Vimbai Chivaura dies


PROMINENT academic and University of Zimbabwe lecturer Dr Vimbai Gukwe Chivaura has died.


According to his brother Vengai, Chivaura died today in the morning at the Avenues Clinic in Harare.

“I am heavily saddened by the passing on of my brother, a great leader, mentor, teacher, a man who stood up, fought and advocated for his beloved country Zimbabwe’s rights, a Zimbabwean icon, and a man who was a great pillar of strength in the Gukwe and Chivaura family,” his brother, Vengai said in a Facebook post.

Vengai said burial arrangements will be announced in due course.

Chivaura was a senior lecturer in the department of English where he was teaching literature, media and communication studies.

He also presented various ZBC programmes on Zimbabwean and African history like Zvavanhu.

More details to follow


  1. Kufa hakuna ungakufarira asi mukufa kune vamwe vanoyevukwa namabasa avo. Vimbai akatsamirana nekushungurudzwa kwe vanhu ne ZANU zvino shamisa kuti nekudzidza kwake nana Mahoso paboka ravo pakashaya umwe wavo angati ZANU yavuraya nyika kusvika nezvizvagwa zvose kubva 1980 havatomboziv chinonzi rusunuguko. Vayenda havo asi vakagara mu basikiti risiro kusvika vafa.
    Vazorora havo nevai tambudzwa ne zvirngwa zvavo pa ZBC vazororavo

  2. what a terribble blow to the nation .he was my lecture at university of zimbabwe he was a pan africanist . go well sir we will miss you

  3. i liked his definition of munhu. hanzi munhu munhu mutema murungu haasi munhu nekuti haana mutupo.i liked his reasoning. Senior lecturer!!

  4. Great loss to the nation! I rarely agreed with his views on many issues but still, this is library burnt down… RIP Dr. Chivaura.

    • what a Eulogy gunguwo. thats reality. pachivanhu pedu tototi wafa wanaka. He has departed and we should wish an eternal rest to his dear soul. Its a great loss to the nation for sure, a library burnt down!!!! komborerwa iwe gunguwo unezivo

  5. No matter how much you howl and wail in support of a clearly repressive system/practice, equating its drivers to biblical icons,eventually the end is nigh.

  6. Rest in eternal peace my former English Lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe Fambayi zvakanaka Va Chivaura You were indeed a very humble man Senior Lecturer Some of us benefited from the knowledge you imparted on us as your students. RIP

  7. Best remembered for killing peoples interest in ZTV.Pretty excellent at telling the opposite of truth hoping that the students were not poisoned by the learned truth minimalist.Not joyed by his death but to some of us the question will be why prof?.

  8. A great loss to the nation and the families but you wasted yourself buy being a ZANU-PF apologist nekupesvedzera kutsikirirwa kewavaznhinji. Despite being a progressive academia you were stuck in the past mukatadza kufambirana nenguwa. Hamuna kuudza VaMugabe kuti varikuuraya nyika.

  9. Vimbai European Gukwe Chivaura waisvota. Watibatsira ukafa shasha. ko baba vako vaimbokupa zita rekuti European kuti zviite sei? ah sorry ndanga ndakangamwa kuti wafa hauchapinduri. wafa wanaka/warova. hatichangadzwi paTV neracist rinezita rekuti European.

  10. He was looking sickly. You could tell by mere looking. Red lips, darkish skin etc. Asi chirongwa chaisvota ichocho, wonder why most are subscribing DSTV. RIP.

  11. Rest in peace Cde ! We will miss your immense contribution in our national debates ,particularly on culture and the need for Pan African awareness.

  12. rip the dr .a great loss in the academic field.we lost prof sam moyo three days ago who was involved in an accident.

  13. Ini ndatoshayawo chakanaka chaakaita. Lecturer anotaura zvisina maturo paTV? He exhibited unquestionable and unquenchable idiocy. The fact that he was a lecturer implies that he had a multiplier effect (>1) on the level of stupidity in this country.

  14. We are thankful for all the contributions that he made towards the promotion of African identity. Unfortunately some empty minds do not know the difference between Pan Africanism and being ZANU-PF. VaChivaura was a true Pan Africanist, a true African who believes in that being African is not being inferior; he believes in identifying self with Africanism.

    • I’m not sure which constituency you represent by saying “we” but calling others empty minds because they did not agree with this chap is in itself an inferiority complex. I stopped watching dead BC around 1999, same time as I lost interest in the Herald etc.

