AMHVoices:Mugabe it’s time to step down


I USED to fear and was scared of you. Not because you had horns on your forehead and a fork in one hand. I feared you because of what you had shown you were capable of. I feared you because of what you said in your speeches. I feared you after I saw how you dealt with those who didn’t fear you.


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People used to admire and respect you, but now they don’t. Do you ever ask yourself why? This is because you have shown them that you’re not a person to be respected nor admired. You destroyed everything. Everything you touch ends up dead or ruined.

You blame the whites for ruining the country. Are you going to blame them for the deaths of hundreds of people who were killed by Zanu PF activists? People died between 2000 and 2008 just because they belonged to an opposition party and were against your leadership.

Look at what you have done to the country. Now almost everyone is a vendor. People are now corrupt, including your ministers.

You’re trying to end corruption, but it’s too late. Corruption is spreading like a cancer. You may say: “My people love me because I gave them land to farm, I gave them freedom to travel wherever they wish to in the country, unlike during Ian Smith’s rule.” But let me tell you something President Robert Mugabe, it’s not just about the land or the freedom to roam around, it’s about who you gave that land to. Who is benefiting from that land? What have those people you gave the land done with it? Are they still as productive as the previous farmers? Are the mines benefiting the whole country? How many people are unemployed and why? You keep “recycling” the same ministers. What have they done in the previous years to deserve “recycling”.

What I mean is that you’re old and unable to run the country. It’s time for you to step down.


  1. Oppah calls this Tingo Ringo, KKKKKKKKKKKKKK, Put your full name Sir/Madam for your submission to be valid/authentic.

  2. Mugabe thinks he is the best thing ever happened to Zimbabwe when the opposite is true.
    If he was fair, he would have given someone else a chance. Look at what is happening in both Mozambique and Tanzania with new leaders, Zimbabwe also needs the same.
    A country is not a farm or a company where someone can manage for as long as they like.
    A new leader will bring a new vision, a new impetus, a new zeal and energy. Mugabe cannot bring any of that.
    Insulting other people and blaming everyone else but yourself will not help anyone, people need solutions but unfortunately under Mugabe we have never seen a single solution.
    All that matters to Mugabe is power and abusing it.
    People have been born over the years who are more than capable, its being selfish to think that at 91 you are the best Zimbabwe can give. No, not for more than 14 million citizens at home and abroad.

  3. VaMugabe makaraidza chigaro zvino vakachimera nyanga nemapfundo. Vonetsa havachadi kubva. Chiregai zvakadaro. Tigoona futi anoti dai tarwa. Mazimbabwe tapfidza. Tachera chikomba pasi. Vabereki gedytuo kupedza Ngubani vachirwira zvakadaro. Nyika kuita urombo hunosemedzesa kudaro. I regain tinyarare ko tinei?

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