Armed police help Grace aide invade farm


OVER 20 armed police officers reportedly escorted First Lady Grace Mugabe’s aide, Deputy Police Commissioner Olga Bungu, to evict prominent dairy farmer and liberation war sponsor, Gillian Munn from her Mashonganyika Farm in Goromonzi last week.


The family claims to have been heavily involved in the liberation war, where they funded Zanu PF war efforts and continued to support the party well into independence. Last Monday, the family and its farm workers had their property thrown out of the farm and dumped outside, where they watched helplessly as the property was soaked by rain.

“Now I have become a hot potato. Emmerson [Vice-President Mnangagwa] knows that my husband was there at Lancaster [House at which the agreement to grant the then Rhodesia independence was inked in 1979]. But now he is scared, he cannot say anything.
“I have spoken to [Douglas] Mombeshora [Lands minister]. He says he wants me to continue going to his office, and instead of resolving this issue, he wants to give me an alternative farm. But I do not need an alternative farm. I want my farm,” she said.

“On Saturday, I was picked up and detained at Goromonzi Police Station until my lawyers came to my rescue. I was in police cells until Sunday. Now I have been moved out by Bungu, but she is still following me around. She wants my dairy equipment”.

Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson, Nolbert Muzondo said if the farmer had a problem with police conduct, she had a right to lodge a complaint.

“It seems she has a complaint against police and our procedure is that she can use our national complaints desk at Police General Headquarters,” he said, without specifically responding as to whether police had used brute force in the eviction.

Munn is now operating from a nearby farm, where a colleague has sheltered her family.

She said she would be approaching the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) for redress.

“I am going to the ConCourt and I will sue this woman [Bungu] for everything she has. She has disregarded a High Court appeal that should have suspended any other judgment that could have been passed. She wants everything I won, including accusing me of vanadalising my own property. It is insane,” she said.

President Robert Mugabe has in the past reportedly assured the Munns that they would be protected but seems to have developed an indifferent attitude to the divorcee’s plight.

Munn’s late husband owned a printing and publishing company, Munn Publications, which used to publish Prize Magazine to prop up Mugabe’s rag-tag guerilla army during the war.

The 209-hectare farm, registered in 2002, produces nearly 10 000 litres of milk per month, grows about 110 hectares of maize and employs over 100 workers.


  1. Ndivo mai venyika here avo???????????zvavakuitwa nemai iyi zvorwadza vakasara.tisaita chiringa kuvarairwa tichifamba varume 2018.Tavakutosvika

    • Under Mugabe Zimbabwe is like the American Wild West in the 18th century minus the horses. If you have the gun (Mugabe’s henchmen) you can dispossess someone of their property.

  2. Why using a picture of South African police? The police here do not have tendencies to align itself with political parties. Leave alone.

  3. This is a sin before God, taking by force what doesn’t belong to you.Let me warn you Zanu Pf people. God will one day visit you and you are going to pay for your sins.Kuda kukohwa pamusina kurima.Mbavha dzevavanhu.

  4. South African police picture? Yes coz see what our police will do to you if you take pictures of them being violent.

  5. Truly this is South African Police picture and we wonder how they get to invade farms in Zimbabwe. News Day wake up and give us the correct stuff. This invader forgets that Zanu pf is finished and we will make a follow up of these crimes they are committing and teach them what is called democracy and humanity.

  6. The 1st lady seeems to be saying we dont really care about anyones war efforts now that om in charge hazvina dhiri. Noone is as powerful as shes acting right now.

  7. These so called zanu people are the ones to blame for all the suffering in zimbabwe. Kana mvura yacho inganaye these idiots vachiita zvisina maturo kudai. The country is now cursed, muchamama nayo zanu yacho. Zimbabwe will never be a country again, gone to the dogs!

  8. this is a joke of a newspaper. kana isiri grammar ma facts ari wrong or opinion isina musoro. kana ari ma picture enyu munonyora kuti newsday pa length yese

  9. Lets respect people who assisted us to attain independence. Uku ndiko kunonzi kutsutsutira muromo kwehuku payadyira. Ko iye Bungu wacho zvaanenge akaenda kuhondo wani? Ndiwo maComrades ataiisa pamupinyi because they flout Mao’s teachings. Stupid.

    • I have no idea why you would want to respect those who helped you gain your independence… All that did was bring poverty and untold suffering upon your nation.. Ask the old people of Zimbabwe if things are better now since independence.. All ZANU PF did was to use a war with many abducted children as soldiers and a political agenda to liberate the country’s cash register and they have stolen every cent and more. Turned the breadbasket of Africa into one of the poorest countries on the planet… The people who helped in the “Liberation Struggle” should be holding their heads in shame.

