of hoodwinking the Ndebele that she wants to learn their language now that she is eyeing their votes. The fool has eternally shared the state house with Ndebele speaking families – The Josh Nkomos, the Msikas, the Landa Nkomos and there are the Ndukulas at the office. If she was keen on learning the language why not at home where charity begins? It all started with the hubby who only thinks about the Ndebele when he needs their votes.
    Yet others are surprised by her lack of maturity at 50. By the way is age a yardstick of maturity? I know for the fact not. Grace is to all intents and purpose a big baby. For starters, if she had learnt anything she claims, she should have learnt over the past decade that Joice has conducted herself as a mature politician for which she has earned national respect both within and without Zanu. She should also have learnt that people are now voting Zanu more due to their respect of Joice and the anticipation that she will take over the reins soon. Additionally, Mugabe has continuously asserted in that past that he has not elevated her not for the sake of remaining his vice. Volte face now that the critical moment nears? That Grace rightfully thinks that she can undo Joice’s generation plus of track record in three month is a joke, it just smacks of her immense immaturity.
    Then talk of corruption, diamonds and all that against Joice. From the look of it the said scandals happened over a long period of time and Grace and her husband were aware of it all along. The question is why not reveal those scandals as they occurred? Are the scandals genuine anyway, otherwise is there concrete evidence to support Grace’s claims against Joice? Let’s say Joice is corrupt for sure since it is difficult to be saint in the Zanu party. How about the first family, that is, are they clean in all their dealings? Isn’t the current diversion of state resources to the meet Amai campaign an act of daylight abuse of state resources? Are Obert, Oppah and Emma Mnangagwa that clean? I for a fact know that the JN Nkomo road from the Harare International Airport cannot be completed because of the pricy concrete that Oppah is supplying that has blasted the budget. May be it is not because corruption has to be defined by them, the Mugabes.
    Let’s wait and see where this drama ends. But for sure Grace (and Robert) is performing a self- annihilating dance of the jungle. Defeating the Joice and company, the economy, the MDC and overcoming her immaturity within the next three years and some months is just a Herculian task. I bet on her failing dismally!!!

  8. Monica and Nhari go on holiday , get a massage .The Women’s league is no longer healthy to be honest , you have a leader who is miserable with her own life because she messed up her retirement package and hell bent to inflict that misery on others . Thats Psychological and emotional abuse is it worth it . Kusvika 2018 achingodai , it might be difficult to take in now , but you will see this is the best outcome ever . Grace does not have any brains and will continue to struggle in this position because she does not have the IQ to run such big posts.
    The women’s league ladies are now living in an abusive relationship with Gire as the perpetrator , Whats the point ‘happiness first’.
    Even Lacoste should ask himself is this the life he wants to live constantly watching over his shoulder. Life is good outside ZANU.

  9. Monica and Nhari go on holiday , get a massage .The Women’s league is no longer healthy to be honest , you have a leader who is miserable with her own life because she messed up her retirement package and hell bent to inflict that misery on others . Thats Psychological and emotional abuse is it worth it . Kusvika 2018 achingodai , it might be difficult to take in now , but you will see this is the best outcome ever . Grace does not have any brains and will continue to struggle in this position because she does not have the IQ to run such big posts.

    1. The humiliation they are experiencing is well deserved. Remember they were in the forefront of savaging Joice Mujuru when, together with Oppah, they propelled her to lead the women’s league even though she had not held a post in Zanu p.f. for the mandatory 15 yrs.

  10. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk. hayas. zvaiwana ngwaraiti kudya irere

  11. There is a clause that was introduced in the ZANU PF constitution last year that reads: “Before and during the annual conference, members shall select, through appropriate structures, members whom they shall savage and haunt out of the party or party structures”. Kkkkkkkk. Mnangagwa, as legal advisor, let it pass. When you cut a branch from up a tree, make sure to sit on the right end!

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