Rhyme Assassin in Tsiva remix


AWARD-WINNING United Kingdom-based rapper Rhyme Assassin battled against five rappers on the latest blockbuster remix to his song, Tsiva, which loosely translate to battle.


The original version of the song was released in June and enjoyed extensive airplay on local radio.

The six rappers, including Sharky, TiGonz, PeeMdee, Jungle Kid and Mcpotar, deliver hard punch lines synonymous with hip-hop.


“I had to team up with five talented rappers who understand rap battles and it came out well,” Rhyme Assassin said.

He said he was inspired to write the song by real-life issues affecting young musicians.

Rhyme Assassin said he was approached by two guys who told him he was not good at music and challenged him to a musical brawl and he came out tops.

In 2013, Rhyme Assassin launched a 26-track album titled Grand Synopsis which featured musicians like P.O.Y, T9yce, Promethues Karizma, Vanessa and Crimzone Blu.

A year earlier, he had scooped the Best Male Artiste of the Year accolade in the Zimbabwe Music Awards for Zimbabwean artistes in the Diaspora. Other artistes who were vying for the award were Decibel, B Kay and Kazz.

Last year Rhyme Assassin scooped the Best Diaspora Award at the Zim Hip Hop Awards.