Rev Tititi assault case fails to take off


The trial of the leader of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide Revelation, Rev Isaac Tititi Moyo, and his followers, who are accused of assaulting journalists, failed to take off at the Kwekwe Magistrates’ Court yesterday.


The State said the case, in which Moyo and four of his followers are accused of assaulting NewsDay Midlands reporter Blessed Mhlanga, together with ZBC Midlands bureau chief Jackie Gwemende, cameraperson Dzikamai Mandizvidza and Munyaradzi Musiyiwa of The Herald, could not proceed because there was no magistrate.


Kwekwe Magistrates’ Court is operating with one magistrate, Taurai Manwere, who is dealing with remands and other trials.

The second magistrate, Letwin Rwodzi, is away on annual leave.

The case, which was reported in February after Moyo allegedly unleashed his followers and security personnel on the journalists, accusing them of taking pictures of his commercial property without permission, has not been tried nine months after.

Area prosecutor Salome Maunganidze had set the matter down for the trial to open on Tuesday and had summoned witnesses and the accused persons after lawyer Caroline Mugabe had written to the State expressing concern over the delay.

Mugabe further warned she would approach the Constitutional Court to assert the rights of the journalists, who were assaulted while carrying out their duties.

“It is trite at law that justice delayed is justice denied and it appears that even after police have concluded investigations, the State is afraid of calling Rev Moyo and his colleagues to justice. Maybe some people are more equal than others,” Mugabe said.


  1. The Reverend and his followers are members of the famous/infamous PARTY known for its violent DNA country wide, no wonder the cold feet of the local judicial wheels.

  2. How could it take off when there is no case, the magistrate would rather go and castrate his bulls at the farm than listen to such mischievous claims by the fake corrupt journos. Only that those who are pursuing it are the ones, “who are more equal than the others,” that is why the judiciary is reluctant to make a ruling.

  3. Where on earth have you ever heard of such silly claims by corrupt jurnos taking off in court. In any case learned magistrate should not waste state funds by listening to those errant journalist who are abusing the media .

  4. For some of us who have known Reverend Tititi for more than 30 years we all know that these are fabricated allegations meant to tarnish his image. Rev Tititi has been persecuted for the good that he has done yet he will never lay a finger on anyone.

    What were the journalists doing there anywhere taking pictures of a private property? I don’t know whether refusing to grant mischievous journalists with an agenda amounts to assault.

  5. Reverend Tititi & assault, this surely does not go hand in hand. Surely you have to get to know this Man of God’s impeccable record from way back to know that this is just a fabrication.

    Besides what were the journalists doing taking pictures of a person’s commercial property without their consent. Journalists should be ethical and avoid being used to peddle falsehoods by dishonest, jealous individuals. Ask some of us who have known him for over 30 years, Reverend Tititi is an exemplary person a senior citizen who works hard for himself despite shepherding a church with a sizeable following. I don’t think refusing to grant a mischievous journalist an interview over baseless trumped up allegations amounts to assault.

  6. Mr Mukanya please check your facts correctly before commenting on issues that you are not so conversant about. Reverend Tititi does not belong to any political party and neither does the church he shepherds. Never has at any one church service/sermon has anyone chanted political slogans of any party or pledged alligence to any political party. He assists anyone regardless of political affiliation, race, creed or colour. Ask people who know him better before putting up silly comments.

    As for the journos and their lawyer please also approach the Constitutional Court and see if its legal to seek the arrest of an innocent man on trumped up charges as well as invading someone’s private property and taking photos for the sake of tarnishing his image. I don’t see how refusing to grant an interview to respond to trumped up and untested charges can suddenly be an assault case.

    Reverend Tititi is a man of integrity and a senior citizen, journalism is itself a noble profession but journos should avoid looking for a story where there is none and avoid “brown envelope” reporting.

  7. It is actually absurd that journalists, for the love of money, decide to fight in the corner of those who are anti-christ. It is a pity that even the police also chose to waste public funds in pursuit of these mischievous allegations against a Man of God. The whole wide world relies on this Man for God’s clemency and it is not advisable to cross his path for it will bring God’s wrath onto the world in general and Zimbabwe in particular. Let the Right Reverend do what his God send him to do and that is to save people’s lives from the tribulations of this world.

  8. If journalists were denied an interview by the Prophet, is that not a right on the part of the Prophet to refuse to welcome journalists.Did the journalists have to force their way if they were not welcome surely they have to respect privacy and the property of the Reverend.Blessed Mhlanga in particular went to Rev Moyo’s farm demanding an interview, went to the Reverend’s house two times and then to Border Town Complex restaurant but still was not offered an interview.Taking the pictures was a way of provoking, but God is watching you journalists damaging the image of his annointed Prophet.Why should you be troubling the Man of God , please leave him alone.Does this mean that journalists have more rights than other people.The journalists are fabricating issues about the Prophet, because there is not even one person who has reported a case to the police about cruelty to animals and neighbours.Many people from Sherwood were assisted by the Prophet including some Warvets like Shiri was prayed for by the Rev and got healed.
    Right Rev Moyo is a prophet of prophets, has a unique track record, having worked for over 40 years in Bulawayo city Council ,which no other reverends have done,enjoys good relations with all his neighbors especially the Sherwood people who he usually gives farm produce and assistance on developmental projects.

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