Pupils injured in Blakiston school bus crash


A BUS ferrying Blakiston Primary School pupils from Harare for a field trip in Kariba was involved in an accident near Karoi on Monday morning, sending parents into panic, as social media networks broke the news.


When NewsDay visited the school, restless parents and guardians were demanding clarification from authorities after learning of the news via several social media platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp.


A school official, who declined to be named, confirmed the accident and said some pupils had been injured and taken to Karoi District Hospital, saying there were no fatalities.

“If you have relatives with Grade 4 kids at Blakiston Primary, may you check on them. Their bus was involved in an accident just after Karoi, Makuti area,” read a message on WhatsApp, while a picture of the stricken school bus also circulated.

“The bus rolled three times. We thank God no deaths were reported, but some were injured. The injured are admitted at Karoi Hospital.”

The official at the school said: “I cannot talk to the media without the authority from the (Education) ministry. Parents came here to enquire after learning of the accident, but as I said, I can’t say more.”

The bus is said to have rolled three times.

Police spokespersons Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba and Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi could not be reached for comment yesterday, as their mobile phones were not reachable.

A policeman in Karoi said he could not comment on the accident, as he had forwarded a report to Harare and only Charamba and Nyathi could comment.

While some parents were anxious about the safety of their children, others were attending the prize-giving day for the early childhood development class, seemingly oblivious of the unsettling situation.


  1. The word ferry- is not appropriate- should have prefered carrying.

    A ferry -a commercial service with terminals and boats for transporting persons, automobiles, etc., across a river or other comparatively small body of water.

    • Ferry and carry can be used interchangeably if used as verbs Stanley. Its wise to be absolutely sure of what u want to say before publicly exposing yourself esp at such fora and worse still trying to correct someone’s grammar. Ms Word dictionary and google can be of help to u my friend if u are anywhere near them. The reporter there by using the verb ‘ferry’ demonstrated his/her unquestionable understanding of “verb ambiguity”.

  2. Halleluja. Glory be to God. Mwari maita henyu. I don’t have a child there and knows no one. But misodzi yema parents ndeyangu zve. As a mother, when I heard this story, vudzi rangu ramira and my heart beat very fast. When I heard there were no fatalities, I screamed, Glory be to God. To those injured we pray in Jesus Name for their quick recovery. Vabereki more prayer more power.

  3. Without trivialising an accident, the phrase “rolled 3 times” seems to be de facto when a vehicle lands either on its side or on its roof. Who would be counting really?
    Get well soon to all affected and we’re grateful there was no fatalities

  4. For sure people need to get facts correct and clarified b4 publishing coz from the picture of the bus you cant say it rolled three times if that was so the bus would be in real tatters without any form coz its body work is fibre glass.

  5. Poorly handled – headmasters should have quickly informed parents with children on the bus. A diaster centre to assist parents at the school should have been put in place to both talk to parents and provide support. Transport arranged to the hospitals etc.

  6. Whilst accidents do happen I however feel for the children. Most schools are now making trips mandatory for kids despite being costly. I am not sure if these trips add any value particularly at primary level rather than risking young lives. I know schools profit a lot no wonder they insist on the trips. The necessary due care a parent would exercise is severely compromised on these trips. I guess its up to the parents!

  7. why do people always want to lie about how many times a vehicle involved in an accident rolls? who will be counting anyway. obviously the (shocked) passengers of the accident vehicle cant, onlookers also cant do that!

  8. l wish these children a speedy recovery.Going for trips is not something bad considering pupil’s rights to education.
    some are now taking ths accident as an excuse to attack the school authourity left and right.Whatever the reason might be drivers should take extra precaution on the road when you are carring these precious children .On the look of things its like it just rested on its side,not 3 times as we are told to believe.,thanks God.

  9. while an accident is just an accident, we are surprised they had to use a school bus which had travelled to another trip. the letters given to parents showed thy would hire a bus. the school is owes parents an explanation. Moreover it was just too expensive, vabereki vakabhadhara vachigunun’una, too much corruption at Blakiston. We thank the Lord as there were no fatalities and wish the injured angels a speedy recovery.

  10. The whole country no policeman to comment it better to give cellphones and over over /shortwave radios to deserving and responsible people get well all u great kids.

  11. there is God who watches over us,,,,,,,,,,,,1 thessalonians 5;18-20 Lets give thanks unto the lord for it is the will of God concerning us in Jesus Christ

  12. reporter please check your facts or your sources . the bus never rolled it just swayed and landed on its side thats why no casualties… this sort of reporting haiiti… thank go no one was injured seriously… it was just a side swave…

  13. My child was involved in the accident and I give glory to God there were no serious injuries. Bus did not roll 3 times though it just landed on its side

  14. The reporter is saying it according to what he/she was told. I have kids at Blakiston & that is exactly what they were saying. Grade 2 pupils were supposed to go for a trip today. In some circles it is being said that though the driver is licensed, he is not the usual school bus driver. It is being claimed that this one had been hired & if its true what could be the reason for hiring. I can only assume its becoz of fatigue on the part of our real driver as there has been so many trips.

  15. It sounds as if that bus just landed on its side and never rolled three times. Why does this reporter appear to be interested in disseminating bad news to parents. That’s being irresponsible and unethical I think. Glory be to the Almighty for standing by the little angels at the hour of need. I pray for speed recovery to those still admitted in hospitals.

  16. i thank e lord my child survived, he was prt of the students whom were prt of this trip. e school authority should polish up on their PR skills. its now 2 days since this accident occurred & we havent had formal communication from the school, that our children were involved in an accident. my husband received a call from a stranger passing by, whom took his time to call parents of the children.

    To other parents of the victims may you please take your children to see a Dr, as my child was said to be ok @ Karoi hospital, bt after a second opinion back home we discovered he had a fractured bone.

  17. It had to take an accident for yu to realise how Newsday furnishes the nation with lies day after day, poor journalism ethics indeed!!!!

  18. I feel when going for such long trips, it is wise to hire buses with drivers who are used to these long distance driving. The everyday go-to-town and back drivers will not stand the fatigue of country road driving.

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  20. The school is totally unprofessional and has shown very little remorse or sympathy for the affected children. It took more than 24 hours to officially advise the parents and there still is no official statement from the school regarding this issue.

    There is great doubt in the powers that be running the school, an overhaul of the leadership must be looked into.

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