‘Obscure Zanu PF succession chasing away investors’


MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai says Zanu PF’s unclear succession plan is chasing away investors, as no sane person would pour money into a country led by “a nonagenarian” without knowing who would take over.


Speaking at a rally in Alaska, Chinhoyi, last week, Tsvangirai said even if President Robert Mugabe and Cabinet went around the world with begging bowls, they would not get meaningful funds to get the economy out of woods.

The former premier said even Mugabe’s friends like China were reluctant to provide Zimbabwe with the much-needed capital because of a lack of a clear succession plan.

The MDC-T leader boasted that during the inclusive government, they managed to raise more than $1 billion for education and health.


“This country needs capital from whoever can help us, not a few selected countries. We need a minimum of $5 billion to $10 billion to revive the economy, but that money will not come as long as Mugabe is in power,” Tsvangirai said.

He said no money would come Zimbabwe’s way because there was no confidence and trust in the current leadership by the international community.

The newly-elected Zimbabwe National Students’ Union Chinhoyi University of Technology branch organising-secretary, Obey Sithole, who also addressed the gathering, said students were going to stand up against what he called “evil machinations of Zanu PF”.

Sithole said students could no longer pay the exorbitant fees and there was no guarantee of employment after graduating.
Sithole, who was in combative mood, said instead of creating the 2,2 million jobs as promised in 2013, the Zanu PF government had actually created 2,1 million vendors in the country.


  1. All of Zimbabwe’s politicians are revolting.
    No one will invest in Zimbabwe until after they are all DEAD,

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