      I do not want to be bullied in any way and I believe this Chivaura fellow,Mahoso & Mupepereke spewed a lot of vile bile & hate speech on their TV show. Many people decided to exercise their freedom of choice by switching off & subscribing elsewhere. There is no point in being held in servitude, e.g. by ZTV or Herald and then continue paying them, when you can break that link.

      The definition of African identity itself varies with context, I happen not to share the same views as you, him and his ilk and I believe thats healthy.

  15. He contributed significantly in chasing people away from ZBC TV to DSTV and other alternatives. @Sober, the man may have been a Pan African (to those of you who may have known him in person), but to most of us who only knew him through his TV discussions, he was certainly a propagandist and an apologist (Hope my mind has not become empty after this post…kkkkkkkkkk)

  16. Newsday should not have even carried the story. I am certain there are worthy issues to report on than dwelling on the demise of a self-confessed bootlicker who spent hours on National TV with like-minded colleagues, busy belittling Zimbabweans and poisoning our airwaves with empty political rhethoric. Let his soul go to hell!!! Who cares?

  17. VaChivaura hamuna nhaka yamasiira vana ve Zimbabwe makabatsira pakuparidza mashoko ekuvaengana it will takr us years to rebuild the country u played a big role in social destabilaisation. Zimbabwe have lost yestaday luv thnx to Lectures like Chivaura who thinks Ivhu rinosarura maiti hamuna chinokuwanai but Death is the ultimate equaliser. Tichateverawo asi maenda tisina kuregererana as a nation its sad tht as a nation we will not include you in our good books who knws pamwe 2018 vana venhu vachasunga chimwe chete musisipo

  18. @ Taurai,

    It is very unfortunate that we judge people by political affiliation and reasonable people know that a human being is more than that. If you listened to his contributions well you will agree with me that his contributions were fair Africanism. The fact that ZANU-PF has Pan Africanism ideologies does not make any Pan Africanist a ZANU-PF. Our society has been affected mentally in that anything Africanist is associated with ZANU-PF.

  19. Its sad wen vast knowledge resources are wasted on ZANU PF propaganda by persons such as the late Dr Chivaura…He knew the trut without doubt but chose to be a puppet and stooge of ZANU Yaora PF…Hatidi ma eulogy ekunyeperana panapa this is good riddance to bad rubbish, such people are a social danger to the nation…

  20. @ Taurai,

    It is very unfortunate that we judge people by political affiliation and reasonable people know that a human being is more than that. If you listened to his contributions well you will agree with me that his contributions were fair Africanism. The fact that ZANU-PF has Pan Africanism ideologies does not make any Pan Africanist a ZANU-PF. Our society has been affected mentally in that anything Africanist is associated with ZANU-PF.
    Our mentality need to be freed and the common sense rule must prevail.

    • Agreed!! …and the Mahoso chap hated America when I understand his children were/are in USA. There is nothing Pan-African or of value in that. More like hypocrisy. Same as many others esp. in ZPF saying one thing and doing quite the opposite and expecting us to ululate and praise them all the time. Zvakapera. Not all of us are idiots.

  21. Pataikura tainzwa mhanzi yaDr. Mapfumo ichiti: Vakomana hakuna, Kufa hakuna member (x 2) … Pidigori waenda (x 3) … Wanga achinyanya kuvhaira

    Zvesuwa pidigori waenda … Warova chamupidigori

  22. thank so much zuruvi fo the knowledge you imparted to all the idiot vakushoropodza pano… nyangwe vakashora vakatomama chete.. go well senior lecturer

  23. Its a great loss to us whose children enjoyed the great wisdom of Dr Chivaura at the UZ. He was in the process of modeling my child to become one of the great writers in Zimbabwe. Long live Pan-Africanism. Rest in peace. My god bless.

    • Will the “process” stop now that this sad event has happened? I hope his hypocrisy has not rubbed off onto your child. Poisonous modelling builds a rotten society – Pan-African or not!

  24. After all is said and done, the good, the bad and (the ugly) we shall all perish. Don’t ever fool yourself that there’s no God kana wafarisa. Kuonesana ka uku!

  25. he wil surely be missed..he was my best current lecturer i hev eva had…a true Pan-Africanist….”an african will alwez be an african and should be proud of being one and never fooled by these europeans”go well DR CHIVAURA…UR WORDS WILL ALWEZ SINK IN MY HEARTS…LUV YOU

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