AMHVoices:Chinamasa being stifled by power-hungry vultures

In response to Ministers fight over civil servants salaries: Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa does not operate in a vacuum. He operates in the same environment where educational standards have been perverted, businesses have been milked to the last drop, infrastructure has been bludgeoned to death, corruption is the daily menu of all in authority, flattering the President and his family and friends is the key result area of Cabinet ministers.

By Darise,Our Reader


His problem is that when it comes to money, it has to be delivered. Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao can loudmouth that he will be getting 2 000% ownership of all foreign companies operating in Zimbabwe. Very easy to say indeed. But Chinamasa cannot order Fidelity Printers to print United States dollars.

The problem is President Robert Mugabe, not Chinamasa. Chinamasa has tried to knock sense into Mugabe, but in vain. The Finance minister is a competent person working with power-hungry vultures. He warned Cabinet about the dangers of some of their decisions. Look what Zhuwao is doing. Chinamasa is trying to improve the economy yet the Zhuwaos are busy going against it. So what do you want Chinamasa to do? He is working with an evil system.

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  1. stanslaus malunga

    i wonder why people like Zhowau pride themselve as being techncrats ,yet they fail to appreciate the very basic economic much is needed to recruite 80000 youths?when the country barely affords to feed the masses,pay civil servants and a whole host of responsabilities they’ve dismally failed to meet.its about tyme we stood up agaisnt such poor leadership . the whole executive is barren of any idea that can turn the fortunes of this great country.lets stand and fight for our dignity,our pride and our future.

  2. Zhuwawo, this Moscan is hey bent on destroying whats left of zim. Chinamasa should ignore this thug who is acting as if zimbabwe is an extention of Gushungo holdings

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