  10. But Newsday how dare you use an SAPS picture?????Surely you will be made to pay for this.I bet you,We will sue you to the last bitter cent

    • Its ZRP. Look at the poster on the wall . Its written First Mutual Life. FML is a Zimbabwean insurance company with no presence in RSA.

      Plz dont spread your confusion.

  11. Is it that God’s response take long to be realised or there is no such thing as ‘blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven’? – sure zpf chaps are having a party on earth. How God, Maria Y Nkulunkulu? Ngenela Baba abantwana bakho sebezwile.
    This Munn family surely should have known better; I did and have never given these looters my vote. Sorry I guess is sufficient gogo but which court did you say you contemplate approaching by the way? All the luck.

  12. If the allegations against Mrs Grace Mugabe are true, then surely she should know that her sins will visit her in future. Everyone agrees that land reform is a done deal, those who are still invading farms and taking them are setting a wrong precedence, in future Grace Mugabe should loose her farm also. What they should be doing is target idle farms and give the idle land to those who need it and not target productive farms. Its just a matter of time, 10 years is too much for those who are aiding farm invasions to have their sins revisit them.

  13. The moral of the story is unchanged, even after 35 years of misgovernance.
    1. Whites who bootlick the terrorist regime will eventually be eliminated.
    2. Zimbabwe is run by a criminal enterprise where many of the role players are in the mafioso police led by the chief bandit Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri.
    3. The Zanu pf criminal enterprise members are totally immune to arrest or prosecution.
    4. The silent attitude of the West to this evil is truly astonishing.

  14. musanyeperwe maporisa aya ndeye zrp look at the building behind thats first mutual life offices. this is an old picture mapurisa achirikuguta. machakacha chaurukuti i red tag ibag remukadzi arikumashure open your eyes. whether this is zrp or south african police picture is beside the point the issue is that police were used according to news day

  15. If we knew this thing called independence would bring us to this point, to this poverty, oppression, suffering, bankruptcy, no jobs, endless vending…surely we would not have participated until Mugabe and club had passed on. We are now far much more poorer and oppressed than during Smith’s days! We are just living in fear everyday. Mugabe ndiSmith mutema x2. bambo vanoda power zvisina mwero ivava!

  16. I pray. May the Lord, my God, have mercy on this nation. May He deliver us from all this evil that is affecting this nation & bless the poor children of this earth. Free us from all this hate & teach us to love each other, to love our neighbours & to respect one another. May the Lord send his angels to protect this nation, so that it may prosper & be free from satan and his agents. May God bless our souls. Amen

  17. vamwe venyu maziso aakuita mashoma. how can you say kuti thats South African Police. is there First Mutual Funeral service company kuSouth Africa. you wanna blame the journalist for your own ignorance.

    • durkheim wazoverenga picture yachinjwa tsvaka yanga iri pakutanga thats why all the comments it was south african police ask if there any who copied it you will agree with the early readers.

    • Picture yemapurisa eku SA yanga iripo pekutanga yazochinjwa!!! Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki kikikikikikiki!!!!!

  18. A publication like Newsday should learn to apologise if mistakes have been made. When this story initially appeared, the photograph that was being used was of South African policemen. Somebody must have realised the gaffe and the accompanying photo was quickly replace by the current one of the usual, sickly looking ZRP operatives. Apology, anybody? Not on you nelly, mate!

  19. “…prominent dairy farmer and liberation war sponsor, Gillian Munn from her Mashonganyika Farm in Goromonzi last week” – the only liberation I know is that of black people in this land being liberated by whites from backwardness. Whites introduced SCHOOLS, industries, electricity, GEJOs instead of villagers sharing one BADZA per village. That was liberation not misinformed villagers skipping the border to fight wars on issues they did not understand. These young journalists like the one who wrote this article are doing people a disservice lionising nonsense. Without whites there would be no education to talk about – think very very carefully about what I have said. Whites should be praised for liberating black people from backwardness.

  20. Another revolution to free us from the chains of ZanuPF – let the people rise is and a new nation of Zimbabwe free of poverty, nepotism, corrupt government and CIO. Rise up Zimbabwe – it’s the only way forward.

    • Only worried about an apology for a picture, never-mind the fact that their statesmen are stealing and beating and acting like Nazis, thats fine ?

  21. When you aid and abet terrorists things like this will happen. That’s why negotiations with terrorists is not recommended. Mugabe ‘s regime was and still is nothing more than a terrorist regime

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