BCC sets aside $3,5 million for infrastructure

Bulawayo City town house

THE Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has set aside $3,5 million for road infrastructural development in 2016 against a requirement of $69m, NewsDay has learnt.


This year, the city has so far spent about $5m on roads rehabilitation.

Speaking at the commissioning of solar traffic lights on Monday, Bulawayo mayor, Martin Moyo said council will continue rehabilitating roads next year.

He, however, lamented lack of financial support from both the government and residents.

“We note that financial constraints continue to be a challenge and we will need to work with the residents of Bulawayo in ensuring that we meet our mandate,” Moyo said.

“The projected budget for next year’s rehabilitation works is $3,5m. For us to achieve the desired results, funding is required. We, therefore, request residents of the city of Bulawayo to assist in achieving this by timeously paying their rates.”


He said a survey carried out in 2012 revealed that about 69% of the city’s road network was in bad shape and in dire need of rehabilitation.

Moyo said the survey revealed the city requires about $69m every year for road rehabilitation.

“It is noted that such an amount was, and is still, beyond reach for Bulawayo City Council or any institution of a similar size in the Zimbabwean economy for that matter,” he said.

Moyo said the harsh economic climate does not permit for the local authority to raise such funds or even get into private public partnerships that could finances these programmes.