NCA bemoans ZBC abuse by Grace, Zanu PF


THE National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) has written to the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) to register its concern over the alleged abuse of the State broadcaster by First Lady Grace Mugabe and Zanu PF.


NCA said it was uncalled for, for ZBC to continue giving uncensored coverage to Mugabe, who in most cases would allegedly be spewing venom at others.

“We write to you to register our unreserved concern over your spirited and continued effort in investing towards biased broadcasting. As NCA, we have observed for some time your unprofessional coverage and abuse of the national broadcaster ZTV to further the interests of Zanu PF,” Madock Chivasa, party spokesperson, said in a letter written to ZBC dated November 24.


“We are most concerned about the uncensored coverage of First Lady Grace Mugabe’s rallies.”

He added: “We continuously question the relevance of ZBC coverage of such insignificant and divisive political gatherings. It is in the public interest that NCA party is requesting you to disclose the costs incurred by ZBC when covering Zanu PF gatherings. How much does Zanu PF pay to get uncensored coverage by ZBC of its rallies?”

The NCA threatened to approach the courts to force ZBC to reveal if it was not abusing taxpayers’ money by giving live coverage to Grace’s events.

“NCA party is also urging you to stop broadcasting Zanu PF gatherings if you are not in a position to give the same coverage to other political parties in Zimbabwe. Failure to comply with this demand will result in a massive national campaign by NCA party to denounce the national broadcaster and to urge citizens to stop paying ZBC licences,” Chivasa said.

Opposition parties in Zimbabwe have been crying foul over the conduct of the sole broadcaster which has been accused of unfair coverage and propagating Zanu PF propaganda.

ZBC spokesperson Gladman Bandama was not reachable yesterday.


  1. Good job NCA! This is what opposition parties should do – check the excesses of the ruling party. I support you on this one.

    • Who is NCA trying to fool?
      Surely if they fail to mobilize people to vote for them in an election how do they expect to mobilize people against ZBC?
      This is an irrelevant bunch of people in our midst trying to pretend like they are championing the cause of the masses and yet they are only after donor funds…donations which have since dried up anyway..LOL

  2. isnt it that zbc is 100% owned by zanu pf. those who pay licences to zbc are zanu supporters. why shld you pay for political propaganda if you dont want it. buy a satelite dish and forget about zbc. i have told people before that zanu is the ruling party so they do what they want. if you are not happy campaign and
    make pple vote for you stop being cry babies in politics. even the courts kwamurikuda kuenda izanu yega yega

    • My Zim don’t you think people have been voting for their party of choice .eg 2008 elections .I do not agree with your approach to solving problems this approach is like when you have a problem with your spouse then you go find another one approach is not problem solving.But are there people who still pay tv licences?

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