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All Hail Chiyangwa the Zifa President ?


Saturday 5 December was a memorable day for Phillip Chiyangwa. It was the day he took over the reigns at Zifa after winning the Zifa presidential elections. Chiyangwa easily shrugged off competition from losing candidates Trevor Carelse Juul, Leslie Gwindi and James Takavada

Annegrett Dube

Whilst Chiyangwa was ecstatic about his victory, a cross section of Zimbabweans were not thrilled at the prospect of Chiyangwa leading the country’s football governing body.


In a survey carried out by NewsDay the majority of voters were not pleased with the outcome of the Zifa elections;

poll 1

76% of the voters where not happy with the outcome of the Zifa elections, whereas 34% of the voters where satisfied with the results.

On Facebook netizens had mixed reactions to Chiyangwa’s presidency as some were convinced that his financial status would improve Zifa’s fortunes , whilst others thought he was using Zifa to further his political career

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