Activists arrested over Mphoko hotel stay


POLICE in Harare yesterday arrested five activists for demonstrating against Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko’s continued stay in an upmarket city hotel at taxpayers’ expense since his appointment as VP in December last year.



The activists, represented by human rights lawyer, Gift Mtisi, were still being questioned at Harare Central Police Station late last night, amid reports that police wanted to charge them with criminal nuisance in contravention of section 46 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act. The five include Tendayi Lynnette Mudehwe, Dirk Frey, Irvin Takavada, Elvis Mugari and Tonderai Chigumbu. They are likely to be taken to court today.

Mphoko is just two weeks shy of clocking a full year in a five-star luxury hotel, as government has not yet secured him a suitable house “befitting his status” in the capital.


  1. It’s Mphoko who must be arrested for staying in an upmarket hotel for close to a year. The activists are just reminding him lest he has forgotten to look for accommodation thinking he now owns Towers. But vatungamiri vedu havanyari here chokwadi? Hatisati tambizvinzwawo kune dzimwe nyika dzakabudirira.

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  2. zvavo vakakomborerwa vanogara muhorera isu voruzhinji chidya nhoko dzezvironda.mwari onai vanhu wenyu zvavarikuita zvisikwa zvenyu.kugara muhotel vachisewenzesa mari dzevahu vari kutambura.

  3. Unbelievable but true Zanu PF, that’s what they are good at misuse of tax payers funds apo ZIMRA yacho cant meet the targets because the masses are hard pressed , yet the vice president stays in a 5 star hotel for up to a year at our hard earned money’s expense , that’s why i hate paying taxes , and not only him the president’s wife ,Dr. Grace has at her disposal full presidential motorcade services during her country wide tours.I would have thought the women’s league should be footing all those expenses but its not so , they take from the govt coffers as well.

  4. These heartless dictators of Zanu PF. Why not attend to the complains brought forward by the demonstrators? Hospitals have no drugs while the government spends several thousands of dollars on MPOKO’s upkeep in a 5 Star hotel. Why not just buy the Rainbow Towers and give it to him since it is the one befitting Mpoko’s status?

  5. Lovemore Moyo MDC-T did the same. Mphoko Zanu PF has done the same. So all politicians are faceless, selfish and inconsiderate. It is upto us to fight this to end. Wezhira.

  6. Someone lives in a 5 star hotel for the whole year & in the same year, gvt fails to pay Cevil Servants their bonuses. Food for thought.

  7. ZANU tactics: elevate some unknown, shady former ZAPU to VP status and then indulge him in all manner of foolish antics and pronouncements. Next time the debate of why ZAPU should continue to be entitled to a VP position (under the Unity Accord) as opposed to a representative for women (plus a ZANU candidate), it will gain even more traction.

  8. Mboko and family is now a liability to our country. Why staying in a expensive hotel instead of a house? The activists are blowing the whistle so that the government will investigate and find a alternative accommodation.

  9. Where is the journalist’s actual work here? It doesn’t really tell much beyond the simplistic bare minimum of detail! The police are spending time arresting people who aren’t threatening anything beyond the comfort of government officials who as civil servants ought to learn to be observant of their civic duties. If one begins to exploit his/her position in a country which acknowledges itself as a “republic” and the people are protesting against “their” representatives, where is the crime? Then again, this rant wouldn’t be anything new so allow us to state… These are acts of war against people who want to see the value of their taxes and “votes!”

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