AMHVoices:Don’t vote in this mercenary quartet


I FIND it very strange that people who fail to run a section of football administration (the referees committee) are gunning for higher posts in the Zifa board.


FB pitch

It is shameful reading their manifestos. They propose and promise to do what they have dismally failed to do when they ran this committee.

During their tenure as leaders of referees, refereeing standards went down.

Referees were sent back home from various tournaments for poor officiating.

There were few, if not none, appointments of local referees to officiate at international tournaments.

Local match fixtures are painful to contemplate. The last quarter of the 2015 season saw Division 1 games being officiated by Premier Soccer League (PSL) referees (especially in the Northern and Eastern regions).

The culprits in this mess are Wilfred Mukuna, Tendai Bwanya, Lovemore Marange and Obert Mamvura.

These committee members will also be seen attending all referees seminars as consultants pocketing an average of $300 every weekend.

An average of four seminars is called for in a year. This is on top of a midweek appointment and a PSL one on the same weekend.

For example, Bwanya had a midweek game at One Commando, had a class one seminar in Harare and a PSL game at Lafarge.

Isn’t this corruption at the highest level?

All this happened under the “watchful eye” of Mukuna, who wants to run for a higher office at 53 Livingstone Avenue.

While these people are immersed in this mess, referees and match commissioners have no games and you call this succession planning? What will be the future of our football?

They claim to want to train other people as match commissioners, yet these people have never been near football grounds.

They force referees to partake in very expensive seminars
Some referees are instantly suspended over flimsy mistakes while others are left scot-free for similar mistakes.
Do we deserve such leadership, which is out to empower themselves economically?


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