Opposition squabbling benefits Zanu PF: Analysts

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Continuous purges in Zanu PF will likely disintegrate the party, but confusion and more squabbling in the opposition camp will make it impossible to break the hegemony of President Robert Mugabe’s outfit, analysts have said.

by Everson Mushava

Despite claims by the Zanu PF winning factions that the purges would cleanse and solidify the party, political analyst, Alexander Rusero said the purges were, in fact, the genesis for worse problems for Zanu PF.

He, however, warned that the Zanu PF hegemony would continue because the opposition had its own share of problems to seize the opportunity of Zanu PF’s infighting and wrest power.

“The continuous purges in Zanu PF are an indicator that the centre can no longer hold. It can be a genesis of the disintegration of Zanu PF, as it will cause despondency among party members,” Rusero said.

“But with the disarray in opposition politics, it will be a matter of which Zanu PF faction consolidates power to perpetuate the party. Infighting in Zanu PF is actually a clear message that the party thinks they are done with the opposition.”

Zanu PF, for more than a decade, has been locked up in serious internal fighting. This has resulted in the purging of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who was believed to be leading one faction, while the other is reportedly led by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

However, the firing of Mujuru and over 200 members aligned to her faction has failed to douse the flames of factionalism, with First Lady Grace Mugabe now reportedly aligning herself with a faction of the Young Turks called G40, to fight the Mnangagwa faction.

The continued infighting has triggered a fresh wave of purges on members aligned to the Mnangagwa faction, with Manicaland province being the hotbed. Last week, acting Masvingo provincial chairman, Paradzayi Chakona was booted out, two weeks after Mashonaland Central youth leader, Godfrey Tsenengamu had been fired.


On Friday night, Mashonaland East provincial chairperson, Joel Biggie Matiza was also shown the exit door. All these are reportedly aligned to Mnangagwa.

Researcher and political analyst Dewa Mavhinga said: “Continuous purges will ultimately destroy Zanu PF because they are in themselves not about strengthening the party, but about getting rid of possible successors to Mugabe without decisively resolving the succession issue.”

Mavhinga added: “Purges do not resolve the succession problem. They make it worse and with time, the infighting can only get more vicious. The best way to strengthen the party would have been to democratically allow for succession without purging people and without pushing for a family dynasty.”

He, however, said the opposition would unlikely seize the opportunity and take over power because they had their own battles to fight as well. He said the opposition was in itself obstacles to democratic change.

Political analyst, Takura Zhangazha said Zanu PF had survived many internal fissures since the time of the liberation struggle, and the current infighting would likely be in the form of a configuration rather than a genesis to the end of the revolutionary party.

“It’s a configuration of power, not disintegration. Whatever Zanu PF faction wins, it will be in control. Zanu PF will not disintegrate, it will configure after in the post-Mugabe era,” he said.


  1. the problem in Zimbabwe is that the so-called analyst are just prone at painting a picture of gloom characterised by the invincibility of zanu yet we know that the party can be beaten, has been beaten and will be beaten. lets look at 2018 for example, the first scenario is that Mugabe will be 94 and who in their normal senses will vote someone of that age? the second scenario grace and who will vote for grace who is even absconding own rallies in shame. the third scenario is the unpopular mnanagagwa who is even widely loathed in zanu. please lets work out strategies and spread messages of hope with the mdc-t movement, the only party to have given the morbid zanu a run for their money. VIVA SAVE 2018!!!

  2. For any analyst who studied what happened in Somalia after Siad Barrae died would know the current situation is Zanupf has bred serious fissures which will explode after the Old Man packs up any time. Let us not be fooled, look what is happening in Manicaland and Mashonaland East, Masvingo has proved Grace unwelcome and this may anger her, and these analysts think ZanuPF is so special. As for the opposition they think more of what each individual gains not what the country will gain by change of gvt else the squabbles would not happen, they are already positioning themselves to the feeding trough when they are very far from it showing they are there for selfish gains. These analysts when we survive the chaos we will ask them to revisit their analysis. If they can know that some ways zanu survived such during the war it was due to some blood was shed, so likewise blood will be on the floor after Mudhara and that one is undeniable. Analysts world over are seeing this that is why investors are just waiting not committing because chaos are to be expected. The only way out is for Mudhara to say so and so will succeed and then run with him/her for the time he is still with us whilst he/she consolidates power. The opposition has been also killed by these so-called analysts.They don’t see who is committed for a cause and who are opportunists.

  3. Zanu PF has now made a complete circle.The beginning of the end of Zanu PF started a long time ago and now we have reached the end.Chisingaperi chinoshura hama dzangu.There are some people within and outside Zanu PF who actually believes that Zanu PF is invincible.The same people believe that Mugabe will live forever.The same people will this time get a rude awakening when they see Zanu PF crumble with Mugabe.If MDCT split, Zanu PF will explode into countless units.Batai mazwi.

  4. Misleading article, there’s no squabbling happening in MDC-T & Tsvangirai is firmly in charge. Anything else is a fictitious creation by zanupf agents trying to destroy MDC with false propaganda but of course Zimbas are now all too familiar with such useless tricks

  5. No matter what happens in the opposition, zanupf is now as dead as a dead donkey on the side of the highway & thats all that matters for Zim

  6. Zhangazha you are missing one or two points through the years ZANU PF have survived factionalism because they never purged anyone , right now with the purging of Mujuru et al . No one trusts Grace , because she promised people position in govt and never honored the promises instead she is purging them and accusing them of factionalism talk about tripping. Secondly Mugabe was in charge then and Zanu Pf had a leader then . Now you donot know who is the leader they are all over the place. There are no boundaries everything is mish mashed GRACE’s position is not known . She behaves like president being involed in every issue yet she says she is a women’s league boss. Third point is Grace was never involved then . She is the centre of anarchy in the party , she is running Zanu PF like a family affair. In addition whether we hate him or not Mugabe’s intelligence and his political suaveness helped him maintain the grip , unlike his wife who has a fake PHD and its obvious that she is as dumb as they come , zero intelligence , zero political gravitas.

  7. On the article , i think your article has few points mixed up. Paradza chakona has been reported as Mujuru loyaistsl who defected to Grace when he attended Manica Rally, which eventually led to vote of no confidence against him by Ngwena people. What you failed to mention is that the other votes of no confidence have been reversed with Ngwena allies fighting bac, Manica and Mash east. The purges are proving to be difficult as Ngwena camp is fighting bac. I am sure the G40 are running out of time as the conference is just a month away , they might not meet alleged target.

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