Minor unintentionally assists cops arrest his father over ivory


A 10-YEAR-OLD Harare minor on Monday this week unintentionally assisted police detectives in arresting his father who was being investigated on allegations of dealing in ivory, leading to the recovery of 10 pieces of elephant tusks weighing 15,2kg and valued at $3 800.


The juvenile is said to have assisted police with his father’s car keys after the latter had told the officers he was not aware of their whereabouts in a bid to prevent the officers from recovering the ivory from his car.

The suspect, Cleopas Tinarwo (49) of Warren Park, was yesterday arraigned before magistrate Tendai Mahwe on charges of unlawfully and without reasonable excuse being in possession of unmarked or unregistered raw elephant tusks without a permit contrary to the provisions of the Parks and Wildlife Act.

He was remanded in custody to December 14 and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

But, Tinarwo’s lawyer Kudzai Bangidza told the court his client had complaints against the police.

“My client was assaulted by police using fists and open hands upon his arrest and was denied food despite the same being brought to him by his relatives. If possible, I ask the court to hold an inquiry into the raised complaints,” Bangidza said.

Mahwe ruled: “The State is directed to investigate the assaults and other complaints raised by the defence and report to the court on his remand date. And it is also ordered that the accused should be examined by a doctor.”

According to the State papers, police went to Tinarwo’s house after a tip-off and found him present. The State alleges they searched his bedroom in his presence but found nothing and then asked to search his vehicle, but Tinarwo claimed he had no keys.

However, his luck ran out when his son arrived from school and surrendered the car keys to the police.

“At 3:30pm the accused person’s son (Tinarwo) came back from school and was asked by one detective to collect the car keys and he duly brought them,” the papers read.

The police searched the car’s boot from where they recovered the ivory pieces stashed in a sack. Samantha Dhlamini appeared for the State.


    • Taura hako @Felix Chiroro, when one is in the habit of sensationalising matters, ndiwo maresults acho aya. 10 year old teenager, my foot!

      • @Tony, the error has since been corrected. It’s unfortunate you didn’t read this story early in the day, at around 6:00am.

  1. 10-year old teenager? Bepanhau rino rakaroyiwa newakafa zvokwadi…

    Yesterday we were being told the Blackiston school bus ? rolled three times, as if someone was there counting!

    The tragedy is that, we may write about it in the comments section here but who cares? They don’t even read thus.

  2. newsday is crap, vakabva kuti French plane crash landed now vakupi a 10 year old teenager. Nxaa , apa hapadi chiporofita , just keep writting like this , in two years time u will b no more

  3. Later reports indicate that the police stole the evidence and stashed it at Canaan Mugumira’s lavish house on Gletwyn east of harare.

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  4. May I take this opportunity to educate Paida a little English. A “teenager” is a person whose age number ends with a ‘teen’, e.g. thirTEEN’, ‘fourTEEN’ up to ‘nineTEEN’. Thus, a ‘TEEN-ager’ has a ‘teen’ in the age number.

    Back to my fellow Zimbabweans. I think we are obsessed with English to an extent where we forget real issues. English is just but a vehicle of communication and mistakes should not invite the kind of vitriol I see above. I say this because I have attended high-level meetings with white people who cannot speak this language very well but still are able to express themselves. However, when it comes to Zimbos, we laugh and make all sorts of noises for mistakes in grammar, verb tenses and the like. I have also seen many of us use the word ‘overally’ without even noticing it’s wrong. But that not make them bad people. The real deal is are they expressing their ideas. If you know that much, please teach your colleague to be better. The British don’t even bother to study our language but we are busy tearing each other and competing to be the best English speakers. I have seen Germans, Italians, Chinese, Russians, Americans and even British people who can’t speak English well but still do wonders. English is a vehicle to communication; it is not the end and be-all. I thank you. Paida’s mistake is just a small thing really, not warranting the barrage of vitriolic comments above. Many of us saw the mistake in English but lost the story about a son who mistakenly sold out his father. This is how we miss so many important things in our country and major on minors. I thank you.

    • The fact is that a ten year old is not a teenager. This article would have passed through an editor who should have spotted the mistake straight away. So it means at least two professionals missed such a basic mistake.

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  6. Let us read correctly u silly guys, where is it written 10 year old teenager? the following people I recommend you to go back to ECD: Felix Chiroro, Gurinhwa, Nesango, Munonyadzisa and Gunguwo. Im ashamed of you as if Im one of your former teachers. The person who calls him/herself Gunguwo I think igunguwo chairo. The above article is correctly written. Bullshit to you baboons who want to proof read whilst you cant read

  7. Editor: How about “thank you to our valued readers who noticed a grammatical mistake in the headline. The mistake has since been corrected”? This will help johny-come-latelies like @Masiyambiri from abusing us. Now you appear the to be the smart one and we are fools. Make us feel good about reading your newspaper. Musakundwe courtesy neHeraldlive please!

  8. @ gunguwo. l always appreciated yr comments. but on down playing grammatical error vazoitawo gunguwo sure. correct grammar convey correct sense and or thoughts, we can only know thoughts when put in word which newsday failed. on issue of white pple not speaking English its irrelevant because English is for British not everyone. Germans or French can do business or even study at university without English unlike u, u need English even to name yr children.

  9. mese imi muri zvitumwa. yu have been sent by some sick-in-mind nobody to destroy the image of the paper. vari kukumamirai chaiwo, yu have no words against them. taurirai old man yenyu kuti zvakwana. siyanai nebepa.

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