#Zifa Presidency: Phidza’s promises, pledges . . .


If elected president of Zifa in the December 5, 2015, election, Phillip Chiyangwa will undertake to implement the following programmes:

1. The restoration of constitutional democracy, accountability and transparency in the administration of the affairs of Zifa and the recruitment of a crack cadre of professional and dedicated members of staff.

2. The expunging of the legacy debt through the creation of innovative national and international fund-raising initiatives.

3. Development of comprehensive soccer structures from the grassroots level and promotion of competitive corporate sponsorship for the Premier Soccer League, the First, Second and Third Divisions, the Reserve League, as well as Social Soccer League.

4. Creation of more sports structures, especially football academies, through lobbying for appropriate special allocations and tax incentives from the fiscus.

5. The creation of a special welfare fund for professional soccer players that will guarantee timely payment of their salaries, create life, work, health and disability insurance policies for them, as well as negotiate a special dispensation with the National Social Security Association (NSSA) for sports programmes, given the short working life of professional soccer players.


6. Creation of a guaranteed and continuous revenue stream for the association by acquiring appropriate and permanent lodgings both for the national and for visiting teams.

7. Creation of a loan scheme for the benefit of national football team players through a sinking fund sponsored by the Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, the Ministry of Sports and Recreation, and NSSA.

8. Guaranteeing competitive professional contracts and fees for our national players and coaches in a bid to alleviate poverty among people who are household names. A relentless effort will be made to ensure uniform standards throughout all structures.

9. Ensuring that football is accorded a special national healing status as a vehicle of cultural cohesion and a dynamic platform for our ongoing diplomatic push for international positive “perception management”.

10. Campaigning for aggressive gender mainstreaming of professional football through the development and sponsorship of a professional women’s league with competitive conditions and compensation in order to promote football and sport in general as a viable career choice for the girl-child. Women’s football structures are currently only manifest at the senior level, with no corresponding operational structures to mirror the men’s leagues. Sponsorship issues around the development of women’s football are the missing link in terms of achieving full equity.

11. Introduction of an innovative business advisory on our existing football and sport assets through naming rights and taking our values to the regional and global marketplace through incisive and competitive corporate sponsorship.

12. Ensuring that all our professional players have decent housing and transport befitting their special status in our society, especially as our pre-eminent cultural ambassadors. Provision of housing and transport is a cornerstone of my business ethos and enterprise. I promise to bring fun, integrity and the prospect of viability back into our football by investing into it, rather than taking from it.

The hallmark of my entrepreneurship has always been daring innovation, being always ready to shake things up, while remaining conscious of the general welfare and the needs of the community.

I promise to breathe life, confidence, integrity and big smiles back into Zimbabwe’s football.


  1. Who ever wrote that for the guy is a good politician. He knows that Great Napoleon said. If you want to be a success in life, promise everything and deliver nothing. That’s these guys. Kumba hakuna hupfu. akanzi ooh nyara zvinota angarege. But Dofo Idofo chete. brain hadzichinji.

  2. Chiyangwa has a touch of death. Everything he has laid his thieving hands on is dead. Zifa will be his shameful statistic soon

  3. fidza your workers are not getting thier salaries and you are busy donating to Zifa.G&D shoes,Crittal Hope,Zeco holdings,Pinnacle Holdings vanhu varikuchema nenzara iwe uchiti unemari.

  4. Beware of the devil who comes as an angel of light, we must be careful not to jump at promises which might turn out to be hell later. Better to vote for someone who pledges targets that are more down to earth

  5. I’m sure Chiyangwa doesn’t even understand any of the points in his own manifesto, the guy doesn’t even know what FIFA stands for

  6. Listen to him very carefully:he intends to `shake things up`,for `fun`.it`s a personal investment for him,from which he expects to get rich returns. Soccer is big business.That is fact.But is he not also talking about getting connected to the international betting syndicates,that may see our/his Warriors throwing away winnable matches? If you win Mr C,i await to be wrong about you,to be surprised,if you keep half of your promises. Surprise us ,prove us wrong.

  7. a good manifesto, doesnt promise money injection but rather setting up of viable systems. personaly i think its achievabl but over 5 to 10 years. even if he doesnt win this must be taken as a blue print and guideline for zifa and other sports institutions.

  8. This fallacy, failure and tyrant would promise ZIFA reform? The irony of it is merely unbearable! He has been within the ranks of Zimbabwean Parliament and Governance for how long now? Can he give us inventory of the reforms he has instituted in order to better the situation and the lives of the ordinary Zimbabwean? Now he “claims” he can reform ZIFA? What a joke! In my opinion he is just looking for another cash cow to milk so that the funds made available to ZIFA can be siphoned directly into their pockets to sponsor lavish lifestyles and womanizing. #VoteForBenji #NoToCorruption. You have proven you have nothing to offer Phidza!!! GETAWAY!

  9. let those who are to vote, vote wisely. they should vote for a candidate with proven soccer administration history which will do good to our soccer as a nation. please let no one start learning the job the day he is elected in the office.

  10. I m sure the nation is tired of academics who have more degrees than a thermometer but come delivery day,airpies only.Time for some ppl with just common sense.go Phidza go

  11. @zon udofo hakusi kusaenda kuchikoro. udofo kufa pfungwa. and for yo information, we can’t experiment with governance of a nation’s football. ngaatange team yake tione kana ikapinda mu league.

  12. i would be happier if Chiyangwa was tryong to be the president of a new political party (PARTY) becoz zvema party ndozvake

  13. i would be happier if Chiyangwa was trying to be the president of a new political party (PARTY) becoz zvema party ndozvake, mabiko nekudya heavy nemababes ndiro dhiri renyu mudhara , zvebhora ahaaahhaahhaaa HAMENO

  14. mukoma Phidza wanenge wa downloader blue print pa NET,this means he still need another 10yrs to study it and put it in practice,very funny!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Why not try to campaign to be the next Zim President with your enticing manifesto other than ZIFA. its too a small job for you, Mr. ‘Man of Selfies’ and your innovativeness.

  16. Remember one thing, politics and football are 2 different things. If one failed or is now scared of politics, professional football is no place to gain political rebirth, ZIFA is not a play ground badala, we need selfless candidates who do not want public sympathy but have football at heart. To you Mr Chiyangwa: When you failed the Bulawayo community at ZECO and G&D you proved your inner being as a selfish and ruthless person who is not constructive but destructive. You have publicly displayed failure and there is no way you can rescue the ailing soccer body. Yes you can have a convincing manifesto or rather a bookish advisor but we know that you do not have the capability of
    running such an office. First get rid of your antiques of greed and selfishness.

  17. Rome can never be built in one day, If a man is real, History must prove itself not “wallabing” Walla walla is very easy.

    On paper its very good Manifesto even Cuthbert Dube given a chance could have produced such a manifesto.

  18. After all the negative comments here which prove the man is not popular surprise surprise the zifa coincillors will vote for fidza. But lets leave him dzungu rese ripere. Zifa will milk him dry instead what with his penchant for showing off.

  19. ZIFA should subject these candidates to an integrity test which Phidza would fail badly. Please give Takavada a chance as a professional footballer. We urge all councillors to vote for Takavada in the interest of all football lovers in Zimbabwe

  20. I believe our erstwhile soccer players are timid. They lack the confidence and courage. Mwariwaru had shown courage but i heard he chickened out. I dont trust politicians to run our soccer affairs. They are used to a ‘dirty game’ (politics) and soccer vis-a-vis politics is not a dirty game. Where are you former players? Are you scared?

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