Zhokinyi raids DeMbare


Former Dynamos captain, Guthrie Zhokinyi on Sunday raided the Dynamos cash office in an attempt to recover over $14 000 he is owed by the club, after he was awarded a writ of execution by the High Court.


Dynamos officials are set to be dragged to the courts on contempt of court charges, after they declined allowing their former centre-back access to their cash box, as had been directed by the courts.

Zhokinyi raided the cash office in the company of the messenger of court during the Harare derby between hosts Dynamos and Caps United.

Zhokinyi’s lawyer, Steven Zvinavakobvu said they were thwarted by the Dynamos security personnel and the team’s secretary-general, Webster Chikengezha.

“We registered the award in terms of the law and we are at the execution stage, which process is now being frustrated by the contemptuous conduct of the respondent. We are instituting contempt of court charges against the security personnel and the Dynamos secretary-general Webster Chikengezha,” he said.

Last month, the High Court upheld the judgment delivered by an arbitrator, ordering Dynamos to pay Zhokinyi $14 250.

Justice Amie Tsanga, in case number HC9091/15, ruled that the Harare giants should pay Zhokinyi his outstanding signing on fees and other entitlements, as was directed by the arbitrator, one K Segula.


“The arbitration award made by arbitrator K Segula on February 17, 2015 be and is, hereby, registered as an order of this court. Respondent be ordered to pay interest at the prescribed rate from the date of award to date of final payment. Respondent be ordered to pay costs of suit,” part of Tsanga’s judgment read.

The judge noted that the appellant should have properly terminated the contractual relationship in terms of clause 8 of the contract.

“The respondent is, therefore, entitled to his outstanding salaries and benefits. Accordingly, the following order is made, the appeal be and is, hereby, dismissed with costs. The appellant is ordered to pay the respondent his salary and benefits up to the end of the contract, July 31, 2014.”

Zhokinyi was given a life ban from football activities within the Zifa jurisdiction following his alleged involvement in match-fixing.

In their appeal, Dynamos argued that since Zhokinyi had been banned from all football activities by Zifa, they could not continue paying his salary, but their bid failed after full argument.

Yesterday, Dynamos chairman Keni Mubaiwa said the club would further appeal against the judgment, as they believe they should not pay the player.

He also said it was not possible for one to attach cash, saying the option the defender had was to garnishee the club’s accounts.

“We believe as a club that we are not at fault,” Mubaiwa said.

“He (Zhokinyi) should go and claim damages from Zifa, they are the ones who banned him, not Dynamos. We are going to appeal against the latest judgment.”

Zhokinyi signed a three-year contract with Dynamos in 2012 which expired last season, but was only paid part of his signing on fees.


  1. You wonder what are the duties of the teams legal representatives especially in light of the case where they failed to give the necessary advice to the team’s management when Zhokinyi was banned by Zifa.

  2. Can someone explain to me in normal legal sense , how can you pay a full salary to a player who has been banned for life by the national football authorities? So Zhokinyu wanted the team to sink with him as a result of the Asiagate madness? You wonder the rationality of the so called abitrators. Wild and fradulent decisions are made just to make easy money out of Dynamos! The team must get a strong legal team to thwart that Zhokinyu nonsense and also to sue him accordingly for bringing the name of the club into disrepute. You can’t let people make a mockery of this great club like that.

  3. ZIFA banned Zhokinyu, granted. But Dynamos also signed Zhokinyu before the ban, true? In which case they are supposed to pay the player his full signing on fees and any loss of services should be lodged by Dynamos to ZIFA not by Zhokinyu.

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