Rotaract club launches book campaign


THE Rotaract club of Avondale launched the 100 Books Campaign at HCH in Harare on Saturday.


The campaign, which is running under the theme Good Readers Are Good Leaders, is aimed at encouraging people from all walks of life to develop their reading culture, improve their diction and enable them to be part of an “English environment”.

Speaking during the launch, project facilitator, Collins Nyamadzawo, said they had realised that reading was important in increasing people’s knowledge and exposure.

“The motive is to rally people to read, so they could increase knowledge and exposure that comes through learning,” he said.

Avondale Rotary Club

He said the Rotaract Club of Avondale was working with community libraries, bookshops and authors to find a way to encourage people to access recommended books.

Speaking during the same occasion, club president Amos Ncube said plans were underway to raise awareness on the importance of reading, especially among the youths.

“We are going to carry outreach programmes in schools, communities and through the media to raise awareness on challenges and benefits,” he said.

“Young people are no longer interested in reading. Very few of them still read newspapers.”


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