‘Stop it’: Anne Kansiime

Annie Kansiime

COMEDY queen, Anne Kansiime of Uganda, successfully contained the pressure and lived up to her billing with a rib-cracking show before a packed 7 Arts Theatre auditorium in Harare on Saturday night.


Dressed by local designers, Chic Street, Kansiime made a grand entry onto the stage at 10pm in a screaming red outfit, before sending the audience into frenzy with her well-choreographed dance routines.

She danced to popular local hit song, Unconquerable by Dr Tawanda.

Some took the opportunity to freeze the moment in time as they captured it on their mobile phone cameras.

Kansiime put up a thrilling performance that left the audience yearning for more.

Taking a leaf from First Lady Grace Mugabe, Kansiime started by mocking women who took much time trying to give themselves an artificial look, telling them to “Stop It,” much to the excitement of the audience.

She started moralising women about love and vowed to love her man until he says “Stop It.” Kansiime drew much laughter when she described women’s hair as pubic hair.

She said women were now using other people’s hair, while hiding theirs, making their hair private and qualifying to be “pubic hair”.

Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono, Chikanga-Dangamvura MP Esau Mupfumi and War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and wife Monica were part of the audience.

Kansiime said Alicia Keys’ popular hit, Falling, makes “every woman miss her period,” unlike the African language which she described as violent and gave the impression that the relationship was ending when it was just starting.

The comedian said she had visited several places and was warmly received, but Zimbabweans have gone overboard with their love that it appears a show off and told them to “Stop It.” Kansiime praised her mother, who she said was a prayer warrior and qualified to be God’s secretary.

She mimicked how her mother conducted her prayer session, leaving the audience in stitches.

“Many usually ask me what I studied to become a comedian. I did not go anywhere to drive my content. I only visit my mother’s testimonials. She is my hero,” Kansiime said.

Throughout her performance, that lasted over an hour, the excited audiences were recording her show, she warned them to “Stop It”, lest they missed the proceedings.

She poked fun at African marriages, where the whole family gets involved should the wife turn out to be barren.

“This time I went to the village, my aunt came to tell me what I should do to have a child. She said I should put five guava leaves at the left chick, then warm water on the right and demarcate them with my tongue.

“As if that was not enough tragedy, I was supposed to whistle three times with the leaves and water in my mouth, while I run three rounds in the presence of my husband in the house,” she said.

In view of fashion, Kansiime said women often used artificial be


  1. Go to two Carl Joshua Ncube shows and you have been to all his shows!! The way he repeats jokes is embarrassing to say the least. Everything quoted in this article he has said before several times

  2. stop it!!!! woman nw using other people’s hair whilst hiding theirs, making it private and qualifying to be public hair

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