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AMHVoices:Tsvangirai the cure to Zim problems


The Taliban-style Zanu PF leadership reminds me of the colonial era, where the Smith regime created an unbridgeable gap of socio-legal and economic difference between the whites and the blacks.

By Abnel Mwanawemusoja,Our Reader


The Zanu PF leadership is at a jamboree with the national cake alone. They don’t care how John in Checheche is living. All they care about is to scare and silence the vulnerable John with the liberation struggle history at a time when John cries that he is dying of hunger, curable diseases and walking barefooted in the public toilet.

They care about dishing threats, insults and victimisation to anyone who happen to demand his or her right from national responsibility like employment creation, social welfare and access to basic needs particularly affordable if not free education and healthcare. They are good at referring to where Zimbabwe came from whenever people show dissatisfaction in the modalities and methodologies of their leadership style.

With due and utmost respect to all the gallant sons of the soil in the name of war veterans, who took up arms to rescue us from the yoke of the colonialists, it is becoming unjust and unfair of us to always refer to the liberation struggle. If I get my history studies correct, of the 54 countries in Africa, only two countries including Ethiopia were not colonised, a symbolic display that the remaining 52 countries attained independence via a liberation struggle just like we did. Our neighbour South Africa still has vivid memories of the struggle, but rarely do they sing about it the way we do.

It is a disheartening truth that, certain people in authoritative positions could pocket an amount of $100 000 from Premier Service Medical Aid Society which can pay the salaries and bonuses of the whole police and armed forces who had been claimed to be 55 000 and 45 000 respectively. It’s a shame which any rational-thinking Zimbabwean cannot embrace at a time when civil servants are failing to get a meagre salary of just $500 to say the least. People celebrated Christmas Day wearing window-dressed smiles, if not funeral faces, due to the poverty overdose emanating from an abnormal rate of unemployment and the government’s sarcastic failure to pay not only bonuses, but also salaries to civil servants at the appropriate time.

The future for 2016 looks so bleak and unpromising. With this level of mismanagement, it is a dream to think whether the unemployed will get employed, it is unpredictable whether our children will even be afforded fees to school.

There is no hope for a better future. Gone are the days when employment was abundant in Zimbabwe, the period when a simple Grade 7 and ZJC result slip was enough qualification for one to be a soldier.

I cherish the time when industries in Zimbabwe could employ all people who were skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled. It reminds me of our Zimbabwean-made products like Pannar cooking oil which demanded one to use just a teaspoon measure than a tablespoon because of its originality. In case we have forgotten our quality soaps like Perfection and Flamingo, to name just a few.

Gone are the days when exercise books could be given for free at both primary and secondary schools. They are now memories, comrades.

We could be now talking of superior health services and a well-shining civil service if prudent and proper country management techniques had been applied.

From the look of things now, MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai is the tried and tested leader who showed his pro-poor ideologies and policies before, during and after the Government of National Unity.

He is coming out the only victor and choice for the human bondage and under-estimated suffrage where people in Tokwe-Mukosi are never looked at despite their refuge living conditions in their motherland. He proved that it is him who had the pin code for the economic rejuvenation of the country.

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