Tout in court for killing colleague with steel bar


A HARARE-BASED tout, Beaven Sonenes Nemaramba, who is accused of striking and killing a fellow tout at the Fourth Street bus terminus last Sunday, yesterday appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court charged with murder.


Nemaramba (23) was not asked to plead when he appeared before provincial magistrate Tendai Mahwe and was remanded in custody to December 1 after being advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

“You are remanded in custody and if you want to be tried while out on bail, you have to approach the High Court as this court has no jurisdiction to entertain such applications,” Mahwe said.

Harare Magistrates’ Court

Prosecutor Sebastian Mutizirwa told the court that Nemaramba confessed to committing the murder in his warned-and-cautioned statement to the police.

“The accused person is admitting that he actually hit the now-deceased with a metal steel bar on the side of the eye and nose,” Mutizirwa said.

According to State papers, on the day in question, Nemaramba was angered by fellow touts who had accused him of stealing radio speakers.

The State alleged Nemaramba is said to have remarked: “People of this rank accused me of stealing speakers, and I have come prepared for you,” before he took hold of the steel bar which he swung towards the now-deceased, who was hit on the nose bridge.

“The now-deceased started bleeding where the injury had been inflicted and remained standing for a while before he collapsed and died on the spot,” part of the State papers read.

The State, however, claims it has solid evidence linking Nemaramba to the commission of the crime and the metal bar which he allegedly used to attack the now-deceased was available as an exhibit together with eyewitnesses who saw him at the time.


    • ini ndinofunga haisi nyaya yenhamo iyi .vanhu vanongopondana pasina nhamo ,panenhamo any day/ anytime .ini handizivi cause he killed the other asi ndongofungirawo hangu tumbanje netumushonga tukumwiwa nevafana ivava.

  1. The month of November is a month of evil spirits. Most ‘Novembers’, you see people killing each other, dismissed from their jobs, divorcing etc. Its caused by people who cast evil and bad spells especially when they are gathered remembering their dead relatives.

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