PDP open to joining hands with progressive forces — Biti

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader, Tendai Biti

PEOPLE’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Tendai Biti has reiterated that his party is open to a coalition with other political parties who are keen on bringing change to the “long-suffering masses”.

BY Staff Reporter

Biti, who was addressing party members at Murehwa Centre on Sunday, said they would “create a coalition of cheetahs”.

“We will work with other political parties who believe in achieving a better life for all,” he said.

The former Finance minister also made a call to the nation to use the new Constitution to stop the “Zanu PF madness”, which he said had resulted in the total collapse of the country’s economy.

Biti, who formed his own party this year after parting ways with the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T, is on record saying he would work with any progressive forces, except his former boss.

“In 2016, let us not tolerate Zanu PF’s nonsense,” he said.

“As the PDP, we do not believe in the use of violence and arms of war, but let us use the country’s Constitution to say no to bad governance.

Secretary General of People's Democratic Party(PDP, Tendai Biti speaking at a congress held  in Harare yesterdays

“Next year, we are putting an end to this nonsense. We will bring down the walls of Jericho. As Zimbabweans, we should not admire nor tolerate this Zanu PF madness.

“Let us say no and use our Constitution to free ourselves.”

Biti said the country needed a new beginning, as Zanu PF’s old ideas could not solve the current problems. He launched an attack on President Robert Mugabe, whom he said did not have anything to show, in terms of progress, despite being in power for 35 years.

“The Harare-Nyamapanda Highway remains in the same state as it was during the (former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian) Smith regime when it was constructed,” he said.

“There are no new power stations in Hwange or elsewhere that were constructed after independence and that is why we no longer have electricity.”

Zimbabwe, Biti said, used to be the breadbasket of Africa producing over four million tonnes of maize in the rural areas alone, but now a communal farmer was producing only 66kg per hectare, as the Zanu PF government was not assisting the farmers.

“Zimbabweans are working hard, but are poor due to the corruption in government. Mugabe was recently in Tanzania witnessing the inauguration ceremony of that country’s fifth President, yet he is not even ashamed that such a succession process fails to take place in Zimbabwe,” he said. PDP has produced policy documents, HOPE and ARREST, that it says will shape how Zimbabwe gets out of its current economic, social and political crises.


  1. What new beginning with power hungry thugs like Biti and Mangoma? Kikikikikikikikikikikiki…

  2. Its a free for all..why not give Biti a chance to put it all beyond doubt that NOBODY is going to be idiotic enough to waste their time on his funny project..Here is one failed politician still believing that he is the MAGNET.. Reality thinks otherwise..lets watch from the terraces for now..Nothing exciting on TV at the moment anyway so here is a welcome distraction!

  3. What percentage of the required vote can you contribute to your purported coalition? Stop hoodwinking the masses, you are a political nonetity to a coalition.

  4. Biti, what percentage of the electrolate does your party comand in Zimbabwe? You have put the cart before the horse and you are the first to call for the shots. What a political nonetity!

  5. if you did grade two maths you would know that regardless of the number of zeros that you add, the answer still remains zero. you imply a coalition that excludes you nemesis morgan which will not work because all the so-called progressives according to you do not have supporters so you will remain at zero. you better join the party of your mentor, chigwedere that is ZANU!!!

  6. Biti you split with Tsvangirayi and say he is a failure, you split with Mangoma because he is a wife grabber, leaving you the perfect guy now where do you expect to get the perfect guys. We saw you organisation planning to beat up Mangoma a thing you said you disdained from MT yet you did it also. Don’t confuse Zimbabwe they are already confused by the ruling party.

  7. seems the author of the story ‘forgot’ to mention how many people attended this rally. Would have been nice to know.

  8. biti, you and ncube made the worst mistake of splitting with morgan. he is not perfect and had/has a lot of things to learn. you should have put aside your differences and positions and looked at children of zimbabwe’s needs and then fight later. at present you need another 10 or 20 to take mugabe out on your own. think again. you have good ideas, but those dont worry mugabe at all. you will continue to talk like the analists we read everyday, but dont move mugabe an inch. your talk is as useless to mugabe as this note am writing here. though it has strong points it is just drop in an ocean and its effects are not felt. but with tsvangirai you would have been heard better. tsvangirai helped to be heard better. you are better than him, but your voice will not be heard without him.

  9. Tendai Mbiti do you think you can dislodge the system? You are good at blaming Tsvangirai forgetting that you were the secretary general of MDC-T. If there are issues which you think were done wrong, why not taking the blame as well because you were on the top echelons of that organization. After all you dont command any constituents in Zimbabwe, so dont ever compare yourself with Tsvangirai or Mugabe.

  10. AN blind man can see that these are sponsored responses from MT lunatics. They too cant see how their support is dwindling by the day. Their suspicion is that the fall of Biti is the rise of MT… warped thinking isnt it? Biti is attacking Mugabe and they are attacking Biti… to what end?

    • Biti praised Mugabe’s so-called bhora mugedhe campaign slogan. Because Mugabe realized that Biti was singing for his supper and knew that he was a sellout, he never rewarded him, hence the PDP leader is now criticizing the ZanuPF leader.

  11. Specialising in name calling is unhelpful Cdes. Learn to be tolerant of other people’s views. If BITI does not want to associate with MT, it his choice… You can also choose to associate with ngwena

  12. Ndiyo inonzi muchishona medu, Zundu kugara mundove hanzi ndaamombewo ka iyi!!!!!!!!!!.. makamboinzwa here iyi tsumo nhai imi vaBiti. I understand you, i believe in you and i know that you are really intelligent, but let me say one thing, zvine zvipo izvi.. You subjected yourself to MT.. for how long.. and have you realized how much powerful has been MDC by then?.. You should have really done it guys.. But the way you reacted at the end of the day showed you were power hungry.. Tell me why are all the guys that were agreeing with you when you were in MDC are not following you until now. Everybody listened to you, you had a big command.. But where are they today? THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. when you feel so depressed,go ahead and cry it will make you feel better.If you are angry MAKE CHANGE….

  14. Tendai Mbiti is the most confused politician in Zimbabwe,he is killing himself politically because of power hungry. watch him come election he will get 250 votes. Dai adzokera hake kuBig tent, Ndiyo collition chaiyo

  15. It appears there is an obsession with Tendai Biti, if he is as bad and clueless as you claim then just let him follow his path after all he has a constitutional right to form a political party and contest for power, this halabaloo from hired thugs will not help our discourse as a nation. His suggestions on solutions to our crisis are sound and you can read them on http://www.pdpzimbabwe.co.zw

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