Soldiers, police thwart MDC-T demo


SOLDIERS and police were reportedly deployed in rural Chiendambuya in Makoni North where they were allegedly instilling fear among villagers following an application by the MDC-T to stage an anti-President Robert Mugabe demonstration yesterday.


This followed a recent demonstration by MDC-T supporters who defied a police ban to protest.

The MDC-T had applied to hold another demonstration but before the opposition party got a response from the police, truckloads of soldiers and law enforcement agents in uniform and plain clothes reportedly descended in the area on Wednesday threatening to thwart the protest.

Aspiring MDC-T MP for the area David Tekeshe told NewsDay yesterday that although there was calm in the area, the soldiers had walked around Thursday night harassing suspected opposition supporters.

A plice truck parked near the Town House before the MDC T youths demo yesterday-001

“We had applied to have a demonstration here but we are surprised soldiers have been deployed together with both uniformed and plain-clothed police officers,” he said.

“We applied on Monday to have a demo on Friday (yesterday). This also happened two weeks ago. They sent soldiers on Friday last week and threatened to beat up people and this has also affected businesses. Over 30 soldiers are in uniform.”

Last week, the opposition also planned to hold another demonstration, but were blocked from going ahead.

MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora confirmed that there was a planned demonstration, but could not immediately confirm the presence of army officers in the area.

Tekeshe led another demonstration in August where more than 200 placard-waving supporters marched at Chiendambuya Growth Point, demanding Mugabe’s resignation accusing him of mismanaging the economy.

The MDC-T has planned a series of demonstrations at different centres to protest Mugabe’s failure to address a myriad of economic challenges facing the country.


  1. Pple of Chiendambuya yu are the best thing ever to happen to Zim.Well done ana baba naamai,majaya nemhandara.To Tekeshe,i say why cant yu come to Bindura and show us how it is done.Sando dzako

  2. I used to vote Zanu pf but when it chased Mutasa i have moved on to Mai Mujuru party.Im a member of ZNA and my hope is that pple like mai Mujuru will better our working conditions.Tinovada mai Mujuru kuno kwaRusape

  3. Whoever decided to fire Mai Mujuru in Zanupf,shld be commended.Thax to that person.Here in Rusape we were votting Zanupf becoz of Didymus Mtasa not becoz of Mugabe.Used to luv Zanupf but namai Mujuru ava,will put my X on her.Viva Mai vedu Mujuru.Thx to Mdc guys.Those Chiendambuya guys who are demonstrating,vakapanduka zvachose.Vaiva maZanu before Nyati vadzingwa.Tine hasha neZanu

  4. Forward ever backwards never. Mugabe ne Zanu pf zvakunge ngoma yadhamba. Ngaachienda mhani muchembere uyo. Mother Mujuru tinokudayi mufunge henyu.

  5. Tinobviro hwereketa kuti Zanupf yapera.Tinotenda warume newakadzi wekwaRusape awo.Zanu chased away our mother Dr Mujuru.Hatichada kunzwa nezvayo.Keep on demonstrating guys.Victory is certain with mai Mujuru.Down with Robot Mugambe

  6. For the soldiers and police to be used by Zanu PF that proved to the world that in Zimbabwe the army and police are partisan and unprofessional. To all those who send them to do such evil campaign to instill fear that is grossly abuse of office. Time shall come when we shall say enough is enough. Zimbabwe’s biggest problem is Mugabe.

  7. VIVA SAVE! LETS RACTHET UP PRESSURE ON THE MONKEYS TILL 2018!!! Pasi namugabe najoice, they have been looting together and killing together since the days of the liberation struggle. voting mujuru is bringing back zanu by the back door.

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